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More healing for Carla - Polarity Knight_Bob G - 04-29-2011

I was recently informed in confidence by my friend, spiritual partner, and fellow indigo child that an old friend of ours that I haven’t spoke to in a long time had testicular cancer. The friend is not spiritually awake yet as far as I know but he asked my partner to give him healing thoughts and energy! When I first learned about our friend’s condition, I was sympathetic and afraid for him. My thoughts throughout the day would drift towards sympathizing with what he must be going through, perhaps pain, perhaps fear of dying, frustration of dying so young, etc.. I would sympathize with him and I was sure I was actually feeling his fear. I realized that those fear-based thoughts weren’t going to help him, they would only perpetuate more of the same. So I made a commitment that whenever I would feel the fear for or from my friend, I would stop whatever I was doing and instead of feeling fear, I would take the time to pray for him.

The method of prayer I prefer to work with, no matter what I’m praying for, is based on the philosophy of the law of attraction. I don’t ask for something at a future date that I feel I am presently lacking because I believe that is actually an affirmation of lack that works counter to my intentions. Instead I pray in bold affirmations of gratitude! “Thank you Infinite Creator for healing my friend. Thank you Great Spirit for restoring his health.” So when it was time to pray for him I would take a moment and sit in silence and I would strongly connect with the feeling of my friend. I would greet him and thank him for his existence, his beauty, and his influence in my life. Then I would say “I know you have asked for healing so I’m sending you the energy of love and healing and acceptance and fearlessness and gratitude.” Then, while vibrating at the highest frequency I could manage, I would just concentrate on the energy of the words while I repeated them and sent them towards him. Love. Health. Acceptance. Fearlessness. Love. Forgiveness. Worthiness. Gratitude. Health. Unity.
You are worthy of loving and forgiving yourself. Your brothers and sisters are worthy of your love and forgiveness. You are beautiful. You are connected to all that is. Be healthy. Be loved. Be well. Be well. Be well.

Nearly everyday for three weeks, whenever my thoughts would lead to my sick friend, I decided to stop what I was doing and send him love and healing. After about three weeks I called my friend/spiritual partner who told me of our friend’s sickness and who also had been praying for him. When I asked him if he’d heard from him he told me he just talked to him and that his doctors say he is responding so well to his treatment that they believe he has a 90% chance of a full recovery! I believe that our prayers and his willingness to accept that healing energy, combined with his medical treatment saved his life!

In the spirit of Ens Entium and Whitefeather in this thread...I have written a similar prayer for Carla while she recovers from her surgery. I know that she is receptive to and grateful for our healing thoughts. I am posting this for the benefit of those who want to send her healing energy but might not know what to say or how to express their love. Please consider this as a possible template to get you started if you could use the help.
HeartHeart“Thank you Carla for being you. I love you. Thank you for your existence and your influence in my life. You are so beautiful. I send you healing thoughts and thoughts of love. You are worthy of healing and worthy of love and acceptance. You are worthy of love of yourself, from yourself and worthy of love from all others. Please accept the healing you are worthy of. Accept the healing from within. Accept the total healing of your mind/body/spirit complex. Accept the healing we are all sending you.

I send you the energy of acceptance. Love. Health. Fearlessness. Love. Unity. Health. Forgiveness. Gratitude. Love. Health. Acceptance.

Thank you Carla. Be loved. Be healthy. Be well. Be well.”HeartHeart

Please remember that prayer has a powerful influence on others’ lives. I believe that healing prayers should only be performed if you know that person specifically wants to be prayed for. I believe people create their reality in one way or another. Perhaps they find themselves sick by consistently, and unconsciously creating that in their lives. In other cases perhaps our higher selves set it up for us because there’s something important there for our soul to discover. If you don’t know specifically that someone wants and asks for healing and you set your intention for their healing you run the risk of infringing on the free will and the evolution of that person’s soul and that‘s not something you want to be responsible for. It’s always best to have the permission from that person directly if you can.

RE: More healing for Carla - norral - 04-30-2011

thanks for sharing that