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Looking for Meaning in Life
Published by Jeannie on December 1, 2010 4:21am.  Category: General

                          I'm not sure what I'm looking for in this site.   Maybe just another person who is searching too.    I'm impressed by the Law of One readings.   They are fantastic.   We are all one and serving others seems to me to be a worthy goal.   Probably the only thing that would really give my life meaning.   I struggle with a disability.   I have many friends but they would not believe in extraterrestrials or channeling.  Does anyone out there fear the 'harvest'.  Either I fear that I would not qualify for such a leap, or is harvesting anything like eating me up?  

           Maybe that's silly.  Altruism can't be anything bad or wrong.   I'm very impressed by David Wilcock who is on Divinecosmos and I've tried to read his scientific writings.   I think they are rather above my level of comprehension.   Also, in the Law of One readings they seem to center around pyramids and their healing qualities.   That also is rather above my level.    However, I find myself fascinated by these theories and more.    My friends are laughing about my interest in ETs and the idea that 2012 is any special year.    I love my friends.  They are all religious as am I.   I've been trying to find a purpose for my life.   I'm divorced, my children are all grown and have gone.   I still feel myself to be a child.  Like somewhere must be my place. 

             honestly if anyone has a good idea or a good guess of what my direction should be then please tell me.    I am lost in the Law of Confusion.   loveya all,  peace  and truth jean

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NegaNovaHi Jeannie! My name's Nick, and I'm not sure if anybody can tell you which direction to go in! We're all trying to figure that ourselves I think haha, but we all go through it together! We're a team lol.

Andd, sometimes the idea of harvest scares me a little too, I kind of go through phases as to what I think about it. According to the Law of One, the future of Earth will be very harmonious, so I'm not really sure how it all fits in together! Either way, it's all good in the end. Like Ra says, "All is well." Your higher self will guide you in the perfect way, and I like to feel that even in this moment, creation is playing out perfectly and in the most craziest way, I don't think there's anything to worry about.

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ScottKHi Jeannie.. For me, I don't really consider the harvest - hey, we'll all deal with it when we get there. There's not a whole lot of point about worrying about something that we really don't have a clue about.

You have to determine your individual purpose, but in these dark days, most people are stuck with working some "career" that offers little fulfillment in order to pay the bills (in other words, debt slavery). Such is life right now in paradise. ;) One can find the love/learning/catalyst in all situations, but I also suspect that most people are learning about how they *don't* want to live in these times.

Our existing financial systems are breaking now and will break completely before 2012 (most likely before spring). And that is an extremely positive thing. When that happens, the good folks of the world will have to opportunity to begin to create the world we want!

So for me, I can't tell you what you should do specifically, but in the larger picture, I believe that all people of good heart have a mission. Be the good person that you are - be good to all people, be the love, be a positive force on all of existence. And when the time comes, you will have a great opportunity to be an example to all the negative people out there, to build a world we all want to live in, and also to do that in harmony with the earth.

We live in VERY interesting times..

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norraldear jeannie
welcome dear sister to our midst. you are loved and welcomed here and u are not alone. i would say follow your heart and trust your inner voice. no one can no better for you what is right for you. what we can do is encourage you and support you as u discover your core. so press on with a brave heart courage and faith for the goddess waits to embrace us in her loving arms


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Bring4th_SteveIn my opinion, direction will come naturally as events happen in your life, which ask for your response.

It is how you respond to these events and the beliefs your form around them that help shape you as a soul on this planet.

Most importantly, no matter what direction you choose for yourself, there is never a "wrong" direction. We travel all over the universe in our thoughts. All that is asked of us by Jesus and other Christ-conscious entities is that we make every decision in the highest form of love we can.

Whatever you choose to believe that 2012 will be, will be. We are co-creators of our reality, and every belief we have, or action we take, forms that coming reality. So visualize your most heartfelt desires into how you'd love to live in the coming Golden Age, and allow it to come into your life. Let THAT be your direction. :-)

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