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What to expect...
Published by Bring4th_Steve on December 25, 2008 7:12am.  Category: My Dream Log

I thought one of my first categories I'd toss up on my blog is one about my dreams.  I have always enjoyed the dreams that I've had, and in reading books about dreaming, I've learned  that my dream recall is considered decent.  In other words, I can remember at least one (sometimes up to three) dreams in any given night.  And when I am active with my journaling, I tend to remember multiple dreams per week.  As I understand it, dreams tend to fade immediately upon awakening for many.  For me, instead of these dreams rapidly diminishing upon awakening, I am able to recall the concepts of them throughout the day, culling as many details as possible from each dream. 


Dream exploration is where I find the process of recall most enjoyable.  It's the "Ah-ha!" moments of remembering a symbolic trigger that in turn opens up more of the dream. It's almost like using the association trick for remembering someone's name. Have you tried this?


For instance, I met someone in my neighborhood named Mark.  Being someone that is horrible at remember names to begin with, I saw in my mind Mark's image as he stood before me, and then I attached to him the visual of him "marking the spot" with a big X in the driveway where he lives.  Now I can't go by his house without automatically seeing that imaginary X in his driveway and remembering, "Oh, that's Mark!"  Unfortunately, I didn't follow the same practice when meeting his kids. So the next time they pedal their bikes and wave, I'm going to have to say, "Hey!.... You.. guys!" Embarassed


The process of association is the same way in which I explore dreams. As I remember one thing, I automatically bring back the context of the dream, which makes it easier to trigger memories of what happened elsewhere in the dream. As I open one thought, a small figment of another opens, and I explore these combinations until I can't nudge myself into the deam memory any more.  Usually this mental exersize happens so quickly that I'm done writing everything out within 15 minutes on a good night, and 10 seconds of vagueness on a "bad" day.


That's basically how I'm going to go about writing these dreams.  I've done a lot of writing in a paper-based journal (I knoq, that's so yesterday!), but since I can type faster than I write, I tend to be able to describe the events with much greater detail. While I mentioned above that I am lucky enough to recall the concepts of my dreams throughout a day, it is still true that the sooner you can drag the details out into the open, the finer the recall will be.


Dreams are a great thing, in my opinion.  As abstract as they can seem, it's amazing what happens once you take the time to analyze them.  If you are one who pays attention to your dreams, you soon begin discovering a dream "vocabulary" that tends to help you understand their meaningss.  What's even more cool is that once you recall familiar symbols, they can often serve to trigger other parts of your dream that would have otherwise been forgotten.


You all may certainly comment on my ramblings, but at the same time, I'm no expert on the topic, so my writings will mostly be used to help further build my ability of dream recall.  But if you can relate to anything, I'd love to read about it if you decide to comment!

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exactly the same as i do dream recallings, now i've got an archive recording some of my dreams, with even all the tiny tiny details... some of the important ones or the most impressives stay instead of on the paper, in my mind till now, i can't explain the reason why some of them stay and others no, but thus it works:)

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