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2009-02-14 Carla Chat Transcript - Bring4th_Steve - 03-16-2009

14:17:01 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Peels asks: What do you think about deja-vu?

14:17:27 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› I have had that happen to me, so I think deja-vu is quite real, Peels - more -

14:18:10 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› I think it is probably an artifact of a previous incarnation, where we've been somewhere before or seen someone before, only not in this body, not this time around. Follow-up?

14:18:42 ‹peelstreetguy› yes..

14:19:28 ‹peelstreetguy› I get them semi often and it makes me wonder if this all alresdy happened, my life I mean.

14:20:23 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Hey, Peels, that is a cool thought. And in the sense of time/space, you are totally right. More

14:20:25 ‹peelstreetguy› Like on another time line I aready lived this life

14:21:53 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Peels, it's not necessarily that there's another time line. Remove the box of linear time from your head and step out into circular time. Where we are in the middle of all-time and all incarnations in all densities come back to the middle, like radii in a sphere. That is how the Confederation describes metaphysical time, or time/space! Follow-up?

14:23:05 ‹peelstreetguy› no

14:23:26 ‹peelstreetguy› I was thinking kind of like that too. outside of time

14:23:31 ‹peelstreetguy› thank you

14:23:46 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› U betcha! L/L xxx

14:23:47 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Thanks for the question Peels. Our next question comes from Chela.

14:23:59 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Chela asks: Hi Carla, How do you deal with your heart opening up such that you feel the pain and suffering of others? I have never before felt so much where I can feel so much pain for the families of those experiencing the recent tragedies like the Australian fires and the Continental flight 3507 crash. I don't know how to deal with soo much as if these events happened to me. I've never felt like this before recently.

14:24:21 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Typing on that, Chela!

14:25:15 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› I remember the first time I became aware of the suffering of the world! it was enough to drop me where I stood. I had to get used to that awareness, for many people of our kind are suffering terribly every day. More

14:26:40 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› The way to deal with it is to go into it fearlessly as part of your practice, and let love and light flow through you and out to them, o all the suffering. Do not be afraid of it, though it is very heavy. We were born for this work - loving and radiating, letting the Logos flow through us. it really does make a difference. Follow-up, Chela?

14:27:03 ‹Chela› Thank you!

14:27:31 ‹peelstreetguy› Hi oguz!

14:27:38 ‹oguz› Smile

14:27:55 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Thanks Chela. The next question is from qqliudl:

14:27:56 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Chela, you're welcome - Romi found that the March 21 and March 22 sessions, both in 1993, are all about opening the heart.

14:28:04 ‹Bring4th_Steve› qq asks: I would like to post a question, to those amnesia people or the one became the vegetable existence due to the accident, what is the principle behind it? [rose icon]

14:28:31 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Hey qq - typing on that.

14:29:21 ‹Chela› Wonderful, I will check out the sessions about the heart.

14:29:30 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› qq, it is often a puzzle when we see people dying so young, being so malnourished, or living a vegetable life. What we find when we ask the Confederation is that people sometimes sign up for these lives for special purposes. More.

14:30:07 ‹roman› chela: transcripts are in aaron/quo dialogues, session 14 and 15, topic = opening of the heart

14:30:38 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Say there is adhering karma in a past life and the soul that a person is has lived one or more lives of extreme cruelty. But now he wishes to balance the karma and live an STO life. He might sign up for a short and unhappy life in order to balance the karma. More

14:30:39 ‹Chela› Thanks, roman

14:31:31 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Then too, sometimes what a soul wishes to experience is simply being born to a certain person. that is the goal. After being born, the purpose of the lifetime is over. OK, then that person might choose to bow out. More

14:32:51 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Finally, sometimes there is a life of service, such as being very retarded or otherwise limited, where the service is to the parent or parents who care for you. They needed this experience of caring for the very limited, every-childlike child. Generally, there is a perfectly sound reason for such odd lives. You just need to look at the bigger picture. Follow-up?

