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Published by Plenum on March 19, 2019 3:02am.  Category: General

the endocrine glands are an interesting investigation.




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Published by Plenum on March 17, 2019 11:41am.  Category: General

excellent podcast here.





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Published by Plenum on March 17, 2019 12:32am.  Category: General

just a reply that I sent to someone.




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>> I was curious how I could re-create what you do in a working if you are able to communicate that? How can I tell myself that working needs to be done on the root chakra or sacral chakra or heart, etc? Thanks in advance.

This is a matter of inner sensitivity.

I think it's good to be able to localise an issue. As you said - in the heart, or the root, or the sacral.

But the actual sensations and emotions come first, as an indicator.

Once you have the starting point - then you can get to work!

In terms of doing a Working, it is basically bringing positivity to a situation. And positivity is this abused word that really doesn't have much meaning.

But what I mean by it is: every circumstance that we experience (with our consciousness) is first INTERPRETED. We rarely rarely (if ever) just see things OBJECTIVELY. So the human experience is like taking those photos on your phone, but applying those crazy filters that they have. To make it black&white, or techno colored, or to inject cartoon characters into the scene.

The thing is, when we have negative sensations and emotions, we are SEEING these filters, and not the underlying Reality itself. And we can't just say that those FILTERS don't exist ... because they do!

And so bringing Positivity to someone's situation, is in being able to offer a different Perspective or Filter than the one that is currently attached (to that experience or scenario).

It is not denying what took place, or the current filter that is in place. But it is offering an Alternative.

And that Alternative is not just fake, and wanting to believe something is better than it currently is.

It's addressing things on a fundamental Level, and seeing that the current Filter in place is IN ITSELF a distortion of the underlying Experience.

And that there's a way to see the bigger Dynamics and Structure of what took place.

The tools of this are: Love, Compassion, Understanding, and Forgiveness. Each of which are kind of empty words as well - because of how they've been used in our society.

But there ARE forces that can be invoked to bring greater Light to our Past. And that is the nature of this spiritual Work. Both when we do it ourselves - as well as when it is facilitated by an outside party.

So that is basically a 'description' of the Process.

In terms of it's practical application, that is something you can approach in a step-by-step way, with enough Patience :)

So yeah - just an Overview :)


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Published by Plenum on March 16, 2019 10:47pm.  Category: General

new thread that I posted.




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if there's one thing that defines who I am - it is that I really LIKE learning.

If I go through a day - and feel that I haven't experienced something new, or gained an insightful perspective - then I get pretty down.  It means I wasn't in that space of receptivity, where I could continue to experience the Wonders of this Creation.

So learning is really a key part of how I approach my reality.

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As the media sector has continued to transmute, the thing that we know of as 'podcasts' arrived more than ten years ago.

It's seen an explosive growth since then.

And podcasts are something I learn from immensely.  In fact - it's a discussion that has come up spontaneously at a couple of Homecoming gatherings.  People talk about podcasts they've been listening to - and how much of an eye-opener it was.

And personal recommends are how I've come across some of the podcasts I love most.

/ /

So here's a space to share the podcasts that have made an impact on your Life.

In terms of recent times, there are a couple (at least) that I will mention as being significant for my own Journey:

Joe Rogan Experience: this guy has had a MASSIVE audience for a while.  but I just thought he was an MMA meathead.  Like a fighting junkie, obsessed with a physical-only approach to life.

How wrong am I!  This guy is extremely open-minded, and has had an array of influential guests, in unfiltered discussions.

How I Built This (NPR podcast)
: Corporations have a bad reputation.  And in many cases - well justified.

But what about entrepreneurs, and the people that actually BUILD the companies from scratch, from a shoestring?

This podcast has interviews with the FOUNDERS of many of these big businesses.  Before they became ensnared in the distortions of the share price, soulless executives, and market domination.

Their life stories and genuine dedication to a service/produce is truly truly inspiring.

Talks with Scott Mandelker: Scott has since finished his long running analysis of the Law of One sessions (all 106!), which were a separate podcast feed.

But Scott has a parallel series in which he talks about Buddhism, Psychology, Spiritual Dynamics, Heraclitus, etc.

His blue-ray is truly vibrant and open.  He has the gift of the voice in this incarnation for sure.

I've learnt so much from this guy.  Kudos.

/ /




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Published by Plenum on March 16, 2019 4:22am.  Category: General

great interview (How I Built This):



Like many classic technology stories, Squarespace started in a college dorm room.

In 2003, 21-year-old Anthony Casalena created a website-building tool for himself. But after hearing some positive feedback from friends, he decided to put the tool online and start a business.

For years, Anthony ran Squarespace almost entirely on his own but the stress took a toll and he reached the limits of what he could accomplish by himself.

The journey to hiring a staff and scaling the company had its own set of growing pains for Anthony, including difficulty letting go of control, and learning how to manage other people.

Today, Squarespace has grown to more than 800 employees, and valued at $1.7 billion.




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