7/16 – 11/4

Law of One Gatherings: After a three-year hiatus, we returned to form and held three major gatherings in August and September! Scroll down to the posts below this one to read write-ups for all three, or if that would break the mouse to scroll that much, go directly to the:

Channeling Circles: There were two channelings offered at our recent gatherings, along with our continuation of the Intermediate and C/C Channeling Circles:

Youtube: The Ra Contact Youtube project is nearing its completion and should be done by the end of the year! There were several sessions published in this period, along with one narration from A Book of Days read by Jim:

One-Year website: For those who have been with us over the years, you may have some awareness of what a long and challenging journey it was to build a brand new website from scratch that would house, organize, and share the library of L/L Research’s work with the world. Thanks to the considerable skill and sweat of the one known as Daniel, our dream became reality when we were able to launch the new LLResearch.org on September 24, 2021.

A year later we still pinch ourselves that the site exists and continues to evolve. Over the course of this past year we launched the first search engine capable of searching the entire span of the Confederation philosophy through L/L Research channels. (The search engine is the second most visited page on the site). And not a month has transpired without improvements made. The 6,000-page* library website has met and wildly exceeded our hopes for serving the readership and sharing the work of this mission with the interested seeker, with lots of evolution yet ahead.

We invite you to lift your glass – of water, tea, kombucha, or something for adults – in celebration of the new LLResearch.org’s first birthday! And if you have any feedback about the site, please feel free to reach out.

*If you printed everything on the website, from transcripts to books to web text, you would get, we don’t know, 10–20x that number of pages. 6,000 is the number of unique web pages on the site (designated with a unique URL).

Audiobooks: We had made a decision earlier in the year to outsource the editing of our audiobook library, with many books having been recorded, but requiring editing and post-production, an incredibly intensive process. Despite the best efforts of Julianne, the demands of life overtook her dedication and spirit, so Trish broke the sound barrier in the production of audiobooks. She located a professional team, dialogued with their lead and got everything set up so that they could edit and master Secrets of the UFOs. And we’re excited to announce that TWO whole audiobooks have since been published! Thank you Julianne for all of the work and effort invested. Check out the new audiobooks on Audible:

And Voices of the Confederation should be up in the next few weeks!

Since Austin first joined Gary over nine years ago, and with each new addition since then, the Blogworthy Report has been designed not to identify authorship of any given task or project if it was completed internally. That way, the work becomes the unified work of L/L Research, whoever undertakes it. However, in this case, we give shout-outs to Trish and Joanna a couple places to identify their authorship in this collective report.