14:33:15 ‹qqliudl› Great illumination, thank you very much, Carla[rose icon]

14:33:51 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Such a pleasure to experience your sweet vibes, qq! Blessings and L/L xxx

14:34:37 ‹Bring4th_Steve› I have a question for you Carla:

14:35:04 ‹Bring4th_Steve› I have a question that relates to the answer you gave recently about circular time. Is it your understanding that we are existing in different densities right now, but not two lives within the same density? I am curious whether I could be living another existence somewhere in another 3rd density planet, or if it's only one incarnation per density at a time.

14:35:26 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Typing on that, Steve!

14:36:02 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› In terms of our soul stream - the "I" of us beyond all personality, we exist simultaneously in all densities. More.

14:36:45 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› In terms of how we choose to gather experience, it is possible that we might decide to live two incarnations simultaneously, in terms of space/time or normal, linear time. More.

14:37:09 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› This would be the case if we were working very hard to balance a specific trait or dynamic between traits. More

14:38:30 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› For instance, what if a soul wished to live a life that was overbalanced in love versus wisdom, whereas he also wanted to experience the opposite, a life with much wisdom and an unopened heart? He might decide to gather information from both sides of the balance at once. I do not think this is common, but the Confederation has talked about it. Follow-up?

14:39:54 ‹Bring4th_Steve› I see. But in terms of simultaneous same-density existences, do you feel that we organize ourselves on separate planets, as opposed to two lives on Gaia, for instance?

14:40:16 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Typing on that, Steve.

14:41:15 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› I would imagine, Steve, that we would experience both lives on the same planet. This is our third-density home, our classroom of the soul. Wouldn't it be wild to run into yourself and not know it! lol:>

14:41:47 ‹Bring4th_Steve› yeah, really!

14:42:02 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Thanks for that answer. Our next question is from Peel:

14:42:16 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Peel asks: Do you know of, or have performed the Rose Cross Ritual of the Golden Dawn?

14:42:32 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Hey peels! Writing on that.

14:43:22 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› I do know of the ritual. I have not performed it. the only ritual Jim and I perform is the Banishing Ritual of the Lesser Pentagram, which we do daily after Morning Offering to keep our home cleared. Follow-up?

14:43:38 ‹peelstreetguy› yes...

14:44:33 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Hey to Kuru, Richard and Oguz!

14:44:48 ‹Richard› Hi Carla...nice to meet you

14:44:54 ‹kuruuzum› hello Carla Smile

14:44:59 ‹oguz› hello Carla

14:45:04 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› [heart icon][heart icon][heart icon]

14:45:28 ‹peelstreetguy› The reason I mention it is because I performed it several times in the past and it is very effective. It is centered on Jesus and I find it creates a barrier or shroud around the room. Very peaceful feelings after I perform it.

14:45:46 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› I agree, peels - more

14:46:29 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› I think the Rosicrucians are a wonderful group! They indeed are centered on Jesus and unconditional love. Thanks for bringing them up. L/L xxx

14:46:54 ‹peelstreetguy› thank you!!

14:47:08 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Carla, our next question is from Oguz:

14:47:24 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Oguz asks: what is the time period to complete 4th and 5th densities?

14:47:46 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Hey Oguz! Typing on that.

14:48:48 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Oguz, I asked Romi to look that up for me in the LOO sessions. I do not remember what they said. It will take him a while to find that info, so hang on, and he'll have it for both of us momentarily. Steve, we might as well go on to another query while we wait for the Ro Man.

14:49:35 ‹Richard› might lose ya'll...kind of stormy here

14:49:44 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Sure. The next question is from Richard:

14:49:59 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Richard asks: In the forums, we've been discussing The Harvest and the fast approaching 2012 date. Some of us are "Gradualists" and some say instantaneously? What do you think?

14:50:20 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Typing on that, Richard and good luck on your power staying on!

