Biorhythms - Featuring the Adept Cycle

Hello, Bring4th_Steve here. I'm happy to report that I've found some time to work on the Adept Biorhythms by updating some of the graphics capabilities on the new server and cleaning up some of this older code. It now appears we are back in action! Nothing was changed as far as calculations, they continue to follow Ra's specific definitions for the Adept Biorhythm cycle.

Please remember, the Adept cycle does not mean you are 'most adept' when your cycle peaks at 100%. It is meant to indicate that you are at a peak 'probability' of encountering catalyst or change, causing spiritual or interpersonal growth. Conversely, when the cycle is fully negative, it does not mean you lack adeptness in any way. It is more of an indication that incoming catalyst may be less intense, or that you may wish to spend some downtime processing and reflecting on what you learned from your peak experiences.

In Session 64 (Question 10) of the Ra Material, Don queries Ra about auspicious time cycles relating to the Adept. Ra stated the following:

Questioner: In a previous session you mentioned the gateway of magic for the adept occurring in eighteen-day cycles. Could you expand on that information please?

Ra: I am Ra. The mind/body/spirit complex is born under a series of influences, both lunar, planetary, cosmic, and in some cases, karmic. The moment of the birthing into this illusion begins the cycles we have mentioned.

The spiritual or adept's cycle is an eighteen-day cycle and operates with the qualities of the sine wave. Thus there are a few excellent days on the positive side of the curve, that being the first nine days of the cycle—precisely the fourth, the fifth, and the sixth—when workings are most appropriately undertaken, given that the entity is still without total conscious control of its mind/body/spirit distortion/reality.

The most interesting portion of this information, like that of each cycle, is the noting of the critical point wherein passing from the ninth to the tenth and from the eighteenth to the first days the adept will experience some difficulty especially when there is a transition occurring in another cycle at the same time. At the nadir of each cycle the adept will be at its least powerful but will not be open to difficulties in nearly the degree that it experiences at critical times.

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When we are born, four cycles begin from a zero point and continue to oscillate with a maximum and minimum intensity until the end of the incarnation. The physical cycle is a period spanning 23 days; the emotional cycle spans 28 days; the intellectual cycle spans 33 days, and the Adept cycle spans 18 days. Be aware of days where any part of a cycle intersects the zero point (0%), and especially if two or more cycles do this simultaneously.

To use this charting system, simply enter a birth date and a date in which you would like to see how the day is being influenced. Click the Calculate button to begin rendering the data. If you have any questions, comments, feature requests, or bug reports about this app, please send a private message to Bring4th_Steve.

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* Thank you to Iztok Strzinar, who graciously open-sourced his original BioR class to the public.

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