  • Translations publish: Many translations were published in the months since the last Blogworthy, demonstrating the incredible dedication of the translators working to make this material more available around the world. These include:
  • Translators, working with:
    • Pinged 21 translators for help in building foreign-language versions of the website. See next main bullet point, “Library website,” below.
    • Bulgarian – Received more individual Ra Contact sections along with gaining greater familiarity with the funny and synchronicity-traveling Kirilina. Thank you, K!
    • Chinese 1– After multiple rounds of dialogue in this period, received from Li-Yun a completed Chinese Traditional-language A Concept Guide! (That will make ACG available in French and Chinese, will Polish to begin soon.) Thank you, Li-Yun! And to Terry, for his support!
    • Chinese 2 – Dialogued with Sean about the backlog of Chinese-language channeling transcripts and the event solution that will allow Sean and his partner to publish them directly to the site as they edit them. (👋Hi Sean!) | Added a Simplified Chinese-language place of study for the Law of One to the existing Traditional Chinese on the Community Resources page. | Connected a new Chinese translator, Iris, to Sean and Terry after onboarding her. | Received the semi-annual sales statement from the Taiwanese One Center, a traditional publisher who publishes a few L/L titles in Chinese.
    • Czech – Received from the Czech team the first volume of the Ra Contact completed! Thank you, Vojta/Radim/Romi/Bara!
    • Dutch – Received from Erik a few Dutch transcripts. Thank you, Erik! (See Personal Sharings for a prayer request for Erik as he undergoes cancer treatment.) | Connected Erik with to other once-Dutch translators. | Onboarded a new Dutch translator, Martine, and received a couple of Dutch transcripts. Thank you, Martine!
    • Farsi – Received our first ever Farsi (Persian) piece for publication, a Farsi translation of a transcript. Thank you, Meysam, Pupak, and Julien! And dialogued about the development of the Farsi Ra Contact. Meysam wrote about their work: “It has been such a joyous process, this co-editing journey; The quality of the translation has improved immensely; Many bright ideas have shown up, so many refinements made to the text. thank Pupak for initiating this change of plans right at the time. Two minds are better than one, and I guess this is the kind of work best done in a group. The more we proceed, the more it becomes clear how miraculously the three of us found each other and how this service evolved.” (See Personal Sharings section for a prayer request for Meysam, a resident of a violence-torn country right now.)
    • Greek – Onboarded Vassilis, a Greek translator who is going to take on the Ra Contact. Welcome, Vassilis! And after establishing mutual interest, connected him to he who had previously made the same attempt, also Vasilis (one “s”) to a very positive meeting. Received from Vasilis his work up to that point (the front matter of Vol 1 + Session 1 of TRC) and our first ever Greek piece for publication, a Greek-language transcript. Thank you, Vasilis and Vassilis! May Ra enter the language of philosophers.
    • Hebrew – Onboarded a new Hebrew translator, Alina, welcome! And connected her to Erez and Ori. After three incomplete attempts by other translators so far, Alina will help Ra enter a language of the Logos.
    • Hindi – Received one of two Indian-language volunteers offers, this one from Ishan for Hindi. Onboarded Ishan through our standard procedure of establishing relationship and familiarity, and agreeing upon upon terms, including the necessity to remain faithful to the English original, whether by literal translation of the words or non-literal conveyance of the same meaning. Welcome, Ishan!
    • Indonesian – Received two significant works in this period from the ever-positive Faitiha, including an Indonesia Secrets of the UFO and TRC Unified Index. Thank you so much, Fatiha!
    • Kannada – And for the second Indian-language appearance, received contacted from and onboarded Prajwal for the language known as Kannada, a south Indian dialect. Welcome, Prajwal!
    • Polish – Dialogued with Pawel on the Polish TRC, and connected him with Jochen so that they could explore the prospect of printing the Polish translation. Also, set Pawel up to begin translating ACG into Polish. Good luck, Pawel!
    • Romanian – Dialogued with Horia (who we got to meet at the Homecoming Gathering and whose energy in-person was just as great as it is over email), about some last-minute refinements to the Romanian Ra Contact, and received from Jochen a version formatted for eventual printed publication. Thank you, Horia and Jochen!
    • Russian – Received from Vladimir his first Russian transcripts. Thank you so much, Vladimir! His desire to serve is all the more impressive in light of his present circumstances.
    • Serbian – Had an amusing but enlightening discussion with Sheyla about the differences, if they can be so-called, between two virtually identical languages, Serbian and Croatian, and the politics that go into it, for the library website. Received an update from Dejan about his work on the Serbian TRC. Thank you Sheyla and Dejan!