14:51:07 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› I am a gradualist, Richard. I believe that the Confederation has the right of it when they talk about our graduating at the end of our present incarnations. They also say that many have already graduated in the last few years. More

14:51:51 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› I think the fourth-density Earth is firmed up enough to carry on just fine, and has been for a while - maybe a decade. More

14:52:35 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Now I could be wrong, but if so, we'll all go together to the steps of light, and what a party that would be! So to me it does not truly matter. Follow-up, Richard?

14:53:50 ‹Richard› No that's fine...that's how I've been taking it, but I'm still reading the Qu'o material and hard sloggin through Book 4 of LOO, LOL

14:54:38 ‹Bring4th_Steve› :-) Carla, are you ready for the next question?

14:55:09 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Richard, that's hard slogging for everyone! Good luck with it, and go on to Book V with a sense of relief, because that's a lot of storytelling about Mick and me, and not so dense with information. lol:^)

14:55:45 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Go Big Steve

14:56:16 ‹Bring4th_Steve› hehe.. Ok. The next question is from Chela:

14:56:26 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Chela asks: Ive been working with the archetypes and I feel comfortable with the Mind/Sprit complexes but am having trouble interpreting the Body archetype concepts... Are the body archetypes basically the energy/chakra centers or do they represent something else? How do you see them?

14:56:50 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Typing on that, Chela -

14:57:46 ‹roman› oguz: length of 4th density is 30 million years (loo books)

14:58:07 ‹roman› oguz: did not find reference to length of 5th density

14:58:22 ‹oguz› ok thanks

14:59:11 ‹oguz› some (pleiadians) say it may be a billion years, I dont know if its true

14:59:20 ‹oguz› for 5th density

14:59:25 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› The archetypes do not relate directly to the energy centers. I see the Matrix and Potentiator of the Body working to use the body with wisdom, keep it alive and so forth, and nurture itself. Then I see the Catalyst and Experience of the Body as relating to how we use the body as we work and just live a life. The significator of the Body is central, and I think that's the wheel of activity, some up, some down, sometimes wearing out the body (the dropped coins) - and of course, the transformation of the body comes through death into larger life. Follow-up?

15:00:04 ‹Chela› Excellent answer

15:00:18 ‹Chela› I see what you are talking about now

15:00:35 ‹Chela› soo easy yet I didnt see this before

15:00:54 ‹Chela› thanks!

15:01:14 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Well, Chela, the archetypes are never what I'd call easy. But they are very provocative. Mick and I study them all the time. L/L xxx

15:02:27 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Carla, did you have any response to Oguz on duration of the densities, or shall we move to the next question?

15:03:29 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Steve, Romi is still looking for the length of 5th density. I seem to remember a number of 75,000,000 years, but that is probably wrong. Ro will pop in with the answer when he finds it. He's still looking! L/L xxx

15:03:55 ‹Bring4th_Steve› no problem. :-)

15:04:02 ‹Bring4th_Steve› The next question is from qqliudl:

15:04:13 ‹Bring4th_Steve› qq asks: Carla, do you know anything about Astral Projection? Is this the way which Ra describes as "force to open the higher color energy without balancing?" And about other higher density channeling such as Bashar? Could you give some comment how to view them? Thank you so much [rose icon]

15:04:36 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› OK, qq, one at a time. Typing -

15:06:24 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› On OOB (Out of Body) projecting, I would advise researching that by going in person to the Monroe Institute and taking their classes or gatherings where they teach that. There are challenges and risks aplenty if one does not do things well and skillfully! It is one of those things where some people can do it easily, and so they don't see that it had inherent dangers. But there ARE dangers. Handle with care! Now for the next question -

15:07:53 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› qq, I make it a policy not to comment on other channels, for the most part. Here is what I tell people: Number One: Follow the path of resonance. Trust your powers of discrimination. If a piece of channeling seems solid and useful to you, work with that piece. Use it - that's why it was channeled, just for you to have as a resource. Number Two - typing

15:09:13 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Number Two, the way to distinguish STO channeling from STS channeling is how the channeling makes you feel. STO channeling should create a peaceful, radiant vibe. STS channeling will tend to create fear or gloom-and-doom, even though the channel talks about love and light.

