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Interests: Gary Bean and Austin Bridges wear a lot of hats in attempting to meets the needs of the organization and the readership. Our weekly Blogworthy Report represents most of the diversity of our various honor/duties. In our work we have the added honor of collaborating with volunteers in the various projects and services that L/L Research offers. We love the Confederation philosophy, L/L Research, and the readership with all our hearts.

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Thank you: 2019 for 2020 Annual Fundraiser
Published by L/L Central on January 20, 2020 7:02pm.  Category: General



An annual fundraiser has been a necessity for L/L Research since its beginning. The process is as simple and non-pestering as we know how to make it. To conduct a fundraiser, we:

  • Snail mail a one-page fundraiser letter to all stateside addresses in our database
  • Email the same letter to all email addresses in our database (with apologies for redundancy for overlap between these two). And...
  • Post notices to the websites and social media

We don't suggest that anyone needs to donate, or that the fate of the world hangs in the balance. We just give a snapshot of work for the past year and request support from whomever is able and moved to do so.


Even with an endowment now in the works (set for its first distribution this year), the fundraiser is critical to L/L's operation. For instance, in 2018 the fundraiser constituted 64.5% of all donations received for the year, and 21% of all revenue received. In 2017, the fundraiser constituted 51.2% of the year's donations 28.6% of all revenue received. (2019 year-end report is not completed until February.)


We are so grateful to report that the 2019 for 2020 fundraiser (conducted from Nov 27 - Dec 31, 2019) raised $28,180 from a total of 288 donations. What a blessing!


This sum total is about on par for what the fundraiser generates each year. When the new website launches, we will have a page with more information about L/L's financials for anyone interested.


And in the meantime, THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to L/L Research's annual fundraiser!

Thank you for whatever month and whatever year you contributed.

Thank you for whatever level of contribution you make, whether through volunteer service or other form of energetic support.

Whether or not you know about L/L Research and the Law of One, thank you to those who see beyond the illusion to the love which created all things.


And thank you to everyone who sends a note of love and gratitude this way. If we could run the organization off of thank you notes alone, we'd have offices on every continent. :)


With love/light,
Gary L. Bean - Director, L/L Research


PS: Here are the short notes that accompanied donations during the fundraiser. We love every word. Thank you, all. : )

  • Richard Z: Words cannot describe how much I appreciate the work you guys do. I hope to contact you guys soon, but I also seem to drown in daily activities. Much love and light to you all
  • Robert B: Thank you for all you do to assist in The Awakening! Love always!
  • Barbara B: With love to you all at L/L. Jim I think of you often, and of Carla.
  • Joel W: Happy Thanksgiving, and thank you for your dedicated service over many years.
  • Stephen M: Great to know you are still there swinging away! Best wishes for Xmas and the New Year.
  • Joseph H: Many blessings to you my brothers and sisters may the love and the light of the infinite creator continue to spread among the souls of our planet and universe. Love and peace, Joe.
  • S4S LLC: Thanks you so much for your service to the One Infinite Creator.
  • Cosmin N: God bless!
  • Reese P: Don't spend it wisely
  • Orion K: Thank you for all you do!!! Btw, I'm sure the Law of One is singularly (pardon the pun) responsible for my new abundance to be able to contribute! Love, Orion
  • Victor S: I love you all - I hope to see you all again next year.
  • Gary W: Wish I could donate more, but I just got laid off. Your work has been a beacon of hope for me throughout the years. I cannot thank you enough for all that you do to keep the flame alive, and growing!
  • Don P: Thank you from the deepest depths of my heart for all you guys have done for the world! You have helped a deeply asleep person awaken! What greater gift could you give to this world! Peace and love to you all, Don Patch
  • Qiuzhao D: I just found the law of one three month ago when I pursued the Edgar cayce's stuff (more than 13 years, a lot of documents), but I feel that one is not enough for me, it can not answer why we are existing. I studied physics for my PHD (specified electromagnetism), but strict science just make me feel desperate to understand the meaning of life (it does not matter for us to exist or not to exist). All current religions did not have a reasonable answer to it too for me. I am spiritual but not religious, then I found the law of one, it is just for me, everything in the book completely make sense to me. I hope I could find it early. Many thanks for your effort/pursuing.
  • Frederick E: Glad to be able to help
  • David C: I know it's not very much, but thank you deeply from the bottom of my heart. Your work has really helped me since I've become aware of you guys. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thinking of you always!
  • Goshen K: Thank you for y'all do!! So much love, Goshen :)
  • Rob B: Jim, Gary, and Austin, I don't think it's possible for me to express the full depth of my gratitude and love for you guys in words, but I want you to know that your work has buoyed me through the most emotionally difficult time of my life over this last year. The Law of One, shared through the resources you've created for all of us, has changed my life for the better in ways and to a degree that I never could have expected. Sending Love and Light in your direction, always.
  • Andrew N: Thank you!
  • Cory H: Sending you love and light, my friends
  • John E: Thank you!
  • Nia: Thank you so much for everything you are doing, and please have a Love and Light-filled festive season and enjoy all the beautiful little and not-so-little things happening at this special time of year. Love and Light, and peace and joy to all sentient beings, Nía
  • Chris K: Thanks for all you continue to do, Jim and everyone!
    Nadia P: Thank you for the amazing work you do and have done: we so need to remember...
  • Jose V: These books have changed my life - thank you!
  • Sandra K: Thank you for the inspiration. I read several transcripts a week to stay grounded!
  • Vladimir S: Thank you
  • Knut S: Keep it up, I'm so Glad I found you Guys. Love & Light
  • CV: thank you for all you do!
  • Sam W: Thanks for all you do, friends!! Love, Sam
  • Guenter A: Thanks for sharing this once in a lifetime experience with all of us! Jow/G A U
  • Maleta Y: Bless you, Thank you!
  • Steve H: I feel so much gratitude and love for you, Carla, and Don that I am unable to express it. Thank you so very much.
  • Ariadne W: Highly appreciate your services
  • Yanko Y: You guys are the best. Thank you for keeping all this information available and keeping the site going. I personally benefited from the law of one. I love you with all my hart.
  • Arjun C: Thank you for your service 🙏
  • Teresa E: Thanks to the work and vision of you all, here and now only beyond, my entire world and life vision has changed. I only wish it could be 1000X more, as that hasn't manifested yet, I'll just add my loving energy to all others coming together in your support. I thank you in the light and love of our Infinite Creator!
  • Christine B: Thank you to make this all possible!
  • Michael M: Thank you, Jim and everyone, for your continuing work in bringing Light and Love to our planet. It is much needed and appreciated.
  • Christopher H: Thank you for all you do in service of all in service of the One.
  • Steve E: Looking forward to a fruitful expansion of L/L in 2020. Happy New Year!
  • Kirill G: Thank you for your tireless work of service!
  • Joe P: Your list of "freebies" looks might tasty-I can't wait to get a computer to partake of ALL the enlightenment and "gifts" on your list. I haven't had a computer for 7 years (self-imposed). It's about time. Peace and joy to you this time of year.
  • Richard J: Thank you for all you have taught me through the "Law of One." I have loved all I have learned. Thank you all!
  • Jamie & Perry L: Thank you! My husband and are grateful to have discovered the LOO. Thank you for continuing to keep it available. Love and Light.
  • Theodore K: Dear Jim, Gary, Austin, or whoever might read this letter, Enclosed is a contribution of $50 for L/L Research. I have already given this year but want to participate in your fundraising season, and to express my continued gratitude for all you have done. I hope you have happy holidays, and a new year that is fulfilling to each of you at L/L Research in every way. With best wishes.



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