    • Spanish – Received loads of transcripts from the ongoing Henry. Thank you, Henry! | And from Gabriel dialogued about some updates re his work on the Spanish TRC.
    • Swedish – While in Berlin, we re-met Klas (our last meeting being at the 2019 Prague event) where we learned of his interest in taking up or supporting the Swedish translation of TRC, a project of one of our dear personal friends, Lana, that has been quite stalled for some years. When about to connect the two, Lana reached out with notification that, after some personal dark night + transformation experiences, she is resuming the work! Subsequently connected Lana and Klas to explore working together. We have a sense that it is just what the universe ordered.
    • Turkish – And received from Unity100 a translation of the search engine pieces we sent out several months back. Thank you, Unity100!
  • Library Website: Celebrated one year! (Described above). And…
    • Foreign-Language versions of the website: Starting with a lunch meeting while Daniel was in town in September, began a large project that is still underway. Presently, if you click on one of the 21 (soon to be 22) foreign languages (available on the home page, or in the upper-right corner of any page via the icon of the “A” merging into a Japanese character), the site opens a simple “Welcome” page that lists the works available in that language. In an evolutionary step forward, we will offer foreign-language versions of the website itself. The foreign-language versions will include:
      – The Home page
      – Library page
      – Channeling page
      – A language-specific search engine
      – A dedicated Ra Contact page
      – A means to toggle seamlessly between the English original and other available languages that preserves the position of the text.
      – And essential site-related information for the foreign reader
      On the front end, we identified every piece necessary to create a foreign-language version, assembled it, tailored it for the non-English reader, and reached out to a list of 21 translators seeking translation support. Thank you (so far) to Sean, Terry, Laszlo, Faitha, Mauro, Pawel, Edgard, Horia, Catherine, and Gabriel for your contributions!! On the back end, Daniel has been a coding and re-coding machine.
    • Search Engine refinements: Worked with Daniel with some intensive dialogue his updates to the search engine to make it more mobile friendly, clearer, ready to accommodate more search filters as projects get underway to make the Library site a stronger resource for spiritual seekers.
    • Collaboration & Revision: Digested Daniel’s youtube tutorials, put together a short guide, and dialogued on his updates that allow revision histories and create more collaborative tools for publishing to the website.
    • Mobile Menu: Examined and talked about an upgrade to the navigation menu on mobile that will now allow for sub-menues.
    • About & Connect pages: Made updates to the Connect page following the closure of Bring4th and the Patrick and Steve’s launch of the Law of One Forum (see below), and planned for coming updates to the About page to better convey the new team.
    • Transcript edits: Made edits to errors in past transcripts.
    • Study groups: Two study groups were born out of the Coming Home event, added Philly (thank you, Luis!) and Chicago (thank you Greg, Peggy, and Stephanie!) to the site. And then had a series of dialogue with a group in Mumbai who live translates and discusses the material in Hindi whose info we added to the site. (Thank you, Ginni!)
    • User roles: Thanks to Daniel’s tutorials, Joanna and Trish trained on using our content management system, and with Austin’s training, Joanna is learning how to format books for publication to the website and recently completed the majority of the work for the Indonesian translation of (same book) Secrets of the UFO, in addition to being a machine in getting a backlog of foreign-language transcripts + podcast transcripts published to the site.
    • Otherwise: After checking in with Daniel he said that he is “mostly focused on updating the website to handle translations better, upgrading a lot of code and cleaning up a lot of things that were out of date, because the website is already 2 years older or more since we actually started coding. Changing the way menus load on the website so it’s more dynamic, updating the design to handle different languages better.”
  • Interviews and podcasts: We joined the unstoppable Jonathan Tong for a few more lively Q&A sessions:
  • Law of One Podcast transcripts: Thanks to Joanna’s hard work, we have been able to publish a total of 23 new Law of One Podcast transcripts that we had waiting in a backlog, mostly thanks to Christine P. You can read them on our Law of One Podcast page.
  • Bring4th: A lot happened in the Bring4th world since the last Blogworthy Report, including the closing and archiving of the previous MyBB forums (read more on the Bring4th homepage). But the valiant Steve and Patrick took up the task of envisioning a new discussion forum and management approach that could solve many of the issues behind the archiving of the old Bring4th, and they launched a new iteration – the Law of One Forum!
