like place for Q'UO Channeling
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RE: like place for Q'UO Channeling
(03-18-2010, 08:39 PM)Bring4th_GLB Wrote:  Hello thefool,

Great suggestion, but do you realize the scope and magnitude of the project you propose? Do you understand the many lives that would perish in the process? The resources that would have to be expended? The trillions of kilojoules necessary to complete the project!?

Bridges spanning harbors, skyscrapers that rise to untold heights, dams that block the largest rivers, canals connecting oceans and tunnels underneath the sea are one thing, but this... this is something of a completely different order. You are mad with ambition, thefool, mad I tell you, mad.

: ) Okay, in all seriousness, I'm not sure what if anything could be done (not sure if you realize how ambitious this idea is), but if you have specific vision for what you would like to see, please put it forward in all possible detail. Anyone else interested could critique and contribute to the idea as it evolves.

We'll examine the end product against what is feasible and what is desired by Carla and Jim to see if we can move forward from there.

Good luck my friend.
: ) GLB

My friend GLB !!!
You have a way with the words. You YOU YOU my friend are gifted...Smile I am hoping you write that book ...

Long term I would really like to see a site/section for Q'UO channeling as well. I remember seeing the for the first time and I was ecstatic to find out that I can have a specific question and RA might have already answered it for me. Now let's take a step further. Q'UO keep it current and there are a lot of how to live your life in today's time type of information. People who need answers for their questions can search Q'UO as well if it has been addressed by them already.

It is really not that ambitious. I know it is bigger than the other site as it is constantly growing. But once we create a process to incorporate new files into the existing database, it would be a breeze. The essential ingredients are the same. Just a bigger database and a process to handle new channeling. I wish I had time to draft a detailed plan as you have suggested. But I am planting the idea to take root for a time when some one feels like they have time and or skills to take this up. We may even collaborate with several people. I am sure we have the right skills on this board. I am willing to work on it as time allows and maybe chip in with other resources if necessary...
Ask and it is given...Seek and ye shall find it...
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