15:09:18 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› More

15:10:53 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› The reason I do not rate channels is that once I read a book of channeling and thought it was sheer marshmallow fluff and not worth much. I had the book on an airplane. The lady sitting next to me says, "OH! I loved that book! It was so helpful!" We all come from different places. I don't want to talk down a book that will help someone! Follow-up?

15:11:07 ‹qqliudl› I see the point, thank you so much [heart icon][light bulb icon]

15:11:22 ‹qqliudl› [heart icon][light bulb icon]Smile

15:11:51 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› U are a [gift icon] to me! L/L xxx

15:12:00 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Thanks for the question qq. The next question comes from Peel:

15:12:25 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Peel asks: Are the steps of light really like steps of light, or is it a metaphor? Or is it more like a tunnel or vortex of multi-colored light?

15:12:39 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Hey peel - typing on that -

15:14:04 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Peel, I believe the Confederation is very literal when they talk about the steps of light. They draw a picture of angelic beings at the edges of these steps, being there to insure that no soul ascending them can go wrong or fall off. In Session 51 of TLOO, you can read all about these steps. More

15:15:03 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Each step is a certain vibration of light. Each one has a bit more 4-D light in it. Then there is the point where the steps are made entirely of 4-D light, and the gradations continue well into 4-D - and perhaps further. More

15:15:58 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› The soul walks into the light until he stops being comfortable. if he's still on 3-D steps, it's time to repeat third grade on another planet! If he stops within 4-D steps, then he can use the light of 4-D and so he graduates to fourth grade! Follow-up?

15:16:25 ‹peelstreetguy› yes..

15:17:08 ‹Chela› I experienced these steps of light in one of my meditations, where I was going up the steps and my body became more and more light... it was the most fantastic feeling

15:17:37 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Wow! [high five icon] Definitely a memorable experience!

15:17:38 ‹peelstreetguy› Is there mention anywhere of a multicolored vortex with a black hole at the end? And what about the near death reports of a tunnel of light?

15:17:57 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Hey Peel - typing on that -

15:19:08 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Peel, I do not know of anywhere in the Confederation channeling I have done where they talk about a multi-colored vortex, although they do talk about black holes being folks who are finally going back to the one infinite Creator, having moved through all the densities. More

15:20:19 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› As to a tunnel of light seen near death, I also have read those books. However, it can't be true every time, because I died (briefly) when I was 13, and I was instantly in the new place, with no time between the reality here and the reality there. It was instantaneous. Follow-up?

15:21:30 ‹peelstreetguy› Very interesting. Where did you end up, if I may ask?

15:26:07 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Did you see Peel's Follow up? He wanted to know where you ended up when you were in your death experience.

15:26:15 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Romi, try using Firefox instead of Explorer. It worked for me! L/L xxx

15:26:39 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Hey peel, I think my computer hiccuped! Typing on where I ended up -

15:26:48 ‹peelstreetguy› Firefox is the way to go.

15:27:32 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Peel, it was so wonderful to be in this incredible, park-like place, with gentle hills and a white domed temple just visible over the crest of the hill towards which I was walking. I knew all my friends were there and I could not wait to get there! More

15:28:17 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› The colors were so vivid they seemed to be 3-D and living. And I could hear music in the air, and see the sparkles it made. Then a 'voice-over' told me that I had a situation. More

15:29:24 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› The situation was that I had chosen a very big mission - two missions, really - for this lifetime. They said I could go ahead and die and then have two incarnations one after the other, and split up the mission. Or, I could go back to my fairly severely damaged body and live out this life, and do both missions. More.

