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Planes/Dimensions/Densities - IndigoSalvia - 08-22-2021

Can you elaborate on the following terms? Huh I'm developing definitions for these terms as I encounter them, which are sometimes used interchangeably. I have a working definition of the term density.

* inner (and other?) planes of Earth
* the planet Earth's dimensions/densities (I'm confused by the interaction of the Earth's dimension/density (3 or 4?) and our density (for the purpose of this question: 3D)
* Is a plane = dimension = density?

Thank you, in advance.

Note: Newbie on Session 24/25.

RE: Planes/Dimensions/Densities - Dtris - 08-22-2021

In the early part of the Ra channeling density and dimension were used somewhat interchangeably but as the material progressed there developed a distinction between the two.

The Earth inner planes are time/space planes which exist in 3rd and other densities. Common names inlcude ethereal, astral, mental, devachanic planes.

Earth has physical existence in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and now 4th density with the others in potentiation. In non-physical existence all densities exist.

I find dimension to be a very poor word to describe these concepts. Dimension is properly a property of having a direction, ie. 3 space dimensions and 1 time dimension. Additional dimensions exist mathematically but I have my doubts about any practical existence.

Density and Plane are not interchangeable. Density is the overall layer of existence or the type of light used to form reality, whereas a plane is an infinite reality within a density or sub-density.

RE: Planes/Dimensions/Densities - flofrog - 08-22-2021

Welcome here IndigoSalvia, Smile

RE: Planes/Dimensions/Densities - Infinite - 08-22-2021

Densities are vibrational spectra. Just as a color has infinite shades, densities have infinite sub-densities. According to Ra, this division increases by the constant of seven. Thus, each density has seven sub-densities. Each sub-density has seven sub-sub-densities and this continues to be infinitely divided.

I particularly call the sub-densities dimension or plane. However, most often Ra used the terms density and dimension interchangeably. They preferred to use plane as a synonym for sub-density.

These sub-densities/planes/dimensions of a density are divided into space/time and time/space. Space/time is basically our physical plane. Time/space is the subtle and invisible planes, such as the astral plane, the mental plane, etc. Ra sometimes called these portions inner planes.

RE: Planes/Dimensions/Densities - Sacred Fool - 08-22-2021

(08-22-2021, 10:05 AM)IndigoSalvia Wrote: Thank you, in advance.

Hey, don't mention it.  Glad you're trying to learn about this stuff in order to learn about yourself.  There really isn't another area of study more worthy of your dedication, in my view.

Inner planes is a term used to refer to the realm of magical working, the reality behind the mundane world of consensus reality.  It has dream-like qualities and can be confusing.  Ra also calls this time/space.  Both time and space are mushier there than than they are in real life and the intellect doesn't help you much, as compared to intuitive knowing.

Outer planes refers to the space of consensus reality, what some call the surface reality, where our physical bodies take us from hither to yon and the intellect appears to be oh so useful.

These terms apply to third density and to other densities.

Hope that helps.
Be well.

RE: Planes/Dimensions/Densities - Louisabell - 08-23-2021

Welcome to Bring4th IndigoSalvia, and great questions! Below are my answers.

*The difference of inner and outer planes can be generally thought of as the spiritual and the material worlds respectively. 

*Earth has up to third-density activated in space/time, and up to fourth-density activated in time/space

*So I have seen dimension, density and plane used interchangeably, and I think that is because they are all used as general terms to describe a locality of existence. Some of these localities in space/time intersect, while some of them are divided by thresholds. I interpret small differences between the three words, just based on their dictionary definitions. Below are how I interpret their use:

Dimension = a locality viewed from its particular proportions and coordinates
Plane = a locality viewed from the foundational structure which its existence is laid upon
Density = a locality viewed from how dense the light/love is that it is constructed from

RE: Planes/Dimensions/Densities - IndigoSalvia - 08-23-2021

thank you to all who have shared your insights. given me much to grok.

RE: Planes/Dimensions/Densities - jafar - 09-20-2021

I just found this video recently which provides quite interesting description...

RE: Planes/Dimensions/Densities - flofrog - 09-28-2021

my goodness Jafar this is so great, and I am only at 12 minutes.... how to thank you. Definitely from the deepest of my heart...

RE: Planes/Dimensions/Densities - Nikki - 09-28-2021

Brian Scott is the first time I heard of Quo and fell in love so to speak. It felt like this being, Quo was talking to my soul. From there went to teachings of Ra, watched this forum and decided to be a member continue to learn and grow in love and truth. I have heard of the teachings of Ra for a long time, but had to do the searching everywhere so that I could experience many teachings and see the truth. All teachings felt incomplete, missing something. Then when I found out these teachings where from the Confederation, well, knew I was back to the beginning, the circle of love now was complete.

RE: Planes/Dimensions/Densities - flow - 09-29-2021

the simplest way i understood densities vs inner planes is that, according to Q'uo, density is a part of the grand illusion, while inner planes are not. seven densities are still illusions and there is an ongoing reincarnative process. there is no reincarnation in inner planes, inner planes are metaphysical time/space where discarnate entities dwell, therefore, evolution is very slow if an entity stays within inner planes and choose not to take incarnation in space/time.

RE: Planes/Dimensions/Densities - IndigoSalvia - 10-01-2021

I'm still reading the Law of One Ra material, but Q'uo is next. If only I could read (and assimilate) faster.