Idea: L/L Research CafePress page?
05-01-2014, 01:43 PM,
RE: Idea: L/L Research CafePress page?
Hi StormShadow, thanks for the original idea.

This sort of "marketing" is something we have been considering a bit - the type where we present a small tid-bit, just enough to make someone interested, and they use the internet to investigate and find the source. In our conception, it was part of like a "street team," where we would have materials for people to put in appropriate places. Maybe a business card with a succinct quote and the URL for L/L Research. Just enough of a hint that if it piqued someone's interest, they'd search further, but it would fly completely under the radar of someone who didn't care at all. Leave it somewhere relevant and if the ground is fertile, the seed will grow.

We have looked into CafePress and other print-on-demand services for our official L/L inventory, but they ended up being too cost-prohibitive and lacking in versatility of design options. But for something like you are talking about, it seems like CafePress would be fine, as it would not necessarily be a revenue generator but rather just a side-project to make something like this available and increase the chances an interested seeker could find it and follow the trail back to the Law of One.

At the moment, we are lacking the time and energy to really manifest something like this, but if it were a volunteer project, we would be happy to coordinate with a volunteer under the L/L umbrella to make this happen. It is an interesting idea!
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