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what hunger looks like
Published by Plenum on March 23, 2018 12:57pm.  Category: General

cold weather + exercise + deep metaphysical work = superhuman hunger.


Shocking to see :)


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a really really nice curry.  <thumbs up>.


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Climate: a New Story
Published by Plenum on March 23, 2018 8:47am.  Category: General

Eisenstein has a new book to be published later this year.


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Charles Eisenstein
Jan 9 at 8:15am
Manuscript finished!!!!

Dear Patrons,
I'm happy to tell you that after two years of hard work I've finished the manuscript and sent it in to the publisher. Strictly speaking, what I gave them was a third draft. There will still be some revisions. The title I decided on in the end is Climate: A New Story. It will come out September 18. It has been quite a process. There were whole days and weeks where I thought it was terrible, that I'd squandered two years writing a ponderous, obvious, naive, and even wrong book. It has certainly run the gauntlet of my inner critics. We'll see what the outer critics say.






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Published by Plenum on March 23, 2018 8:44am.  Category: General

looks like a waitlist now.


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Homecoming Gathering 2018: Wait List Open March 20, 2018

Update: Registration is now closed. We reached maximum capacity. Please contact us if you would like to add your name to a wait list - there are always cancellations. If you didn't make it this year we hope to see you next year!


There are many points of excitement during the L/L year. The annual Homecoming Gathering tops the list. The Homecoming is our chance to be in the energy of old friends and feel the joy of crossing new paths. Even more so, it is an event that allows us to geek out on watching everyone else interact with each other, honoring old connections and forming new ones. It is, in short, a moment of spiritual family that fills our hearts long beyond the close of the event itself.


Begin: Friday, August 31
End: Sunday, September 2


We continue the symposium format of holding a space for each interested attendee to offer something to the circle in a 30-minute timeslot. Giving a presentation is completely optional, but we highly encourage attendees to share whatever might be close to their heart.


There is no strict format or set of guidelines for presenting. Examples of presentations may include:

  • Sharing an important event or aspect of your personal journey, whether positive or challenging.
  • Facilitating a group activity. (Bonus points if you bring pillows.)
  • Opening the palm of your hands, making a flame appear, then teaching the group.
  • Guiding a group discussion on a question or topic, whether to gain insight or just to have a lively discussion.
  • Playing or performing music, reciting poetry, or other creative expression.
  • Having a beard-growing contest.

We ask only that your presentation be in some way related to spirituality/philosophy/personal growth, and of course not be heinously offensive to other attendees. Within those parameters the possibilities are infinite.


The practicalities of our space/time realities prohibit us from too large an event, so we must set a limit of attendance at 40 people. 




I'm doing a 15 minute Presentation this year :D




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Published by Plenum on March 23, 2018 8:42am.  Category: General

the quality of being a 'department'.


As in department store.




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On Meditation
Published by Plenum on March 21, 2018 10:04pm.  Category: General

reply that I sent to someone:


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Hey -----,

Thanks for writing, and great timing! You prob already know, but Homecoming was made official (for 2018), and registration is now open (well, as of yesterday). Hope you got in quick!

re your question, I've always been guided less by outward form, and more by Inward Intention. That is, what is the purpose/goal of entering the meditative space/experience. Once you have that confirmed, then the technique and means usually suggests itself (or your mind is configured with intensity, to be able to recognise the appropriate means - out of all the manyfold techniques there are).

So yeah, why do you want to want to enter that state?

* quieten the mind, to be more receptive to the inner voice (higher self, spirit guides, deeper intuition).

* greater focus, so that catalyst can be seen with greater perspective, ability to resolve/polarise in a positive sense

* invocation, to do positive magical work. Transmuting dissonant energies in the planetary consciousness, bringing through 4th density light

* desire for envisioning - which can have many purposes. 

I think the meditation space can encompass many many goals; although as I said - the strength of the Intention will pave the way for the outcome.

By far and away the most time that I've spent is in the second purpose. 



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