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Healing depression - Bosphorus1982 - 02-10-2021

Tips i'd like to share with you. Those are effective and proven to be true.

Drink 1-2 cups of coffee everyday.

Get 5000 mg of fish oil, 1000 mg of vitamin D and enough B12. Those are the medicine of brain.

Eat fish and turkey as much as you can. The tryptophan boosts your mood considerably.

Expose yourself to the sunlight. If not available, try to get out of your home everyday.

You may get at least 1 gram of turmeric each day. It alleviates depression a great deal. And also it curbs your appetite. However, don't forget to take it with black pepper; as it increases the absorption rate of turmeric. The ideal ratio is 700 mg of black pepper for each 1000 mg of turmeric. Anyway don't take it excessively; like more than 3 grams. It stuns a great deal and defeats your everyday routine. And get enough red meat to complement it; as it consumes animal protein.

Maintain a balanced diet. Stay away from sugar and gluten. Instead of sugar, try to eat fruits.

Find yourself a hobby. It will better your mood.

Stay away from TV, newspapers and also facebook. Each time you open them up, you feel more depressed.

If you feel able, maintain a daily routine.

You may try adopting a pet. Loving them is medicine for brain.

Be together with your friends and your close relations.

Rent good movies. Watching videos like Mr. Bean will make feel better.

May seem contradictory however youtube may help you feel better. just type music for depression.

And the most important keep your morale always high.

Take care Smile

RE: Healing depression - sillypumpkins - 02-10-2021

thanks for the post bosphorus, do you know of any reputable turmeric/black pepper vendors?

RE: Healing depression - Bosphorus1982 - 02-10-2021

(02-10-2021, 02:44 PM)sillypumpkins Wrote: thanks for the post bosphorus, do you know of any reputable turmeric/black pepper vendors?

I dont know. I find them on a Turkish web site called anyway don't know for other countries

RE: Healing depression - tadeus - 05-20-2022

Maybe it is helpful to add one point:

Analyze the reason for the depression and try to avoid the reasons.
When the reasons cannot be avoided, then try to minimize the effect for your soul.

This could be seen as a shorter form of the list from Bosphorus1982.