15:31:03 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› I thought about that, Peels - hmmm, two more childhoods...No. I wanted to get back to my life and get on with the mission. And I still do, 50-some years later. I wanna boogie! So here I am! I miss those colors, though, and I still can't wait to see those friends - but only when the time comes! Here's hoping I get to live a long time! [champagne glass icon] Follow-up?

15:31:49 ‹peelstreetguy› yes, small...

15:33:03 ‹peelstreetguy› Thank you for coming back, it means the world to us, here incarnate. Wow it sounds beautiful. I'm kinda speechless. Thank You!!!! [rose icon]

15:33:41 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› It is entirely my pleasure, peels! Blessings and L/L xxx <:o)

15:35:02 ‹Chela› Peels, if you are interested in reading up on experiences of people on the other side, you may want to check out Dr. Micheal Newton's work, Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls

15:35:47 ‹peelstreetguy› ok Chela, thank you!

15:35:48 ‹Bring4th_Steve› The next question is from Richard: Chakra work…Some suggest visualizations spinning them up…Qu’o seems to suggest that deeds, if you will, are more effective. Is there any problems with visualizing ?

15:36:25 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Hey Richard - power's still on, eh? Yay ;-> Typing on that.

15:36:34 ‹Richard› I'm still here

15:36:59 ‹Richard› Lots of thunderin out there though

15:37:24 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Richard, I think that visualizing each chakra brightening and spinning is good up to a point. That point is where you do the visualizing instead of checking out how your chakras "feel". More.

15:38:16 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› If you ahve an issue with survival (As in, I don't wana be here in this dump any more!) then your red-ray chakra is going to stay closed or at least narrowed, no matter how much you visualize it brightening and spinning. More

15:38:34 ‹Richard› How do they feel? Say...if you are having problems visualizing them?

15:40:16 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› I'd say that first, check yourself, chakra by chakra. Red ray issues include survival and sexuality. Orange-ray issues are personal relationships and your relationship to yourself. Yellow-ray issues include the legal stuff - marriage, family, kids, work, like that. If you are having an issue somehwere in there, take the time to work on that. Meditate, pray, whatever floats your boat. THEN do the visualization. Follow up?

15:40:58 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Well, peel, when I say "feel" - more

15:42:27 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› I intend to mean how you feel when you ask yourself about those issues. If you say, Survival?" and get a resounding "Glad to be here", move on. Likewise with sexuality. if you get a "Love loving" move on. and so forth. you can feel if your chakras are open - there's energy through to the ehart and you just feel good. Follow-up?

15:43:21 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› One chorus of James Brown's "I feel good!" lol

15:43:38 ‹Richard› Some clarification, I guess with regards to the heart you know if this one is opening up? Does it do it all at once? Or gradually?

15:43:58 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Typing on that, Richard -

15:44:40 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Richard, you can really feel the heart chakra open. Sometimes all it takes is beauty - a sunset or a flower, a sweet friend's smile or someone's incredibly wise words. More

15:45:21 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› For the open heart, all the world is just fine - all is well. There is the consciousness of unconditional love and comfort. More

15:46:17 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› However, the heart chakra does not open and then stay open. We vary infinitely from moment to moment as incoming catalyst hits us and we decide how to respond. That is why working one's way through the chakras, balancing distortions each and every day, is a dandy idea. Follow-up?

15:46:47 ‹Richard› Okay...I think I see what you mean....Still working on the unconditional love part...Especially during Monday morning commutes in traffic

15:47:15 ‹Bring4th_Steve› All, we have about 15 minutes left, so please get in any of your final question to the "Ask Carla Here" tab! :-)

15:47:44 ‹Richard› Thank you has been nice speaking with you

15:47:58 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Richard, oops, I see I did not respond to your whole question. Sometimes the heart opens all at once, when you see somethng wonderful or read a great quote. Other times it is a gradual opening. But in either case, it can close in a heartbeat. so we always are working to keep our energy body open and clear-running. Follow-up?

