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12-11-2010, 07:06 AM,
RE: Submitting Questions for "In the Now - Q&A with Carla L. Rueckert"

Don't intend to turn this into an astrologythread but fyi notice the confusion around Wikileaks, Paypal, Visa etc shut down for payments, an antisionist journalist that denies the holocaust has delivered information to Wikileaks...disinformation is rampant....

Those who debunk astrology say, yes but it's because of hackers, beacuase of the weather, because i, you, they acted in a certain way...YES of course there's all kinds of casual reasons for everything here on earth and that's what astrology is mirroring "As above, so below"...Just don't blame the mirror for what you see. And because the checkerboard is set up in a certain way in this moment the tendency for certain moves are more likely than others.

The more the collective is involved and the less conscious it is the easier it is to predict the outcome=future. In the medieval times as pple were not as aware of psychology and individuation it was easier to predict someones destiny.

But destiny and karma is also possible to change during life as a person becomes more conscious, but the energies at play in a persons chart trapped in the moment of birth will still be there and hard aspects will manifest in a more positive way.

transiten = the transit in swedish
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