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About me
Member: MisterRabbit
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Gender: Male
Interests: Psychology, particularly Jung, New England Transcendentalism, Eastern philosophy, particularly Taoism, Near Death Experiences and other paranormal phenomena, the study of psychedelics as entheogens, cats, Playing music on my banjo, guitar, saw, wineglasses, and piano, keeping an eye out for syncronicity, recording and interpreting my dreams, Seeking the truth, being outside when it's under 90 degrees and above 40, and probably other stuff but that's good enough for now.

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more poetry
Published by MisterRabbit on March 22, 2009 12:01am.  Category: General


The siren's lament

Howling far away

Sings the story

The futile search

The reaching in vain

The trodden under foot

Wailing in the background of our lives

.. ..

April sun is setting golden

Through the cemetary trees

And all the scents of the fairer season

Color the hilltop breeze

There's something in this graveyard hour

That stirs my soul within

To a place I know I've been before

That I know I'll leave again

And as that gold light sinks away

Unveiling a sea of stars

I've no doubt it still shines somewhere else

On some cemetary afar

And flowers are growing around gravestones

And the birds are singing in the sky

In the springtime garden of the dead

Where none go for pleasure but I

.. ..

Only one man has ever walked this earth

Only one ship ever sailed in the sea

Only one woman has ever given birth

Only one person ever called their self "me"

.. ..

It's funny how sometimes

when looking at someone

who's saying something to me

though I try and I try

to look into their eyes

eyeballs are all I can see

And though their words touch my ears

Not one word can I hear

Their consonants and vowels all in vain

and all these things that they're after

just don't really seem to matter

funny gadgets, idle facts, financial gain

and it's strange, at times, the grass around me

is as green as grass could strive to be

but I pass by, take no notice of the hue

And the sun it shines so brightly

And the stars they twinkle nightly

And the flowers glow red, yellow, violet, blue

But as these miracles unfold before me

I look but somehow do not see

I seem at times to be lost in the world

So time it passes by the hour

My moods they shift from sweet to sour

All around me thoughts and feelings spin and swirl

Until I see I'm sinking down

My forehead wrinkled, my lips a frown

And I know that there is something I've misplaced

And just like that, it all comes back

My thoughts and concerns crumble and crack

I, me, and mine are shattered, laid to waste

And in the simple truth of a yellow flower

All fear and anger shrieks and cowers

There are not two, no thing to praise, no thing to shun

And as the sun begins to rise

Shining love behind my eyes

Shining through me

I am empty

Only one

.. ..

As the day disappears

Of it's own accord

The flat world is veiled from my eyes

I rest in the darkness

And my blindness reveals to me

The one infinite sea

It's boundless depths

Strewn with shining stars

Like a field of wildflowers

A never-ending expanding-ever

Dancing symphonically

Painting on nothingness itself

Through which the images slip and pass

Even as they forever remain

And as I close my eyes to sleep

The stars in my heart

Shine also in that sea

The very same

.. ..

There is a moment

Between buildings

When the snowflakes

No longer fall

They stop, where they are

Look me in the eye

And then they rise

So playfully flying

Like a flock of stars

Like weightless children

And I am lost

Beautifully abandoned

Boundless in their dance

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airwavesGreat poems my friend! Maybe I will see you around b4?

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