Idea for Llresearch.
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RE: Idea for Llresearch.
Many times I've seen people ask questions about Don. (and I have seen people ask questions on different forums around the years) Like he's 'mysterious' or some other thing, and about his death. I personally feel I have had the information from the Law of One books as the perfect information, as in what I've needed to see. I don't feel he is mysterious either.

In order to write this book, that would be interesting. But like it is obvious, there would likely be no readers so why bother? Also, the second I go and meet Jim and Carla I would have to interact with them from a place of honesty, which would be difficult since I have a mind that can sometimes take down their ideas or at least challenge them, which is quite spontaneous.

Thanks Diana though, it is a nice suggestion.

Anyone else have any ideas? I mean, I'm not anything to do with llresearch. But since the thread has been started it seems a good for it to be put to some use. It's probably their own personal thing though. Like, they have enough intuition and connection to the higher forces to have these ideas themselves. So I don't know.
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