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Visiting London, UK from 23rd to 29th June - The Voice of Hidden Wisdom - 06-19-2022

Hello everyone, I'm relatively new to this forum, but thought I would throw this out here in the off-chance that something meaningful comes from it Smile

I'm travelling to London on the 23rd June and going back home to Denmark on the 29th. I'm attending a weekend retreat in the weekend (25-26 June), but otherwise I don't have any other plans for the other days than I hope to connect with people in meaningful ways.

Part of my intent of having this trip have a mental reset and a breather after having multiple life changes happening in parallel, that are quite testing for me.

To give a very short description of where I am right now, I have been on a intense period of seeking the past 1.5 years, which is still ongoing, and the main theme is to find my true self and let go of all the parts of me that are not in alignment with this true self. Through that journey, I have touched upon many things, including the ET/UFO phenomenon (which ignited this seeking), past lives, a plant medicine ceremony that led to the destruction of my foundation of self as well as a new sudden awareness of unending grief in my heart, I then focused on my heart with all my intent and through the power of the voice and sound I found a way to connect with my heart, then I did energetic work on my heart with the aid of an 'adept' who truly mastered the heart, and then I eventually opened my heart and connected with this radiating unconditional love in a very profound way, and a completely new dimension of being opened up to me, which I am currently exploring, and that is the way of the open heart. I have a new sense of unconditional love for every person, and I truly feel joy by connecting deeply with others, and reflecting this wordless truth to them, and then being grateful for the gift of awareness of that reflecting back to me, further shining light on my true self.
My 'new self' is also currently connecting very much to that which is wordless, which is Presence and Stillness, and it's something I'm exploring as well.. connecting with others from that state.

Through all this I have also had 'downloads' and spiritual experiences while asleep that very much pertain to certain aspects of The Law of One material specifically about the significance of the time we are in now, but my main focus is not on intellectual ideas or the mind, but being and opening the heart, so in that context these experiences are not that exciting for me to share with others, compared to what I can share of the heart and being. The experiences did have the effect of me strongly connecting to an intent of a complete dedication in service to others.

Because of all the life changes and experiences I very recently experienced, I do struggle with this sense of "falling between the cracks", and there is a lot of uncertainty in terms of navigating my life now, as losing my long-term relationship with my partner in a very difficult way, losing my home with almost no warming, deciding to effectively abandon 10 years of education to find a new way to be, because that study and work was completely of the mind, and now I seek to live from the heart as I'm not the same person, losing my income, losing my very dear friend to sudden death, and a few other things... all this this happening in the span of a month.

There are indeed positive aspects to the above, and they are a result of me attempting to align with who I truly am, and in a sense I have every opportunity for a fresh start now and to build further on this new foundation of self I'm slowly building, but my hope and intuition a month ago suggested different path that would have had a smoother transition, where everything fell in place... I very much feel like I'm learning a deep lesson about faith now.

I reconnected with my open heart again recently, and I did regain my footing after being caught in a metaphorical vortex of darkness for some days, so I feel that I reconnected with my true self, and I will keep going on my journey, wherever it leads. Next step is England Smile

If any of you lovely people would like to connect, feel free to write to me. If I'm lucky, there is someone available in London or near who may resonate with what I wrote and would like to meet while I'm there. 

If you happen to be a open person who may trust this stranger, who has extra room or bed to spare for me sleep a night there, I would very much welcome that opportunity as well, as I would vastly prefer the opportunity to further know a friend I have yet to meet, in their home, than finding random hotels to sleep at.

With love.