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Interests: Gardening, meditation, making the Law of One available to all who want it, communicating with friends, dancing, patting our kitties, and opening my heart in unconditional love.

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Published by Bring4th_Jim on October 13, 2019 7:13pm.  Category: General



I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Ra quote comes from 43.20-.23:


"Questioner: I'm guessing that it is not necessary to ingest food in fifth density. Is this correct?


Ra: I am Ra. This is incorrect. However, the vehicle needs food which may be prepared by thought.


Questioner: What type of food would this be?


Ra: I am Ra. You would call this type of food nectar, or ambrosia, or a light broth of golden white hue.


Questioner: What is the purpose of ingesting food in fifth density?


Ra: I am Ra. This is a somewhat central point. The purpose of space/time is the increase in catalytic action appropriate to the density. One of the preconditions for space/time existence is some form of body complex. Such a body complex must be fueled in some way.


Questioner: Then, there is a- In third density the fueling of our bodily complex is not only simply fuels the complex but gives us opportunities to learn service. In fourth density it not only fuels the complex but gives us opportunities to learn patience. In fifth density it fuels the complex but does it teach?


Ra: I am Ra. In fifth density it is comfort, for those of like mind gather together to share in this broth, thus becoming one in light and wisdom while joining hearts and hands in physical activity. Thus in this density it becomes a solace rather than a catalyst for learning."


In this series of questions Don is continuing his investigation of the types of foods which are eaten in the higher densities and their various catalytic purposes. His focus is the fifth-density food, and he discovered right away that this food can be created by thought. That is not surprising as in 90.7 Ra said that fifth-density entities can do the same with their body complex:


"Questioner: Please comment on my misconception if that is possible.


Ra: I am Ra. In fifth density the manifestation of the physical complex is more and more under the control of the conscious mind complex. Therefore, the fifth-density entity may dissolve one manifestation and create another. Consequently, the choice of a fifth-density entity or complex of entities wishing to communicate with your peoples would choose to resemble your peoples' physical-complex, chemical, yellow-ray vehicles."


The food that is created is what Ra called: "nectar, or ambrosia, or a light broth of golden white hue." Now I think that such a food sounds good, but I wonder why everyone would create the same kind of food. I little variety would seem to be possible and even desirable, but then who am I to complain about fifth-density entities culinary acumen?!


Don then asked Ra what the purpose of the food was in the fifth density, and Ra made a general response by saying that the body complex needed to be fueled in some way. So Don's last question for Ra was to ask if there was a teaching purpose to this food. According to Ra, there was no catalyst involved but the desire to "becoming one in light", "joining hearts and hands in physical activity," and serving as a "solace".


In 43.14 we learned that positively-oriented fifth-density entities may pursue the fifth-density experience in a solitary fashion:


"Questioner: Then the big difference in harvestability between third and fourth density is that at the end of the third density the individual is harvested as a function of individual violet ray, but in fourth density, is it the equivalent of violet-ray then for the entire social memory complex that must be of a harvestable nature to go to fifth density?


Ra: I am Ra. This is correct although in fifth density entities may choose to learn as a social memory complex or as mind/body/spirit complexes and may graduate to sixth density under these conditions, for the wisdom density is an extremely free density whereas the lessons of compassion leading to wisdom necessarily have to do with other-selves."


So I am wondering if the freedom to explore the fifth density as an individual might cause such an entity to also need times of sharing food as a solace to balance the solitary experience of learning, no matter how exciting that may be.


Our last day of the Prague Law of One Gathering began at 9 am with the last of the marketplace asking for presenters to describe their presentations and then gauge the interest before selecting a location and time for the presentations. Today the presentations ranged from using neuroscience techniques to heal illness and injuries, a heart-sharing circle dealing with the most central emotional issues in one's life, using Law of One principles to channel intelligent infinity to heal illnesses, a tree planting project to heal the land and neighboring tribes' differences, translators' challenges in translating the Law of One, using drumming and crystals bowls to entice ecstatic dancing, to having a channeling by Q'uo to finish off the weekend in a splendid fashion. Some of the questions concerned positive and negative uses of catalyst, the value of becoming intimate with the self and with nature, the concept of the spiritual warrior, the value of gatherings such as this one, and learning the Ways of Love, among others.


It is hard to believe that this event has come to its end so quickly, but this always seems to be one feature of such Homecoming Gatherings. Once again, there was a bounty of open-hearted sharing that was absorbed with delight by each participant.


Gary, Trish, and Austin will be heading by train to Munich tomorrow for an interview there and within a couple of days another train ride to Salzburg, Austria for a second interview. Originally, I was going to be going with them, but late last night I called my vet to see how Chloe was doing. I was not surprised to hear that she was not happy there and that they had only been able to get one subcutaneous fluid injection into her. She has late stage renal failure and needs these fluids to live.


October 13


Hope And The Experience Of Love


I am known as the Holy Spirit. I greet you in the full consciousness of the love and the creative energy of Jesus the Christ.


As that active energy called love invisibly swirls and moves throughout each atom of creation, opportunities are constantly being given for that which is of a less spiritual nature to take on the vibrations of a spiritualized love. Thus does the spirit bring out the song in stone, the clapping of hands of the trees, and the rejoicing of the mountains.


Thus also the spirit of the Holy One moves invisibly and energetically within the heart of humankind, creating seemingly from nothing a strong and lasting faith. The seeker who wishes to experience the movement of the active principle of love need bring to the encounter with that transformative energy nothing but a heart full of hope.


Not all encounters with new life are as dramatic as Paul's vision upon the road to Damascus. May you be willing to support within yourself those promptings of energetic love which whisper from deep within your heart. May you hope in the spirit.


We offer you the peace of this ever-fulfilled desire, now and ever. Amen.



I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:


We come in the name of Love and open our hearts, our minds, and our souls to send love, light, and healing energies to Mother Earth as she brings forth a New Earth in fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light, and healing energies of the One Infinite Creator heal the heart of each soul in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energies in their hearts and in their minds. Amen.












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