Chemo Replacement
01-07-2020, 10:26 AM,
RE: Chemo Replacement
Everyone's cancer, disease, optimal health is different.

We are not all the same, our disease is not the same and Terra Nuova, aka Earth, has provided millions and millions of options, but the Creator gave us the best one, our own thoughts and beliefs.

Yes, chemo, radiation and practically the entirety of modern medicine is based on killing, fighting and eradicating nature.

Chemotherapy is based on the same thought processes that bring us fighting heartworms in dogs.
We, and our dogs, are poisoned in the hope that the parasite, bacteria, virus or disease dies before we do. Often, the medication wins and all of us, human, dog and bacteria alike, die. But, have no fear, the medical system keeps your families money for killing you, then charges you to dispose of the body. What a system.

Optimal health is only achieved through natural balance and working with our bodies and the earth.

All our modern science is based first on profit, health, humanity and results are secondary, if considered at all.

In LoO there is a quote in the beginning that speaks of wisdom over knowledge.

Knowledge says we should fight, wisdom says only loving support ever could win.

Blessings and love to any suffering. I pray daily for your highest good.
Once I was lost, now I have a map and am savoring my journey!
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