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Are balancing the energy centers and "Healing" the same thing - Becoming - 04-10-2022

Hello Bring4th,

I’ve decided to reread the Law of One - I read it for the first time nearly 15 years ago. And since then I’ll read some here and there for reference.

This time around I want to really digest it from an older, more life seasoned, perspective.

I have contemplated healing the self a lot lately and I’m having a stumbling block between Ra’s explanation of how to heal and become a healer as well as balancing the energy centers.

Would both approaches result in the same thing?

Quote:"We begin with the mental learn/teachings necessary for contact with intelligent infinity. The prerequisite of mental work is the ability to retain silence of self at a steady state when required by the self. The mind must be opened like a door. The key is silence. Within the door lies an hierarchical construction you may liken unto geography and in some ways geometry, for the hierarchy is quite regular, bearing inner relationships. To begin to master the concept of mental discipline it is necessary to examine the self. The polarity of your dimension must be internalized. Where you find patience within your mind you must consciously find the corresponding impatience and vice versa. Each thought that a being has, has in its turn an antithesis. The disciplines of the mind involve, first of all, identifying both those things of which you approve and those things of which you disapprove within yourself, and then balancing each and every positive and negative charge with its equal. The mind contains all things. Therefore, you must discover this completeness within yourself. The second mental discipline is acceptance of the completeness within your consciousness. It is not for a being of polarity in the physical consciousness to pick and choose among attributes, thus building the roles that cause blockages and confusions in the already-distorted mind complex. Each acceptance smoothes part of the many distortions that the faculty you call judgment engenders."

"The steps are only one; that is, an understanding of the energy centers which make up the mind/body/spirit complex. This understanding may be briefly summarized as follows: The first balancing is of the Malkuth, or Earth, vibratory energy complex, called the red-ray complex. An understanding and acceptance of this energy is fundamental. The next energy complex which may be blocked is the emotional or personal complex, also known as the orange-ray complex. This blockage will often demonstrate itself as personal eccentricities or distortions with regard to self-conscious understanding or acceptance of self. The third blockage resembles most closely that which you have called ego. It is the yellow-ray or solar plexus center. Blockages in this center will often manifest as distortions towards power, manipulation, and other social behaviors concerning those close and those associated with the mind/body/spirit complex. Those with blockages in these first three energy centers, or nexi, will have continuing difficulties in ability to further their seeking of the Law of One. The center of heart, or green ray, is the center from which third-density beings may springboard, shall we say, towards infinite intelligence. Blockages in this area may manifest as difficulties in expressing what you may call universal love or compassion. The blue-ray center of energy streaming is the center which, for the first time, is outgoing as well as inpouring. Those blocked in this area may have difficulty in grasping the spirit/mind complexes of its own entity and further difficulty in expressing such understandings of self. Entities blocked in this area may have difficulties in accepting communication from other mind/body/spirit complexes. The next center is the pineal or indigo-ray center. Those blocked in this center may experience a lessening of the influx of intelligent energy due to manifestations which appear as unworthiness. This is that of which you spoke. As you can see, this is but one of many distortions due to the several points of energy influx into the mind/body/spirit complex. The indigo-ray balancing is quite central to the type of work which revolves about the spirit complex, which has its influx then into the transformation or transmutation of third density to fourth density, it being the energy center receiving the least-distorted outpourings of love/light from intelligent energy and having also the potential for the key to the gateway of intelligent infinity. The remaining center of energy influx is simply the total expression of the entity’s vibratory complex of mind, body, and spirit. It is as it will be, “balanced” or “imbalanced” has no meaning at this energy level, for it gives and takes in its own balance. Whatever the distortion may be, it cannot be manipulated as can the others and, therefore, has no particular importance in viewing the balancing of an entity."

RE: Are balancing the energy centers and "Healing" the same thing - Quincunx - 04-11-2022


RE: Are balancing the energy centers and "Healing" the same thing - LeiwoUnion - 04-11-2022

The quick answer is 'yes' to your query within the limits of language. This is my understanding.

RE: Are balancing the energy centers and "Healing" the same thing - IndigoSalvia - 04-11-2022

I understand, too, that healing can be achieved through balancing which clears and unblocks the flow of energy. I use the approach that is referred to often in the channeled material: exaggerating, magnifying the 'undesirable' or shadow energy (trait, characteristic, emotion, thought) as we encounter it, and then balancing it with its polar opposite energy (which I see as complementary, two sides of the same coin).