  • Light/Lines: The Fall edition of Light/Lines was published, the transcript dealing with the Divine Feminine and Harvest.
  • Public Meditations: Trisha writes: After many moons being on hiatus, we are happy to announce that we will be resuming our semi-monthly public meditations. When our area went into lockdown in March 2020 due to the pandemic, we made the painful decision to refrain from holding any public gatherings. While we love communing with fellow seekers, even if the time/energy commitment can sometimes be quite challenging, we felt a responsibility to safeguard public health.
    These meditations will also include a new panel of channels (now that’s a pleasing rhyme!). Jim will be supported by students Kathy, Trish, Austin, and Gary. We look forward to continuing in our journey of stepping into the unknown alongside the company of dear fellow selves.
  • Seeker Ministry: Trisha writes: The Seeker Ministry continues to gift us with opportunities to hear from seekers all over our planet. It is ever and always our goal to respond to every email we receive from a human seeker. (Sorry, robots. We do not have the capacity to respond to your message asking us to verify our Netflix account or notifying us that we have won some kind of sweepstakes or offering us some kind of great deal on Bitcoin. Perhaps next lifetime. And thank you for the lessons in discernment you provide.) Each week, these emails are divvied up between four of us that we may answer questions, engage in spiritual conversation, offer humble guidance, share stories, accept appreciation (always with immense gratitude), offer prayers, and just act as a place for a fellow seeker to feel heard. The practice is one we cherish deeply, for we strive to show up for our fellow selves, and we benefit greatly from the connections fostered.
  • Morris Interview: Finally returned to this slow-burner project. Processed edits Morris made, dialogued with Jim, and reached the penultimate step before getting this little addition of L/L history published to the website.
  • Tilting at Windmills videos: And speaking of the backburner… received from Ken the almost-almost final versions of all the videos! Found a way to compress them to share with Jim for private viewing. Each passing week there is an attempt to find time to begin the final chapter of the journey: To determine which footnotes to add to the video, and which questions might benefit from the text being on screen, and then to figure out a system for editing that into the video. And with each passing week it keeps getting pushed back.
  • Meet the team: After working with Daniel for over three years, and working with Joanna for half a year, got to meet them in person, at the same time! They both came in for the back-to-back Coming Home and Homecoming Gatherings, where we also converged with Tiffani. See the “Homecoming” post below to read more about the meeting.
  • Gatherings: In the opening text above, we link to write-ups of the events. This bullet point is an even drier detailing of some of the logistical work, because it was a significant amount of work in these period. It included: Tons of inter- and intra-team communication and meetings | Attendee correspondence. | Training Tiffani, incl designing new systems | Handouts | Travel | Working with venues | Designing curriculum and group sessions | Figuring out balanced covid policies | Food coordination and preparation | Our first ever damages bill from a venue for some damages that took place in a room that sent us on a Scooby Do-style investigation | exploring creating a live digital version of the open space grid for attendees | rentals | building and sending out a survey to all attendees of all three events to get feedback for improvement | and scouting for the venue for the 2023 Coming Home!
    If you wondering about the scholarliness of these events and, you are envisioning a gathering of expert scholars, you are envisioning a different event, as we communicated to one attendee. Everyone gathered has different depth of experience with and grasp of the Law of One, but there is generally a collective attitude of humbleness in the approach to understanding the Law of One. The beautiful thing about it being such a thoroughly advanced and transcendent philosophy is that it makes it challenging to claim and assert expert-level status, no matter how accurate the recall. Not to mention that it’s ultimately about things ineffable.
  • Prison Ministry: Joanna writes: Over the last few months the prison ministry has received dozens of letters from spiritual seekers across the country. In response, we work with our ace team of volunteers to coordinate replies to their in-depth letters. We also send free books by request to interested incarcerated seekers. Many of the seekers write to us saying that they heard from a fellow inmate about our offer of service, which always brings a smile to our faces and a warm glow in our hearts. To know that love and light finds a way to shine and be shared amongst other selves even in the most oppressive spaces is profoundly inspiring.

