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Interests: My main interests are humor and striving to make decisions and actions that lead to a life of unconditional Love.

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I am now sync'd!
Published by Bring4th_Steve on December 26, 2008 4:25am.  Category: General

By now, many of you have probably heard of the idea of "synchronicity" or "validation".  I'm not sure if I can do the description justice, but essentially it is a moment in one's life when a specific event occurs that is directly related to what's been on one's mind.  Other examples of synchronicity include looking at a clock as it's on 11:11 or 2:22, or spying an odometer when it hits 7777 and 7 tenths of a mile.  Some even suggest that synchronicity comes in the form of deja vu, the feeling of having already experienced the exact moment you are presently experiencing.

For me, I never really knew what synchronicity was all about until I became a teenager and got into esoteric writings.  That's where I found people glorifying each synchronistic moment that had special meaning to them. the point of getting giddy about it! Like... I'm playing hide and seek and just found you, giddy.

I am thankful that synchronicity exists, but am still a little confused about what it truly is.  Are synchronous moments "guideposts" to help validate that you're on the right path in life?  Are they markers to say, "sit up and take a look at this moment, fool!" Are they, as Uri Geller proposes, signals that one is on a positive mission? It seems there are even groups that come together to celebrate synchronicity and the whole 11:11 connection. But wait! Don't forget the 11:11 angels! The who?! And no synchronistic event has ever been left naked without first being wrapped in a good old numerology blanket.  Argh!! What's it all mean?!

My lack of understanding on this relates to another tidbit about myself that you might find slightly amusing.  Ever since I can remember, I have been "catching" a digital clock as it turns from :59 seconds into :00 (minus the giddy).  If instead I turn to see an analog clock with hands, more often than not, it is exactly when the second hand is about to hit the 12.   This must have happened to me over 1111 times already over the past 15 years (nothing gets past you, does it?).  And it doesn't have to be a clock that's in the same room as me. It happens in movies, on TV shows, in magazine pictures, or anywhere clocks may present themselves.  It got to the point that I was getting a little nervous about this. Was someone playing games? Would my head explode if I walked into a clock store? It went beyond coincidence. I had no way to explain it, but there it was! Happening multiple times a day.  Again I'd wonder... Is this a marker? A hint to do something?  Being the prankster that I am, did I set this up to happen before incarnating so I could sit on the steps of light, laughing with my higher self after just having kicked the bucket? To this day I have never figured it out, but yet I am starting to believe it is some form of synchronicity that has a meaning yet discovered.

Has anyone had any chronic synchronicity problems?  It's certainly not a benign sounding problem, that's for sure!

Anyway... This whole blog entry is building up to something of substance here, I promise.  So tonight I had a "moment".  I was looking on the Internet for images with free use licenses for my Bring4th Dream Blog.  Now I normally don't go looking through people's gallerys, or even browse art that much.  Sure, I love great photography and graphics as much as the next person, but what I found odd today, the day that we all launched Bring4th, is the following:

Can you spot Waldo? I mean, something synchronistic to Bring4th?


Not convincing enough, aye?  Well, as soon as I mused at the odds of encountering a wanderer image out in the public web space, I browsed further into this guy's gallery and was presented with this:


Ok. Whoah.  That's a little bizarre...  What? STILL not convinced?  No problem, there's more... Ok, look at this one, within the same gallery:


Wow. Tripping over a wanderer image. Then a RA image. Then an Avalon image, which happens to be the name of an eco-friendly property that L/L Research owns and the title of my test blog as Bring4th was being built. 


What do you all think? I think I am now sync'd!


[ By the way, definitely check out this guy's artwork.  It isn't for use without his permission, of course, but the imagery that Michal Karcz creates is stunning! His work might approach dark and edgy for some, but it is definitely work the peek. ]


Got Sync? Feel free to comment!

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you've definately been sync'd. it's too direct and too the point to just be an accident. i've experienced a great deal of synchronosities in the past 8 years in my own life. i'm still very amazed and uncertain about what it all means, except to say i believe it's a sign i'm on the right path. i think that absolutely applies here as well. i just discovered this site tonight, and i'm so excited about it. this is the first thing i found on the site after i registered. a possible sync in itself i think.

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I feel so lucky to be the first piece of content you browsed on here! And I'm glad it struck a chord with you. I hope you continue to enjoy Bring4th! We still have many new features and ideas to implement.

Talk to you soon,

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