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Interests: Gary Bean and Austin Bridges wear a lot of hats in attempting to meets the needs of the organization and the readership. Our weekly Blogworthy Report represents most of the diversity of our various honor/duties. In our work we have the added honor of collaborating with volunteers in the various projects and services that L/L Research offers. We love the Confederation philosophy, L/L Research, and the readership with all our hearts.

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2019-08-24 - Blogworthy Report
Published by L/L Central on August 24, 2019 11:46pm.  Category: BW Report

This BW runs the week from 8/19 - 8/24


  • Secrets of the UFO in French: It is quite a thing to witness the translation powerhouse known as Misha, along with the publishing efforts of the industrious Jochen. With their efforts combined, along with small final touches and web publishing work on this end, the French translation of Secrets of the UFO (OVNI - Les messages) was published this week! The paperback and Kindle versions will be coming soon. Free PDF available here:
  • Ra Contact YouTube: Finalized and published the 14th Ra Contact audio+text session to Youtube:
  • Law of One Book II in Romanian: And thanks to Horia, the Romanian translation of Book II was also published this week. Thank you Horia! Available here:
  • Bulgarian translations: And as if that weren't enough, we were blessed with two more channeling transcript translations from Kirilina, another translator liberal with their service! Formatted and published to the archive website:
  • Channeling Archive ebooks: Continued working with the studious Dale and Maria, who are creating ebook verisons of the 18-volume Channeling Archive set. Continued working out small formatting kinks and details, along with designed a new page to present the entire set on the archive site library. The first three are technically done, but need some minor bugs fixed before they can be published. We are blessed that Dale and Maria reached out proactively to offer their services, making this material available in even more ways.
  • Podcast sadness: First, it was sadly discovered that the last episode we recorded of the podcast (rebranded as The L/L Research Law of One Podcast) was lost completely to time. Then, in true one-two punch fashion, another calamity fell upon us. We recorded another episode, and it was a great discussion led by Gary about the concept of attention and its applications to the spiritual life. Upon completion, though, it was discovered that it recorded on the small laptop microphone rather than the nice podcast setup we have. And it sounds pretty bad. Gary and Jim tried their best to keep Austin from self-flagellation as penance. We will publish the most recent episode in some way yet to be determined. Apologies to anyone who has been waiting on a new episode. We are still dedicated to this podcast!
  • Sliding into home plate with the audiobook: With a final push, thanks to Trish skillfully wrapping up the massive editing job for Volume 1, and Jim recording the very final piece needed, all of the files were mastered and formatted to fit Audible specifications. Cover art produced and all details filled out, the files were then uploaded and submitted to Audible. How long will it take to get approved? Stay tuned for the answer!
  • New Website: Met with Christian and the development team and the website development team - which just included Ben in this case, our first time meeting in video, the other two being unavailable - to talk about L/L's new site. Christian thinks it is still on course for a December launch. Appendages crossed.
  • Portuguese 101: Signed a contract with Marcador publishing in Portugual for the Portuguese rights to Living the Law of One 101!
  • Apparel: Combed the Ra Contact for pithy Ra quotes to place on t-shirts and met with Trisha in the office to select our best and combine them with Jim's. Trish is leading a project to resurrect t-shirts for the readership. The response to some early surveying on L/L FB was very encouraging. Explored the logistics of the project and supported Trish in getting our first few for the upcoming Homecoming.
  • Practice Channeling: Met with the senior channel with the most, Jim McCarty, Tuesday evening for the month's practice channeling circle. Gary is striving to meet Austin's bar-raising standards and took his first dive into taking spontaneously generated questions.
  • 2018 Donor/Volunteer Thank You: Kept running into a snag getting our annual thank you list for Donors and Volunteers, so found a workaround and published it them to Bring4th, finally.
  • Scholarships: Relayed communication from the Czech translation team to the scholarships awardees and non. The CZ team had the unenviable tasks of selecting two recipients of the scholarships they paid for for the upcoming Prague Law of One Seeker Gathering.
  • Post-Prague Interview: Continued working with the fantastic Nadine and Thomas to plan a video interview with the L/L team in the days following the Prague event.
  • Homecoming: Lots of Homecoming work including taking the entire week's planner for production details and building it into an app that can be shared with volunteers that arrive early. Pretty genius of us. This way everyone knows what needs done without needing lists on paper, and can cross off finished items, alerting everyone else. Also wrote everyone for their hotel information, built the arriving/departing transportation schedule for the airport to arrange pick-ups and drop-offs and emailed everyone flying in how they will be picked up, created this year's parking map for the 20+ cars to park in L/L's and neighbor's driveways, emailed the attendees all needed logistical info, and processed a final cancellation + wait list.
  • Cover Art: Joined with Aaron Maret to discuss the latest round of cover art for the Concept Guide from the fantastic Julie Joy. And continued multi-party editing of the text of that book.
  • Prague: Processed a couple new registrations. Just four seats left now.
  • Normal hubbub: All of those typical tasks that happen throughout the week, such as packing and shipping book orders, responding to various sorts of seeker email (including from Paul who had a fresh perspective on the troublesome Q&As in the RC about homosexuality), minor archive site maintenance, the weekly balancing of the financial world, and the random tasks that pop up. All done with joy and appreciation for the incredible opportunity to be a part of this amazing service.

And with that, we enter the season of Homecoming-palooza. Vojta (Czech translator and dear friend) arrives tomorrow, two more volunteers (Jade and Joseph) on Tuesday, and come Wednesday, we'll kick into high gear and be swimming in everything Homecoming. Then Friday, 40 people will gather in a circle to share in the open heart and seeking the Creator. The next Blogworthy thus will be a couple weeks away. Homecoming Gathering here we come!

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