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... and so it continues.
Published by Deangraves on April 29, 2012 11:38pm.  Category: New RA Material Channelin

This information is obtained from telepathic communication between the late Carol E. Crane, an aspect of RA, and her human incarnate husband, Dean Graves. It is offered in the hope that it may be useful to you. Please use your discrimination and judgment in assessing this material. If something rings true to you, fine. If something does not resonate, please leave it behind. We are not affiliated with L & l Research, LLC. For information on the original RA Material, please go to Follow all of our “The New RA Material” posts on our web site at


…and so it continues.


Being duly cautioned about the offering of what some people may consider prophetic information, I tenuously offer the following:


As previously discussed in earlier posts, we are on an 18 day electromagnetic cycle, in addition to all of the other cycles we are on (biorhythm, astrological, etc.). Last Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday should have been the peak three days of the cycle and for me it was not. In fact, they felt very much like low energy days. As it turns out, they were.


The cycle has changed as a result of changes in our Sun. The Sun is in the process of splitting its poles so that we will soon have two north poles and two corresponding south poles in the Sun. From what I can discern from interpreting the NASA information, but more importantly information reported from the Japanese space agency, this is in fact happening and anticipated to complete the split in May, 2012. It is apparently not unique for this to happen and records reflect that this does happen every 11 years, but this is occurring way too soon.


It is also unusual because it is occurring soon after the conclusion of the 3rd density cycle and there is a “mini” cosmic alignment occurring on May 6th, the projected date for the split completion. The moon too is on the short cycle of its orbit around the earth making it the closest point of the cycle and causing expectations for the moon to appear as much as 14% larger than normal. These are the known physical anomalies occurring regarding this event that published science knows about.


Metaphysically Carol has advised me that May 6th will be the time of a spiritual awakening. This will occur by the changes in the electromagnetic energies emanating from the Sun and result in the activation of two additional stands of DNA in all humans on earth. This is the first of three such activations, the next being December 21st, 2012, and the next August 7th, 2013. These dates are evenly spaced and all share the occurrence of a cosmic alignment, December 12st having the most significant alignment. 


The veil is being lessened. The May 6th occurrence is anticipated to be noticeable and will be most felt by those nearing awakening. The December 21st occurrence will be felt by everyone. The third occurrence will be significant and is to shake even the most reticent to awaken.


As disclosed in previous posts the 3rd density DNA activation number is 20 strands. The number of DNA activation strands in 4th density is 34. We aren’t going to 4th density yet, but catalyst is being provided to shake the tree, so to say, and aid us to polarize one away or the other.


Carol has not offered a picture of what earth will look like with these events taking place, however I asked about increased confusion, fear, and bellicosity. She didn’t deny that these are very real possibilities and so I take that as confirmation of these conditions possibly happening. If all that you believed was true and the basis for your life work was suddenly challenged, you had no immediate alternative to replace it, and you had not tools to calm your runaway emotions wouldn’t you expect aberrant behavior?


If none of this ever happens, then we all can have a good laugh. However, if it does happen then we can be aware and be prepared. Carol has never offered any information like this before, so it is unusual enough to warrant awareness if nothing else. If your DNA is already activated with more strands than 22, then you probably won’t feel very much on May 6th. But, for those who are not so configured, you probably will feel the change.


The offering of love, compassion, understanding, and guidance to those in unconsciousness is always the right response.


So, we will soon see.


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Distant StarHi Dean!
I do not know where to post this, but might Ra thru Carol give us further information about the landmass changes. I.e. what will go undersea in Scandinavia/Northern Europe for example? And as we are fond of naming - which Confederation entity were in South America when Ra was in Egypt?
/Distant star

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