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Published by Plenum on January 17, 2018 7:35am.  Category: General

had a dream that revolved around the theme of being 'vulnerable'.


Someone was holding a needle (for needlework, so it had an 'eye' for the thread'), and moving it about in the air.


Another person had boxing gloves on, and still managed to hit the moving 'eye', despite the tiny target.


And so a negative individual is able to target the smallest opening, even in motion, and gain 'leverage' that way.


Sobering to have that captured that way.




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Published by Plenum on January 16, 2018 7:43am.  Category: General

seem to be accessing an even deeper level of energy ... pieces and fragments stripped away ... to reveal the core of the Creator inside.  It's really at the level of my physical limits ... it's so INTENSE.  There's such density to the energy.  Unbelievable.


It's obviously gone hand-in-hand with my balancing work and inner integration.  Really unravelling these solar plexus patterns has made this new level possible, and consonant.


A key phrase: 'Genuflect your Advertum'.






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Published by Plenum on January 15, 2018 9:51pm.  Category: General

the word 'advertisement' has now become totally associated with commercial interests.


I am more thinking about it in etymological terms.


ad - towards

vertis - turn to


So it just means a turning towards, or something that makes itself known, as being present.




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3 Gatsu (season 2)
Published by Plenum on January 14, 2018 3:17pm.  Category: General

awesome anime here.



Shogi (japanese chess)


But the human/psychological element is very strong.  No need to understand the game at all.  It can be considered incidental, for storytelling purposes.  A setting and framework.




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Published by Plenum on January 14, 2018 2:29pm.  Category: General

great reply by anagogy to 777's thread.




/ /


*Anything is possible. I mean that literally.

*You haven't ruined your life. College is not necessary to have a good life. The energy that creates worlds can make all things possible. You can still go to college if that's what you really want to do still. Some of the most successful people in the world didn't go to college. You don't have to believe the societal brainwashing that you have to live a certain way.

*The universe loves you regardless of what you do with your life, even if you spend the next 40 years meditating in a cave. Or spend it as a homeless person.

*Suicide will just prolong your problems. Coursework uncompleted will just be deferred to a future incarnation. This universe and level of vibration is for learning how to reduce spiritual entropy in a slowed down vibrational environment. When entropy is reduced to zero, you find infinite unconditional love (oneness). It is isn't expected that souls reduce spiritual entropy to zero in a 3rd density incarnation, though it does occasionally happen. This universe is a slowed down compressed learning environment to teach you your power as a creator to either increase entropy and separation or reduce entropy and find love. Your experiences have been traumatic (and most spiritually transformative experiences are -- we're talking lightening struck tower here). I wish it didn't have to work that way, but pain wakes you up, and pleasure puts you to sleep. Use your pain to reduce spiritual entropy. The antidote to pain is higher purpose.

*You know exactly your salvation already. Get stable. Focus your energies there. When you are in tune with the universe, your wisdom is great, and your actions are powerful (have extremely far reaching leverage). When you are unstable, your wisdom is poor, your timing is terrible, and your decisions can only cause frustration. It is the difference between being inspired by connection, or disconnection.

*If you practice hopelessness, the universe will bring you more hopelessness. The universe says "Oh you think THAT'S terrible? Well CHECK this out."  And then after that it says, "Oh you think THAT'S terrible? Well CHECK this out." The good news is it will also do this with well being. But you have to exercise your WILL. You have to exercise CHOICE. It isn't the big decisions you made that throw life temporarily off course, its all the small ones you make, moment by moment, seeing hopelessness and misery, rather than infinite possibilities around every corner. Let me repeat again, your life is not over, and you haven't ruined it by a long shot. But then, if a train is going 100 miles an hour towards hopelessness, it logically cannot instantaneously change momentum and go in the opposite direction towards well being. Spiritual momentum is real, work on at least slowing down the train headed toward the missing bridge. Forgive yourself. It isn't about how many times you fell off the path, its about whether you had the strength to get back on the path.

*The nature of the macrocosmic infinite one is infinite wisdom, infinite power, infinite peace, and infinite love. I know it doesn't seem like it at various times in our life, but All Is Well.

*You don't have to figure it all out right now. Time constraints are often the death of inspiration and creativity. They are spontaneous and carefree, because they come from the spirit.

/ /



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