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Member: TRistAn
Location: Chicago
Gender: Male
Interests: Illusions, Gold, Crystals, Herbs, Psychedelic drugs, Accepting myself in totality, Attempting to maintain a positive vibration

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Published by TRistAn on April 22, 2016 7:12pm.  Category: General

To anyone reading this right now I need excessive love and light sent to my right now im dealing with a difficult part of my cycle.


I only reveal a fragmentalized projection of myself in this platfrom. If only these humans actually knew me as my true self, and could comprehend me at that level.


No disrespect to those fragments that have attained the ability of being able to completely read and identify individual mind body spirit complexes. 




I've been doing way to many drugs combined with wayyyyyyyyyyy to mamy snakes all around me. 


Last night at a party I gave someone 400$ worth of weed.for 200$ and then they gave me counterfeit money.


I tried to be positive and I got negativity in return


Makes sense!!!!!!!!!

Everything is balanced. All that.


Fuck that. 


I'm starting to grow in my understanding of negativity. 


My ex girlfriend is working dark ritual magick against me and has been for some months. I have a lot more to say on the subject but ill save that for another time. 

I'll tread on any yellow snake




As I look down I see humans as a virus.


I'm going to write more details about my recent experience later.


I don't have the time right now.




Published by TRistAn on April 15, 2016 11:32am.  Category: General

Geico presents. Sharing vs over sharing.




I have 7 gold necklaces in my presence now I just bought one the other day for like 16 grams of bud. It weighs exactly 7 grams. If I wear all 7 necklaces they get too tangled bc 5 of them are 4 grams or less so I think im gonna keep all the chains under 7 grams for occasions where I wear one  unique chain with a pendant. Otherwise I think im just wear the 10 gram and 7 gram necklace on a daily basis. Who knows I'll probably still end up wearing all 7 on a daily basis but I definitely need heavier necklaces.


I can't wait until I'm monetarily rich all on my own because when I was a kid I was really monetarily rich through my mom and then I lost it all just so I could reprogram these paper slips one more time by my lonely. 


The future and weekend low life is like the song of songs for me rn why did they have to go so beast mode. King of the fall too. I think I'm gonna start creating music myself (professionally) it seems to easy to be honest 



Published by TRistAn on April 7, 2016 3:54pm.  Category: General

I'm probably gonna start flooding my blog with music/lyrics because I've been on that sound vibration tip recently.


Definitely check out the song "Ra" by the ebony dubsters. One of my favorite drum and bass songs.


I was re re re re re re re reading the Law of One and  I opened to session 37 because magick and I re read the session where Don is trying to elaborate his plans to use ufos as adverisement for the material and Ra says " I hope your Ra plans materialize. This is a cosmic joke."


For everything else there's mastercard. When Ra makes a joke. Priceless. 


I noticed there was a music discussion thread where entities were posting Ra related songs but I would much rather post in my personalized space. 


Published by TRistAn on April 7, 2016 3:30pm.  Category: General

Im vibing with the weekend hard his throat chakra is shining critical.


"Everybody round me saying I should relax because ive been going hard til my eyes roll back and all I want to do is forget about my past and smoke a little weed really nothing too drastic.

Anytime you see me in a picture and I'm smiling probably because I'm faded or I'm chilling with the fans. Never been the type to let a nigga talk back but Ima let it slide cuz my niggas too violent.


Shout out to the ones who spend money like a habit. Even if they had a million dollars they'd be trapping. Got a couple girls shooting movies on the mattress. Then I hit the booth make the mother fuckin soundtrack, then I play it back on that 80 inch plasma. Roll that grandmaster smell it through the plastic. Then I get em faded of that super fantastic.


Nobody can handle me, I'm  gone when the shits too strong.

The nights too long. I've took to much and I've gone too far


And I might not make it; I might not make it. This time; I might not make it; I might not make it." 


All his songs are so premium


Wicked games is one of my favorite songs by him. I remember the first time i heard the first lines. I also really like I got you by hucci with his samples. Live for by hucci with his samples is also dopee. Trust issues mashup with him. The hills. Acquainted. Drinks on us remix. Crew love. The list goes on.  

Published by TRistAn on April 6, 2016 4:19pm.  Category: General

I finally got my 24 kt gold leaf in the mail. I have been eating and smoking alot of it.

I used some of it combined with white diamonds to create a pendant. I put a very small amount of water into a vial that I had put the diamonds and gold into. I put an indigo hemp string loop on that and put it on my 14kt Figaro. Yesterday I met up with some long time friends that I haven't seen in awhile. I gave them both a small collection of crystals. One of them played me in dice and I ended up losing 135 dollars. 

Published by TRistAn on April 5, 2016 4:50am.  Category: General

I got off work at like 1130 and my manager gave me a ride home which was love. I smoked a few bowls with him in the car as a mutual energy exchange. I gave him a nug as well.


I've been serving everyone at my job and all my coworkers vibe with me now because I've been hooking everyone up hard.


Today at work I sat out in my coworkers car and got paid to smoke a 3 gram extendo blunt for like 40 minutes. I give one of my managers free bud and edibles so that I can do stuff like that. 


I also gave out like a quarter pound of quartz crystals at my job. Some people didn't understand and denied me which was acceptable, but a number of my coworkers were gracious. 


 I paid my friend Michael several emeralds and some other misc gems to clean my room and organize my clothes. 


I bought two gold necklaces a little less than a week ago. They're really nice figaro's. I paid 79$ for one and 148$ for the other. One is 10k and one is 14. 

Published by TRistAn on April 4, 2016 3:42pm.  Category: General

Listening to underachievers phone bumping. Bouta pickup some work. Literally any minute. He called me and said 2 minutes right as I typed that last sentence. Then I'm on my.way to feed the legions. 


Issa and AK, next time I see you guys I'm giving you each a gold necklace. Blessings to all the gold souls holding it down. 

Published by TRistAn on April 2, 2016 11:05am.  Category: General

I found myself in tears bowing down in worship yesterday.


Not an uncommon occurrence. Especially when I'm shown  something particularly stellar.


Oh how time works.


How Memories and the illusion shift in their transmutations.


Everything is so unbelieveably sad.


I acknowledge my beauty but it is what it is.


Once i got past the veil all there was waiting for me was an  ocean of sadness.


Sadness and Love forever inseperable.

Alone in my own mind indefinitely. 











Published by TRistAn on April 1, 2016 7:35am.  Category: General

I can feel the Love and sorrow in the air. Its reflecting onto my entity very strongly. I'm in tears trying to get through my offering. Very moving, vibrant; powerful loving energy.

Published by TRistAn on April 1, 2016 7:18am.  Category: General

Deepest respect to Carla and Jim on this beautiful day. In the process of my offering. Infinite Love and Unity forever. Amen

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