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focus upon the nuances of this philosophy - Jeremy - 02-01-2015

I've been avoiding this topic for a while but I feel that this is the appropriate time so I'd like to air some dirty laundry so to speak.

A little while ago, I engaged in the topic of transient foci relative to the questions being posed on the forum. I felt as if the forum had been inundated with topics that have no other purpose than to bring one comfort and divert one from their intended reasons and path that they have chosen. One can easily refute such a statement by claiming that I have no idea as to what any other selfs path can be so I am unqualified to insist upon such a statement of triviality. Yet time and time again within this material, it was stated that understanding was not of this density. That admitting that one truly doesn't know and shall never know within this density is one of the greatest accomplishments one can achieve yet many are apparently unsatisfied with this answer. They search for answers beyond their comprehension to for what ever reason, bring some type of importance and meaning to their otherwise mundane existence.

 This has led to what many on the outside see as an escape from the everyday challenges within this ever so heavy and chaotic illusion. . To seek externally is to disregard what is internally happening. To try to find answers to otherwise transient questions that will never have any productive impact upon ones current incarnation is useless and to say otherwise would be engaging and endorsing such escapist mentality. Having a curiosity is one thing but to consistently pursue matters outside of ones control and beyond ones comprehension may in some aspects point to a curious mind, it's more indicative of one who is avoiding their own issues.

To avoid ones issues by this level of avoidance and escapism, one has fallen into the stereotypical new ager trap by thinking that all is well with complete disregard of ones own responsibility within ones current incarnation. The blatant coddling and enabling of such escapist and avoidance attitudes has done absolutely nothing but turn this forum into fluff which avoids blatant honest criticism for fear of throwing off the feng shui of the forums. Part of being human is being honest regardless of whether it feels loving or not. For in this honesty, love lies. It's just that the one feeling the brunt of this honesty has yet to see the love in it as opposed to the other way around.

RE: focus upon the nuances of this philosophy - Shawnna - 02-01-2015

I haven't spent too much time on the forum to comment on your last paragraph Jeremy, but everything else you've stated resonates quite deeply.

Honestly, I find much of the new age stuff (including the RA material) to be a rehash of the mystical truths found in many of the spiritual traditions.

RE: focus upon the nuances of this philosophy - Reaper - 02-01-2015

Gold is precious because of its rarity. If you're not willing to dig for it, you have to settle for its absence.

RE: focus upon the nuances of this philosophy - Jeremy - 02-01-2015

Don't get wrong, I have never found something so profound as this philosophy and I will be eternally grateful for finding it.

Digging for the truth in terms of ones own curiosity is one thing. But to dwell on it instead of focusing upon ones preincarnational lessons is another. Sure one can say well maybe ones lessons involved digging but I find that highly unlikely considering this density was never set up to find such truths to anything of the sort according to Ra and other confederation members. Its why they stressed how to work upon ones self so that one could tackle this illusion and be of service. Whenever the group strayed from Ra's intended message, they lost the signal and there was a good reason for that. Its just unfortunate that many others haven't caught on to this and still try to seek that which cannot be found within this density.

I honestly think many cling to the adept message dangerously too much. The insisted upon the fact that such attainment was extremely rare yet the vast majority here think that they can attain it which to me signifies that many here are looking for a level of escape or an effort to make their lives mean more than what they think they mean.

If only many would come to understand that they are already perfect just the way they are, this forum would make progress like it has never seen before.  

RE: focus upon the nuances of this philosophy - Plenum - 02-01-2015

heya Jeremy,

there is no doubt that unless one is living one's philosophy, then it does no-one any good.  

In Ra's system, that would be paying attention to your daily catalyst, paying attention to your dreams, setting aside some free time each day to analyse and process the experiences that are caught in your mind, thereby using your life to the utmost.

Quote:41.19 The key to balance may then be seen in the unstudied, spontaneous, and honest response of entities toward experiences, thus using experience to the utmost, then applying the balancing exercises and achieving the proper attitude for the most purified spectrum of energy center manifestation in violet ray.

There are also a lot of scientific/technical topics in Ra.  These are very curious, and obviously, when one had Ra on the telephone line, one could get additional and trustworthy information.  But using the current information as a springboard, and try to extrapolate further conclusions is obviously going to be the 3d mind wandering around in it's own distortions, as it does not have the eagle eye perspective of a social memory complex.

On the further topic of escapism and fantasy generation, that is something quite common in spiritual circles.  Despite best intentions, one often ends up seeking in the spiritual fields when one has been utterly disappointed by the current social paradigms, and the seeking is almost an act of desperation.  Life is no longer satisfying in itself, so one seeks solace in this system or that system of spiritual data.

I have seen people grow and flourish in these forums.  From when they first arrived, till when they decided to depart, a great learning trajectory can be seen.  There are also other cases where nothing much has changed - and either they are already very well developed and satisfied with who they are, or they have rejected the opportunities for change and self-examination.

For me, I don't post on other forums, because usually I only drop into those other forums to scan for information, or to get an overview of the expertise available from established members.  This place, however, is only fully utilised if one is willing to ask questions, and thereby tap into the potential life experience of other members.  You put a little bit in ... and a vast amount of multiplication goes on as the end result.  Of course, that is predicated on the nature of the seeking and the questions that one is aligning to, as you referenced in your post.

Carla herself wrote a book called Living the Law of One, of which she has so kindly provided the full pdf online - although one can also purchase the hardcopies.  Perhaps that is a bit of a hint and a nudge in the title itself, as to where the most fruitful focus of our attentions could be.

Namaste brother.


RE: focus upon the nuances of this philosophy - Jeremy - 02-01-2015

Yea its definitely on my to read list. My girlfriend is actually working her way through book one and once she finishes all the books, we plan on buying that book. I honestly forgot about it until she mentioned it.