This channeling session ( opened my eyes in a new way to the concept of healing: "Thus, it is well for each in this circle to think of itself first as a healer ..."

RE: Are balancing the energy centers and "Healing" the same thing - zedro - 04-11-2022

Healing is balancing and balancing is healing. Balancing/healing is eliminating distortions, eliminating distortions is balancing/healing. Light/energy moves from the 1st center/chakra and moves upward, distortions in the lower centers diffuses the light into the higher centers. The less distortions, more crystallized/focused the light is moving more purely through the upper centers. Finally perfecting/fully healing the lower centers fully activates the green ray as the new source of light. Tada you are healed and perfected. At least in this density.

RE: Are balancing the energy centers and "Healing" the same thing - IndigoSalvia - 04-11-2022

(04-11-2022, 04:38 PM)zedro Wrote: Tada you are healed and perfected. 

CrackingUp  that easy, huh? ha ha

RE: Are balancing the energy centers and "Healing" the same thing - zedro - 04-11-2022

(04-11-2022, 05:02 PM)IndigoSalvia Wrote:
(04-11-2022, 04:38 PM)zedro Wrote: Tada you are healed and perfected. 

CrackingUp  that easy, huh? ha ha

Well it'll probably feel like it was easy afterwards. Spiritual evolution ironically leads to short memories.

RE: Are balancing the energy centers and "Healing" the same thing - 3-24-2022 - 04-12-2022

Try meditating with your arms forward, palms facing upward.

The energy of the root chakra rises, and the negative energy in you is eliminated through your palms.

I think a garnet or blue tourmaline crystal really helps, as a garnet is very dense and Earth colored as most of them are reddish brown or orange with iron in them. Thats a root chakra stone.

Blue tourmaline captures the color of the indigo ray perfectly.

RE: Are balancing the energy centers and "Healing" the same thing - aWanderer91 - 04-12-2022

I believe this is so, clear and well functioning rays will result in a clear mind and body.

It seems the rays compliment the mind and body more than vise versa, but to clear the rays is the easiest route to balance/healing from what I can gather Smile

RE: Are balancing the energy centers and "Healing" the same thing - 3-24-2022 - 04-12-2022

Ra mentions crystal healing. As I've mentioned garnet is a useful tool to start with for the root chakra. More emphasis is placed on balancing the rays than clearing or energizing.


55.17 Questioner: Does this healing work by affecting the energy centers in such a way that they are unblocked so as to perfect the seven bodies that they generate and, therefore, bring the entity being healed into proper balance?

Ra: I am Ra. This entity tires. We must answer in brief and state simply that the distorted configuration of the energy centers is intended to be temporarily interrupted and the opportunity is then presented to the one to be healed to grasp the baton, to take the balanced route and to walk thence with the distortions towards dis-ease of mind, body, and spirit greatly lessened.
The catalytic effect of the charged atmosphere and the crystal directed by the healer must be taken into consideration as integral portions of this process, for the bringing back of the entity to a configuration of conscious awareness would not be accomplished after the reorganization possibilities are offered without the healer’s presence and directed will. Are there any brief queries before we leave this instrument?

40.4 Questioner: Then the bodily energy centers for an individual would be, assuming that the individual evolves in a straight line from first through to eighth density, would each of these energy centers, centers or chakras be activated to completion if everything worked as it should? Would each be activated to completion and greatest intensity by the end of the experience in each density?

Ra: I am Ra. Hypothetically speaking, this is correct. However, the fully activated being is rare. Much emphasis is laid upon the harmonies and balances of individuals. It is necessary for graduation across densities for the primary energy centers to be functioning in such a way as to communicate with intelligent infinity and to appreciate and bask in this light in all of its purity. However, to fully activate each energy center is the mastery of few, for each center has a variable speed of rotation or activity. The important observation to be made once all necessary centers are activated to the minimal necessary degree is the harmony and balance between these energy centers.

41.19 Questioner: Thank you. In yesterday’s, or the day before yesterday’s session, you mentioned variable speed of rotation or activity of energy centers. What did you mean by that, speed of rotation?

