does taking psychiatric medication prevent harvest?
08-01-2020, 08:51 PM,
RE: does taking psychiatric medication prevent harvest?
(07-29-2020, 09:05 AM)flofrog Wrote:  As Black Dragon says , I think they cause much hurt, but I never had a specific chemical imbalance so I can’t speak for someone who does. Like Black Dragon, I am repelled  by pharmaceutical profits. If you look at how intricate and precise and delicately designed the Internal physical body is, the idea to introduce a chemical agent inside is like introducing a rampaging invading enemy, and yet the paradox is that some of us do need it at times, or do we ?

Major question.

As Black Dragon I think its influence on harvest is minimal,  but it’s interference, for me,  with spiritual quest might be heavy in the way it might infringe on very personal free will, and the clear personal ability to interact completely sincerely with catalyst.

My mother is on a slew of medications and has been on Xanax for years. I would not say the anti-depressants or anxiety meds have prevented her from being harvestable, but when you are addicted to something like that, it is very hard to be service to others, or service to self even. Even with all medicine being prescribed by doctors she is still addicted to opiods and benzos and SSRIs. If she goes a few days without them, the need to get her prescriptions is overwhelming.

The pills consume your life. They mask the emotions that you need to interact with to learn. They prevent you from feeling what is going on around you. They stop you from living your life because the pills become your life.

I am sure not everyone has had such a negative experience, and I do think there are positive uses for these drugs. But the way they are used and prescribed now is destructive.
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