15:48:29 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Richard, I see. No follow-up is needed. More

15:48:59 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Great dialogue!

15:49:34 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› A thought for working with commutes on Monday - enter into the cars, briefly and in your head, and imagine each soul, his heart beating, his mind awhirl just as is yours with the 10,000 things - another precious bit of the Creator! It makes the ride friendlier. L/L xxx

15:50:21 ‹Richard› Funny...I've been doing that..

15:50:26 ‹peelstreetguy› Great info. Great. My girlfriend just came home to discover the flowers and stuff. My heart chakra just opened--I feel it! I got this stupid grin on my face! [heart icon]

15:50:48 ‹Chela› Love is so grand!

15:51:03 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Hey peel, that's it! That's how you tell! L/L xxx

15:51:52 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Oh, Chela, truer words were never spoken! Love is all there is! I am love and you are love and we're love, loving love. What a universe! [heart icon]

15:52:45 ‹peelstreetguy› [heart icon][heart icon][heart icon]

15:53:03 ‹roman› need to go, so good-bye everyone, nice meeting you

15:53:10 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Does anyone have any final questions?

15:53:20 ‹kuruuzum› I have one

15:53:33 ‹Richard› I need to go also...nice meeting ya'll!

15:53:34 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Our moderator has informed me that we are out of questions, so how about we all pause for a five-minute prayer period and just hold the intention to be servants of the love and light of the one infinite Creator? Then we can say good-bye(f)

15:53:41 ‹peelstreetguy› Thanks for all your good work Roman!!! [rose icon] Nice chatting!

15:53:56 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Kuru has a quick question..

15:54:02 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Oops - go ahead, kuru -

15:54:04 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Go ahead and type it Kuru

15:54:04 ‹Richard› Okay, I'll hang on

15:54:20 ‹kuruuzum› Carla, could you give me me a personal prayer or something to protect against the negative energies and negative thoughts that are part of myself.

15:54:56 ‹ayadew› I just joined and will have to leave now, but thank you all for spreading light and love

15:54:59 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› I certainly can. May I ask if you are OK with using Christ in the prayer? It will make a difference in what I give you.

15:55:28 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› Hey Aya - blessings and L/L [light bulb icon]

15:55:44 ‹kuruuzum› I prefer the word.. hmm "god"

15:56:01 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› OK Kuru - typing on that.

15:57:51 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› A suggested prayer, and tweak it at will: "I am a servant of the love and the light of the one Infinite Creator. I surround myself with this love and light. (draw a circle by joining hand sin front, then swinging them around and joining them in back.) Across this circle, no mortal error may set its foot." Then clap your hands sharply together once and say, "And it is so" or "Amen". Follow-up?

15:58:08 ‹kuruuzum› thank you very much Carla

15:58:24 ‹kuruuzum› I like it

15:58:39 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› You are most welcome, kuru! Love and light to you, dear one. L/L xxx

15:59:15 ‹oguz› I'm copying this prayer

15:59:17 ‹Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth› And with that, I will sign off. I can't wait until next time! You all have fun and I'll be right here next Saturday, God willing and the creek don't rise! L/L xxxxx

15:59:28 ‹Bring4th_Steve› Thank you Carla!!

15:59:47 ‹Chela› Thank you, Carla!

15:59:59 ‹Bring4th_Steve› And thanks to all who were here today!

16:00:04 ‹kuruuzum› [heart icon][light bulb icon]

16:00:10 ‹qqliudl› [heart icon][light bulb icon] everyone

16:00:21 ‹oguz› [heart icon][light bulb icon]

16:00:35 ‹Chela› Thanks, Steve for all your hard work!

16:00:45 ‹Bring4th_Steve› It's a pleasure!

16:00:46 ‹peelstreetguy› We are blessed, Thank you Carla. I wish you all health happiness and spiritual growth, Amen.[rose icon]