Ra: I am Ra. Each energy center has a wide range of rotational speed or as you may see it more clearly in relation to color, brilliance. The more strongly the will of the entity concentrates upon and refines or purifies each energy center, the more brilliant or rotationally active each energy center will be. It is not necessary for the energy centers to be activated in order in the case of the self-aware entity. Thusly entities may have extremely brilliant energy centers while being quite unbalanced in their violet-ray aspect due to lack of attention paid to the totality of experience of the entity.
The key to balance may then be seen in the unstudied, spontaneous, and honest response of entities toward experiences, thus using experience to the utmost, then applying the balancing exercises and achieving the proper attitude for the most purified spectrum of energy center manifestation in violet ray. This is why the brilliance or rotational speed of the energy centers is not considered above the balanced aspect or violet-ray manifestation of an entity in regarding harvestability; for those entities which are unbalanced, especially as to the primary rays, will not be capable of sustaining the impact of the love and light of intelligent infinity to the extent necessary for harvest.

RE: Are balancing the energy centers and "Healing" the same thing - MusingsofanAwakenedIteration - 04-25-2022

Interesting topic and perspectives. I really consider myself fortunate to have found my way here. I have recently just entered this new and fascinating world, learning by any and all means, paying attention to as much as my brain and natural abilities will allow.

My take on healing within the context of the Law of One is, and taking from my recent experiences, both internal (mind) as well as external (body).
I think it is even more interesting when you consider how the word usage and context change based on how Ra uses them. Meaning, for example, time/space or space/time, teach/learn or learn/teach. To me, there is an importance in how the words are structured. Taking it to the next step, mind/body complex or mind/body/spirit complex and not body/mind or body/spirit/mind complex.

Ever since my experience April of last year, I have had to learn on the fly with no knowledge previously. Even Ra mentions that individuals can learn how to heal without knowledge of the Law of One. I started to use the “something” - I now know, after research, that it was the kundalini effect - it starts with the feet and meets the spiraling downward. I’ve always had this innate ability to know my body and had my own insight - this ability to assess myself and make the necessary changes when needed. From those, I just went with it and experimented - which Ra does mention (experimentation). I just pushed myself daily - sometimes too much. I learned, however.

It started while meditating while standing. Learning about energy (vital) and the physicality, which leads me back to the word-structuring. Mind/body/spirit complex. Mind is first, then body, then spirit.

I always thought my feet were physically strong but, come to find out, they were not as strong as I thought. So, in developing my feet, I also used that energy during my mediation states to search my “soul”, if you will. In doing this, I noticed that the more I was able to focus on my mental state and find balance with my inward self, the more that my physical-self benefited. To me, this was the mind/body complex working together to find balance. I didn’t know anything about chakras at the time. Like I said, I was in the dark, if you will, but learning as I progressed. I did study extensively when not physically training or meditating.

Through the course of this past year, I have become stronger in all sense of the mind/body complex. The spirit part of it also increased. In working on the mind/body/spirit complex, I have healed (found peace) with most (if not all) of the baggage that I have been carrying. The healing, both internal and external, has taken/is taking place.
Internal (mind) healing: I have found balance with the things that were tormenting me my entire life. I changed what I could change and have found acceptance with that which I cannot at the moment.

External (body) healing: I’ve gone through the healing process of hand arthritis, chest (accident as a child where - and I didn’t know this until the healing started - my chest was caved in), my feet and hips were not formed correctly - I think this had something to do with my biological mother and part of the reason I was put in foster homes, and my back - I had a fishing accident in ‘98 that messed me up for a while. All of those have been healed, although I’m still working on my feet to some extent.
Through this past year, I have learned quite a bit. It was only recently did I read the Law of One. Reading through it, everything that I have been experiencing (experimenting with) has made sense through finding myself and channeling.

I feel this post is already too long and I have jumped around considerably. But if anyone wants me to clarify or expound, I will be happy to do so.

RE: Are balancing the energy centers and "Healing" the same thing - Sacred Fool - 04-25-2022

(04-25-2022, 06:56 PM)MusingsofanAwakenedIteration Wrote: It was only recently did I read the Law of One. Reading through it, everything that I have been experiencing (experimenting with) has made sense through finding myself and channeling.

Welcome to the playground here.

I'm glad you've been seeking and finding within yourself.  Keep it up and you may find me in there....along with all the "others."  And beyond me, it gets a whole lot better than that!  There's a whole universe tucked away inside there.

RE: Are balancing the energy centers and "Healing" the same thing - 3-24-2022 - 04-26-2022

I think one of the more intriguing parts of the Law of One is explaining how the violet ray is unable to be damaged, its function is to inundate the body with energy

In artwork the crown chakra is often depicted as a whirlwind above the head.

I've always thought amethyst crystals have a powerful force field and knowing that they may energize that energy which can't be disrupted adds to their appeal.

RE: Are balancing the energy centers and "Healing" the same thing - 3-24-2022 - 08-01-2022

Yes balancing is healing