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Discussing STS: Question! - The_Tired_Philosopher - 10-17-2015

I've only read so many of the changes but figured I'd ask away.

I see that discussing STS polarity philosophy is asked to be avoided.

What's the fine line here?  In my mind STS and STO are very similar to nearly being indistinguishable.  Do you mean to say referencing texts on the Left Hand Path or posting information describing 'How to be' should be avoided?

I assume all topics with STS as a part of the subject matter would be allowable, we should just avoid trying to spread or teach about it?

RE: Discussing STS: Question! - zvonimir - 10-17-2015

5) Negative Philosophies
Ours is a forum dedicated to the exploration, promotion, and living of the service-to-others polarity as defined in the Law of One material. This does not mean that discussions about the service-to-self polarity are prohibited, only that promotion of philosophies and information which:

*exhibit elements of deception and manipulative thinking
*generate fear
*reject or discourage universal love
*encourage or promote control of self or others

are considered to be not in alignment with the principles of spiritual evolution espoused by Confederation sources and are thus subject to moderation and/or removal.

looks reasonable to me .....

RE: Discussing STS: Question! - The_Tired_Philosopher - 10-17-2015

Same here, and now perfectly highlighted for many to see.  Thank you Heart