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Huel. - Phoenix - 07-17-2022

OK, just recommending a product that has nothing to do with me. I.e. I don't have an affiliate link or anytbing. But something I have found to be super good is Huel. Since life is pretty boring for me in a lot of ways outside intellectual stimulation, I notice I turn to food a lot of entertainment, which costs a lot of money. Also I have this feeling where I just can't eat enough because I feel there is not enough nutrition in what I am eating.

I have shortcut both of these feelings by turning to 'Huel'. Which I'm sure you have seen adverts for. It is a powdered supplement drink.

RE: Huel. - Patrick - 07-18-2022

Glad this works for you. That sort of thing never seems to quench my appetite. Had you ever tried Soylent before using Huel?

RE: Huel. - tadeus - 07-19-2022

First i have to google the word "huel" and found

This associates somehow with a food concentrate which is used in spaceships in science fiction films. CrackingUp