    There are several seekers who write to our volunteers regularly. It’s such a touching experience to witness the beautiful connections and growth that can happen through handwritten letters and dedicated service. We could not be more grateful to our gracious volunteers for serving an integral role for this ministry!
  • Nuts & Bolts:
    • Fixing online store: The platform we use for our online store was upgraded some months ago and the upgrade did the opposite of what upgrades are intended to do. The upgrade was necessary because of a needed update to our Bring4th server, but it introduced a game of whack-a-mole that has been unceasing ever since. The most recent issues are caching issues that are preventing the proper product pages to be created for the new audiobooks, and a stubborn CAPTCHA addon not doing its job and allowing fake accounts to be created. Both have required an unreasonable amount of investigation without any real progress so far.
    • Fundraiser: Several weeks before this Blogworthy, we began the yearly pilgrimage known as the annual fundraiser. It’s a long and tedious process with many stages to gather all of the necessary information and materials in order to generate an appropriate list of addresses, print envelopes and letters, and stuff the envelopes. Thankfully, the envelope stuffing is complete as of this week, and the email campaign will be launched next week, and we’ll officially be fundraising! While it is a large and difficult task each year, it is always a humble honor to connect with seekers who wish to offer their support to the work of L/L Research.
    • Bookkeeping: On a weekly basis, completed bookkeeping for the span of this entry, which, if we count on all our fingers, is sixteen weeks. This comes with many of its own sub-tasks, questions, and occasional challenges that engage a different portion of the brain than the one that is attempting to see the Creator in all things.
    • Disbursements: Issued semi-annual royalties to Tobey for TRC sales, and to Jim for audiobook sales. And disbursed into the operating funds the very first disbursement of the endowment, a one-third portion of the annual allotted amount.
    • Form 990: With the extended deadline coming up, finally returned to this project to review the CPA’s draft of the 990. Found various small tweaks and places to ask questions, but thanks to the past few years of intensive investigation and note-taking, was able to use the notes to understand how the 990 was built. Got it submitted!
    • Typos and publisher: Since the last report, we officially wrapped up our process of untangling the mess introduced by the publisher and triple checking their work before it went to press. The production timeline after all materials are complete takes several months, but this past week we had a meeting with them to get word on when the corrected versions will be available, and circled back around to the card deck project they had introduced before the typo debacle consumed all of our attention.
    • Tech and online services: There is also an ever-evolving need to stay aware of the various online services that have become vital to our operation. Recently, one giant updated the way their non-profit Cloud Organization system worked, and thankfully the changes were all positive. (One of the biggest issues with being reliant on these companies for operations is that they could, at any moment, decide to change something that breaks a vital part of our processes, as Facebook recently did.) We also had to do some shuffling around with our other account that required some investigation and hair pulling. We are still trying to figure out how to optimize our newsletter email service. It’s a bit of a constant juggling act.
  • Smatterings: Met with Jim to re-record portions of the audiobooks and troubleshoot recording discrepancies | Designed, built, and implemented a reservation system for attendees of the meditations. | Held a meeting with Aaron Maret about developing an online course to be built on a donation basis, but this project is likely not a near-term prospect | Worked with a seeker interested in donating artwork | Planned to soon rededicate ourselves to the 102 project | Migrated many of our accounts away from an old email address to a new one | In dialogue with Jim, supported him in declining an offer of a third-party to create a Don Elkins bio in light of a strong sense of commercial motivation | Updated the seeker connector page | Planned for and scheduled a healing circle retreat facilitated by Beatriz for the L/L team next year | Dialogued with a longtime reader about their nascent eco-village in Hawaii | And enjoyed a catch-up with the one known as Scott Mandelker who is always a joy to exchange sound vibration complexes with.
  • Channeling Circles of all types: Met for the various channeling circles, which, save for the two that occurred at the two gatherings to which we are honor/duty-bound, are on our own time, on 7/21, 7/29, 8/14, and 9/18.

