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Location: Louisville, KY
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Interests: Gardening, meditation, making the Law of One available to all who want it, communicating with friends, dancing, patting our kitties, and opening my heart in unconditional love.

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Published by Bring4th_Jim on October 25, 2020 9:31pm.  Category: General



I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today I would like to let everyone know that after nearly six years of commenting on the questions and answers in the Ra contact I have gone through all of the questions, but I am not done.


I began commenting on the Ra contact on December 15, 2015, but I took about six different passes through the 106 sessions. Each time I would go through the sessions I would pick out questions and answers that particularly interested me then, so that meant that I was leaving out some that I would comment upon at a later time.


As time went on I got better, in my own eyes at least, at not only commenting on the questions and answers but in finding supporting Ra quotes that illustrated or expanded upon Ra's answers or Don's questions. It was like the situation that I found myself in when I recorded the Ra sessions to make them into an audio book. I was much better at recording the sessions at the end of the project than I was at the beginning. So, I ended up recording them a second and then a third time so that the third time through I felt I had given my best effort from the first to the last session.


So now, I plan to go back through all the questions in their proper sequential order to see if there is any way that I can improve my attempt to explain or illustrate Ra's answers to Don's questions. If I find a session in which I cannot improve in any way I will move on to the next session that I can improve. So, the Ra quote today comes from 1.0:


"I am Ra. I have not spoken through this instrument before. We had to wait until she was precisely tuned, as we send a narrow-band vibration. We greet you in the love and in the light of our Infinite Creator.

We have watched your group. We have been called to your group, for you have a need for the diversity of experiences in channeling which go with a more intensive, or as you might call it, advanced approach to the system of studying the patterns of the illusions of your body, your mind, and your spirit, which you call seeking the truth. We hope to offer you a somewhat different slant upon the information which is always and ever the same.

The Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator has only one important statement. That statement, my friends, as you know, is ‘All things, all of life, all of the creation is part of one original thought.'

We will exercise each channel if we are able to. The reception of our beam is a somewhat more advanced feat than some of the more broad vibration channels opened by other members for more introductory and intermediate work.

Let us for a moment consider thought. What is it, my friends, to take thought? Took you then thought today? What thoughts did you think today? What thoughts were part of the original thought today? In how many of your thoughts did the creation abide? Was love contained? And was service freely given? You are not part of a material universe. You are part of a thought. You are dancing in a ballroom in which there is no material. You are dancing thoughts. You move your body, your mind, and your spirit in somewhat eccentric patterns for you have not completely grasped the concept that you are part of the original thought.

We would at this time transfer to an instrument known as Don. I am Ra.

[Two-minute pause.]

I am Ra. I am again with this instrument. We are close to initiating a contact but are having difficulty penetrating a certain mental tension and distraction that is somewhat characteristic of this channel. We will therefore describe the type of vibration which is being sent. The instrument will find us entering the energy field at a slight angle towards the back of the top of the head in a narrow but strong area of intensity. We will again attempt this contact. I am Ra.

[Ninety-second pause.]


This instrument is resisting our contact. However, we assure her that we are satisfied that contact with the one known as Don is not at this time preferable to that instrument. We will, therefore, move on to the one known as Leonard. Again we caution the instrument that it is a narrow-band communication which is felt as a vibration entering the aura. We will now transfer this contact. I am Ra.

[Ninety-second pause.]

I am Ra. We greet you once more in the love and the light of our Infinite Creator. We ask that you be patient with us, for we are a difficult channel to receive. However, we may perhaps add some dimensions to your understanding.

At this time we would be glad to attempt to speak to any subject or question which those entities in the room may have potential use in the requesting."


This first session with those of Ra was initiated during what we then called an intensive meditation where Carla was teaching a Sunday night meditation member how to channel. These days we would call this type of meditation a practice channeling. Don was with her so that there would be the necessary three people in the session that Carla always felt were necessary to make any messages received universal in nature and also to protect the circle. I was out shopping for groceries, so this is the only session that I did not participate in. This is also the only session in which Ra delivered what Brad Steiger called a "cosmic sermonette" to begin the session.


After identifying themselves, Ra began the session by saying that: "I have not spoken through this instrument before. We had to wait until she was precisely tuned, as we send a narrow-band vibration." Carla began channeling seven years before the Ra contact by channeling those of Hatonn, a fourth-density planetary mind that began channeling through the Louisville Group in 1961. Don began his channeling experiment with a dozen of his introduction to physics students from the University of Louisville, plus Carla as the girl friend of one of those students. A few years later she began channeling those of Latwii, a fifth-density planetary mind who she was channeling at the beginning of the Ra contact.


Another part of that "precise tuning" was Carla's first two experiences with channeling while in trance that came in November of 1981 and which Ra referred to in 1.11:


"We have good contact with this instrument because of her recent experiences with trance." The wife of one of our Sunday night meditation group members had passed away in early November. She had told her husband that she would contact him to let him know she was OK, and she would give him information that only she and he knew about. So he asked Carla if she would attempt to contact his wife for this purpose. Carla agreed and unexpectedly went into trance on both occasions and provided the information which only the husband and wife knew about.


In the second paragraph Ra said that they had "watched your group" and had been "called to your group," and in 71.21, Ra let us know how they had watched our group:


"Questioner: When you say you searched for this group what do you mean? What was your process of search? I ask this question to understand more the illusion of time and space. 


