2018_1117 - Red/Violet Shell
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2018_1117 - Red/Violet Shell
This is a very interesting concept to me, as I have often wondered what is the seemingly hidden factor in determining whether or not an entity can truly accept a healing, and experience a permanent change to their energy configuration.

At first pass, I thought this was the introduction of a new concept.  However after searching llresearch.org for the phrase, I found a few other mentions.

First... sort of tangentially mentioned by Ra when explaining that the energy configuration of the Great Pyramid allowed those seeking healing to have this "protective" shell dropped automatically upon entering the healing chamber.

Second... by Latwii (during the same time period of the Ra contact) when asked about what color they were experiencing that night, responded that they were assessing the "strength and purity" of the red/violet planetary shell.

Third... in 2016 by Hatonn who suggests that the primary function of the healer is to interrupt the red/violet ray.  They don't actually say "shell" but the Ra quote is referred to in a footnote.   (Didn't realize/remember that other contacts besides Q'uo were occurring then, however it seems Hatonn came through in pure form due to the nature of the query as it refers to preincarnative choices, and the loving desire to relieve the suffering of others.)

Fourth... by Q'uo when asked how they perceive people energetically.

These raise several other queries in my mind:

1.  The shell is said to be "protective" and yet serves to impede healing, or energetic alignment with the Higher Self.  Why would the entity need "protection" from the energies of its own Higher Self?  If all is one and all is well... what is there need to be "protected" from?

2.  On a planetary level... is there perhaps some cosmic energetic equivalent of the Great Pyramid for which the earth is entering into the healing chamber causing the automatic drop of the planetary shell, and resulting in some near instantaneous (at least on a cosmic level) healing?  Is this perhaps what many prophecies are referring to?  And also perhaps why it is fruitless to lament about why the change has not yet occurred?  In other words, the planet hasn't quite moved into the correct positioning yet..?  Is this perhaps what many are sensing in making predictions for the so-called "ascension" into higher densities?  I.e. the earth enters into a certain spatial configuration as the "striking of the clock upon the hour", the planetary red/violet shell suddenly drops, and BOOM! near instant reconfiguration into a healed state?

3.  Why would there be need of a third-party "healer" for the energies of the Higher Self to be able to reach that of its own lower expressions?   Can't the Higher Self pretty much do what it pleases?  Couldn't it just drop the shell at its own volition, provided that the lower entity has asked for the healing to occur?

4.  If an entity (personal or planetary) is desirous and sincerely asks for an energetic healing, what purpose would it further serve for this "shell" to act so as to impede the healing?   Wouldn't this be a violation of free will?

5.  Why can't an entity "interrupt" the red/violet shell on its own behalf?  Again, if all is one, why the need for a third-party or special device?
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