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Published by Dandylion on January 2, 2011 6:22pm.  Category: General

I found this sight as a link on David Wilcox page after I saw the video links and read his articles. I decided to see what L/L was about. I automatically thought I had reaped a venue I could relate to since my life has been filled with a history of speculation and inquest to find the meaning of life. My family has been laced with intuition and and apparitions on both sides of the feamily. I had no idea what was going on, I knew I wasn't crazy, psychotic etc. Then I found the blog and forums that I could really appreciate the insite of it's members and wealth of knowledge. I realize I'm not the only one going through something different than mainstream knowledge. I was in a family of 4 as a child with a brother 1 yr. older and went to a private school I didn't like, due to it's biggots, and snobs. My mother was not your usual houdewife she helped her parents with their furniture store and was abscent to our needs at times. She was stressed being tugged to both roles, but I'm sure she did her best. My father was 8 yrs. older than mom and was obsese by no fault of his own. He was a loud voiced person, who would speak loud from one room to get your attention from another after he got home from work. He had 3 jobs also which taxed him a lot. My grade school days consisted of church at 8am. The 1st class being religion and taught by flustrated nuns, who took it out with rulers on our hands or pulling us out of the room by our ears if we got out of line by conversing at unappropriate times. I would daydream so much, I always got into trouble. It was a bit crude to my liking. We were just getting by, at home or it seemed like it, we didn't go to the beauty shop to get our hair done my mom cut it and without the talent of the scissors looked awful most of the time, thank God we wore uniforms to school. We lived upstairs in the furniture store which use to be an old dance hall in the 40 and 50's, it was huge. My grandparents rented it and we lived with them due to Papa's health was bad. Although it seemed like a lot, it had it's faults like asbestoes in the basement and rats. It had this huge furnace that was insulated with the stuff in which I use to peal it off. Real nice, but at that time we had no knowledge of the danger at the time. In 1967 my Papa passed away and a few days later my mother had corrected me and I was in my room on the bed crying. I leaned up to wipe my face and to my amazement I saw My Papa appear in front of his O2 tank. I put my face back on the bed then ran out of the room I was only 9. I told my father and mom, then they shared some of their experiences with this new knowledge I had been admitted to the door of entry. I didn't know why I saw him, but mom said, He wanted me to listen to her and we left it at that. Then 2 yrs. later we moved to a home in the suburbs since my grandmother couldn't handle the business anymore at 72. So now I live in the USA with my own family. I've skipped about 30 + yrs. in my History but it would take a book to tell all the crap, depression and alcohol I suffer my way through. Never knowing what I was looking for and never finding it. I pray everyday/Meditate, speak to the lord and he shares his grace with me. So now it's 1-2-11  Well it's been a busy morning juggling 2 grandkids 1 son 27, and mom. Hubby just delegates from his chair, lol had a smoothie for breakfast and reading the KJB. Had a white apparition visit by the  foot of the bed last night. I feel, it is my cat Tiger. Who had a rough 4 years on this earth, and had to be put down. We miss him so since we put him down. He was my baby. I feel it"s his presents since the 1st time I saw him in the kitchen / a small white smoke like fog in my kitchen, a few hours afters we laid him to rest. Then 4 times since then when another animal was about to dissappear or pass on. I have a lot of animals on a small farm. I feel like I am lead about by my inner voice quite a bit. Then sometimes I ask the creator to help me locate something and I will find it in a hour or day from then. My heavenly father is with me all the time and I'm so glad I realized it. We have a awesome God.  well I hope someone might peek their head in my post and say Hello. Best to everyone Love J

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norraldear J
thanks for sharing your story with us. u are loved and welcomed here. you will find that many here share similar stories as most of us have just not fit into the norm for this planet . welcome J to a place of love

your brother

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dandylionThanks Norral, I hope we will be good friends Judy

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Bring4th_SteveWow, awesome story! So glad that you are here to share in the group energy!

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