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Member: Norral
Location: New york
Gender: Male
Interests: children, animals kindness compassion seeing a better world take form

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hello brothers and sisters of the one. i love u all and really really appreciate u. this blog

will be a mix of personal stuff and observations about life as i see it. may the goddess

bless and assist us all in our journey home

the 6 and the 3 year old were over yesterday
Published by Norral on January 2, 2013 5:05am.  Category: family

we gave them the toy cash register and play food we had for them. they loved it ha ha. when they had to go home they were supposed to leave it here to play with it when they are over here. no way jose. they packed it up and took it with them ha ha. they now have their own krusty krab cafe where they can make crabby patties ha ha. god bless the children. if the gubmints of the world thought of the welfare of the children there would be no wars no poverty no lack and free higher education for all and no unemployment and no pollution of the earth . sigh

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i asked my wife after 44 years together when she sees
Published by Norral on March 14, 2012 8:04am.  Category: family

me in the next life what is she going to say to me . she said, being her typical sweet gentle self that she would say to me " get the hell away from me" ha ha roflmao thats funny and sadly for me so true. its funny my wife is so kind with the kids and grandkids she couldnt be sweeter but she sure knows how to kick the hell out of me lol. i love it 44 years together and i appreciate her more than ever.  if she kicks the ol bucketola im kicking it to i aint staying here without her lol. i dont do cooking and washing and stuff. i am such a male pig believe me. and like a typical male i am dense. ladies if u want your man to do something tell him . dont assume that he will know just because u have spent 200 years together . he is a man. men are dense , dense i tell u . we need to be told usually several times and then reminded lol.  i dont know if it comes across in my writing by i am a joker. i dont take this reality all that seriously so a little bit of that comes out today





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forces of nature
Published by Norral on February 12, 2012 7:44am.  Category: family

my wife and i caught forces of nature with sandra bullock yesterday. what a sweet movie. i have always like sandra bullock there is something  about her energy that is great. i never saw her getting married to jessie leija the two didnt seem to fit to me. i think sandra could be a wanderer along with angelina jolie and bradd pit. just a sweet classy lady. 

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da da da
Published by Norral on May 29, 2011 4:32am.  Category: family

the other day we went to the sons house for a barbecue. after we ate we went inside and baby a.j. climbs up on the couch and climbs behind me. when i turn around he moves so i cant see him. and he starts saying da da da. then the five year old comes over and starts saying da da da.not wanting to stand out i started saying da da da. the room was just filled with people saying da da da. i specialize in going to our kids houses and getting the grandkids wound up and then going home and leaving the parents with the results. its part of my job as a pop pop and i wouldnt have it any other way.

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