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December 30 Dream Recall
Published by Bring4th_Steve on December 30, 2008 6:17pm.  Category: My Dream Log

I remembered one dream this morning.  It was at my aunt's house, which is a place I found myself having many dreams throughout my childhood and adulthood. But today's dream was a little more unusual compared to the others.  It seemed as though it took place before her house was even built.  There were two younger people with me that felt like they were colleagues or even friends.  They were there specifically to assist with the project at hand, which was to see how far we could dig down into the foundation of this house. A lot of the foundation was already dug out.  It seemed to go down about 20 feet. I didn't get the impression that we had done any of the digging thus far. The scene was peaceful, and it took place a night with some bluish ambient light, as if it came from the moon.


The interesting part of this dream, to me, is that as I inspected the bottom of the foundation, it didn't seem to stop 20 feet down. The harder I looked, the further down I realized the foundation was. By the time I finished concentrating at finding the bottom of the foundation, I was looking down 200 ft below me!  So I found myself laying on my chest at the edge of this foundation cavity, looking -far- down at my colleages as we tried to bark information back and forth.  For some reason we were interested in finding out if the drains worked.  At the bottom of the foundation, there was a drainage grating and a polished stainless-steel drain (that you might find on the wall of a bathtub to handle any water that has risen too high).


I asked the guys to test the drain, to which they opened some kind of faucet or water main, and showed that the water, which flooded around them (up to their ankles) was indeed leaving through the drain system.  The water seemed to immediately dissapear, and I asked if they could check the perimeter of the foundation to see if they could dig down any further.  But as they tested the perimeter with their shovels, they kept hitting a white cakey substrate that seemed too hard for a shovel to dig through. As if it were some kind of salt bed or something.


It was at that time that I had some internal thoughts.  For one, I questioned why a foundation was 200 feet below me.  I thought about the work that must of had to go into digging such a hole, and how was it even possible the construction workers ran pipes underneath this foundation in any reasonable way.   As I was thinking about the height between the bottom of the foundation and myself, and looking over at the guys 200 feet below, I began to get nervous about the height, even though I was laying on solid ground.  I then rolled away from the excavation, trying to snap myself out of the fear.  When I felt like I was rolling on normal earth and the temporary feeling dissapated, I crawled back over to see how the guys were doing with the digging.


That's when I woke up.


The only dream fragment that I can't place within that dream was a sequence where I saw a spiral staircase leading down to the bottom of this foundation.  I'm not sure if that's what the guys used to get down there, or if the staircase was a solution to getting down there at a later time.  It was a tight helix-like staircase, but there was enough headroom between the twists so even a tall guy like me could comfortably descend the stairs.

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Hey Steve,

Just some impressions (projectins?) fwiw..

20 feet (2nd chakra) dig as far as u want (200 ft) still 2nd chakra issue (you or your aunt?). 2 people digging.

Testing the plumbing - In Feng Shui water problems symbolize money issues (finances testing the relationship and/or a fundamental/foundation issue).

As a side note, about plumbing, I've been working on eliminating junk food which has been a real challenge. When I eat junk food I often have dreams of having to go to the bathroom and entering a really nasty backed up, foul ladies room. It helps me to realize I've gone off track....

Thank you for sharing & for the work that you do...



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Hi Steve,

Forgot to add another impression I had while reading about your dream: the spiral staircase ~ DNA helix perhaps?



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