German and Czech Operations

Czech Q2 – Q3 reports:

  • Focus mainly on the preparing of the gathering
  • finishing the RC vol.1 translation aiming for Q3, we’re getting there >]
  • had public and private meetings online, seems like we are kind of going back to our original group, but we weren’t really advertising it much. Which is okay. 
  • compiled and checked the Vol. 1 and put it into PDF
  • published S57-71 on the website (meaning it’s done and after proofreading)
  • also updated website with the new PDF for Ra Contact, and update some other stuff to keep it up to date
  • sent the newsletter and made a call for a translator, and one person responded, working now with a new translator Viliam (already translated and edited some sessions)
  • getting involved in the Europe group with Daniel
  • everybody on the team has something assigned if they have time
  • will explore possibilities of printing after the final PDF is nice and cooked, seems like the time for finding a good printing vendor is not ripe yet x] so I will also exercise a little bit of patience >]]

French/German Q2 – Q3 Report:

Celebrated 8 years of working with DGDEV (Das Gesetz des Einen Verlag)!

  • from her study group two members seem to have found other occupations, at least currently, but that she did have daily contact with Vassilis.
  • and that Misha completed the revision of a channeling session (2016) with Q’uo, translated into French by a newcomer: Geoffroy
  • First 47 pages of ACH into French
  • Connected with Pawel to discuss publishing a Polish Ra Contact
  • Misha, Trisha, Gary and Austin met at Misha’s and spent a wonderful time together, and Misha turned to the magic age of 80 trips around the Sun
  • … and continued translating of the “Channeling Handbook”, as much as possible despite difficult circumstances.
  • But what stood out in that quarter leading up to the 8th anniversary of DGDEV was our meeting and events in Berlin and Prague. I feel that we opened up a much deeper chapter in our relationships and cooperation. And how many people we inspired! These events shine the light and and bring people together.



Trish: In my personal time, I began a personal project of reading and digesting the conscious channeling archives from the very beginning as a means of both expanding personal knowledge and to better understand how L/L’s particular school of channeling has evolved over time. It is illuminating.

Gary: If you have a few moments to open your heart and from a place of compassion and sincere intention, send some prayerful energy to:

  • The Farsi translator is in that country you’ve probably heard about in the news where protests centered on women’s rights are rocking the nation. He and his family have been directly impacted. Prayers for them and for their country are requested.
  • The translator of an aggressive country has needed to take drastic measures to protect he and his family. His spiritual outlook remains strong as he processes the moment through something higher than the priorities of the material realm, that is to say, with the eyes of hope, faith, and love.
  • The Dutch translator, Erik, was diagnosed with colon cancer earlier this year. The hope was that radiation and chemo would stave off the need for surgery, but alas, a portion of the colon with have to be removed. He goes in for surgery on November 23. A father of two and a husband, his journey has been a challenging one, to say the least, but his reflections along the way thanks to this hard catalyst have been a source of inspiration and insight.

    For instance, Erik wrote: I’ve begun to hear so many stories of illness now of neighbors, friends, family who suddenly come out with their own stories because I am now ill “too” and am beginning to realize that there is more than enough suffering going on right here and now, behind closed doors or in hospitals, that you normally never think about. But it’s a kind of suffering that is just “there”, there isn’t really anything to be done about it, there’s no injustice or perpetrator to get worked up about such as with war or social injustices. This kind of suffering just goes hand in hand with life.

Congratulations to Wen, a volunteer transcriber, for her new first baby, a girl named Willow! Who is beautiful, by the way.

And then I recently learned of Google’s Books Ngram Viewer. It is incredible. From the year 1800 to 2019, it shows you how words and phrases have occurred in books in English (and other languages). Instructions here. Like other things Google has done, it is a social memory complex-level power, at least at the diaper level.

Here is one that I put together that shows that love and friendship may be on the rise in the thinking of the collective mind. 💚💙