Ra: I am Ra. Consider the process of one who sees the spectrograph of some complex of elements. It is a complex paint sample, let us say for ease of description. We of Ra knew the needed elements for communication which had any chance of enduring. We compared our color chip to many individuals and groups over a long span of your time. Your spectrograph matches our sample.

In response to your desire to see the relationship betwixt space/time and time/space, may we say that we conducted this search in time/space, for in this illusion one may quite readily see entities as vibratory complexes and groups as harmonics within vibratory complexes."


And then Ra gave us a beautiful description of how they see us in the ultimate sense as we live our lives in the third density of Earth. I have always felt that Ra's emphasis on the power of thought in their opening statement to our group was very significant. What they seemed to be doing was illustrating how we determine our own evolution of our mind/body/spirit complex by how we think and what we think. The focus of our thoughts reflects the nature of our inner being and strengthens our will to continue to think those thoughts and polarize our consciousness as we place our focus more and more on service to others.


So, Ra asked if during this day we had thought about the nature of creation? How much had we thought about the unity of all things? How much unity did we feel with those around us? Did we think about love? What is love? How did we show love? And did we try to be of service to others? How are unity, love, and service related?


I love the image of us as dancers in a ballroom in which there is no mater, no solidity. And we move in eccentric patterns because we have yet to discover that we are a part of all that is, and that there is a rhythm and harmony that blends us all together. Our lives then are as actors and dancers upon a stage.


So in this opening monologue Ra sets that stage, shall we say, for the many acts and parts that are to come to us in our lives. Ra recognized our right to choose our parts and how we play them. If we would like their comment upon our performance, they were happy to coach us with our lines and comment upon our intentions, but we shall write the parts and play them to the best of our ability for all of the rest of our lives.


Then Ra attempted to transfer their channel to Don. However, even though Ra said that they were close to initiating contact with Don, they noted a quality that made it difficult for him to become aware of their contact: "a certain mental tension and distraction that is somewhat characteristic of this channel." In hopes of helping Don to detect their contact Ra offered this piece of advice: "The instrument will find us entering the energy field at a slight angle towards the back of the top of the head in a narrow but strong area of intensity." I believe that this is what Ra meant when in their second sentence that they spoke through Carla as they began this contact: "we send a narrow-band vibration."


 In their last piece of advice to Don they said: "We are not able to offer any conditioning due to our own transmitting limitations. Therefore, if the instrument can feel this particular effect he may then speak our thoughts as they come to him." Over the nearly twenty years of channeling that Don had been involved in before the Ra contact, all Confederation contacts had offered some form of "conditioning" to let the instrument know that they were ready to speak through the instrument.


The types of conditioning varied from feeling the mouth wanting to open, the tongue beginning to move, seeing words in the mind's eye, feeling hair on the arms tingle, and so forth. As time has gone on it seems that this type of conditioning is used less and less, and new instruments simply become aware of words in their minds that they may then speak in order that more words will be given.


However, Ra finally came to realize that "contact with the one known as Don is not at this time preferable to that instrument." When Ra transferred their contact back to Carla she resisted accepting it until Ra made the above comment. I think she wanted Don to be able to channel Ra, but I think that Don knew that Carla was to be the instrument for the Ra contact. Just my opinion, of course.


Then Ra attempted to channel through the student from the Sunday night meditation group who was in the process of learning how to channel. Leonard was the fellow who also joined us in Session #22, who decided to meditate during that session while lying down and, as a result, went to sleep. This is what caused Ra to make the following comment in 22.29:


"It is somewhat less easy to maintain clear contact during a time when some or one of the entities in the circle of working is or are not fully conscious. We request that entities in the circle be aware that their energy is helpful for increasing the vitality of this contact." 


When Ra was unable to make contact through Leonard they opened up the session to any questions: "which those entities in the room may have potential use in the requesting." And from this point on Don asked Ra over 2,600 questions concerning the evolution of our minds, bodies, and spirits in this octave of creation. And so the Ra contact began.


Today was another Sabbath Day of Rest which I always use to spend extra time reading the Law of One, meditating, and contemplating the contents of my mind and the direction of my seeking process. I also made my usual errand run at noon to pick up some food for myself at Paul's Fruit Market, and then I went to the Dairy Queen for my one weekly concentrated sugar treat: a small chocolate milkshake.


From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:


October 25


Remain Still And Receptive


I am the spirit of the full consciousness of love. I greet you in the name of Jesus the Christ, the great bearer and expression of the full consciousness of love, which is the Logos which guides and governs the development of all things and which is also the end and purpose of all things.


I ask you this day to sit quietly long enough to experience the divine peace and the life-giving love that is everywhere in the atmosphere around you. It comes to you in the song of birds, the whistling of the wind, the rays of the sun and the gentle rhythms of household and nature.


Remain still and receptive until your cup of love is full, full to overflowing. Then may you become a leaven for those who see not love, by smile and word expressing love and peace. Then may you become a servant of love.


We leave you in the love and peace of Jesus the Christ, now and ever. Amen.



I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:


We come in the name of Love and open our hearts, our minds, and our souls to send love, light, and healing energies to Mother Earth as she brings forth a New Earth in fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light, and healing energies of the One Infinite Creator heal the heart of each soul in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energies in their hearts, in their minds, and in their souls. Amen.











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