Elvis Presley - Wanderer! Spiritual Book
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Elvis Presley - Wanderer! Spiritual Book
I have a close friend whom I've known for over 25 years - Maia Nartoomid - who is a mystic, psychic and channel, who recently published a book about the spirituality of Elvis Presley.

This book is NOT channeled! It contains genuine letters, notes and transcripts from real conversations with Elvis. Maia reveals another dimension to this greatly misunderstood star.

I know Maia is the real deal and she's also an excellent writer...so I can vouch for the book's authenticity. It's lyrically and poetically written, with lots of metaphysical teachings! Not just for Elvis fans!

Here is a review (which easily could have been written by me!):


Dearest Friends

I feel inspired to announce that my wonderful friend and Star Sister, Maia Chrystine Nartoomid has written a fascinating book on Elvis entitled;

Blue Star Love ~ From an Amazing Heart of Grace. I bought this book because Maia is a dear friend and I wanted to support her efforts ~ however, upon receiving the book I realized quickly that I was holding a very unique gift in my hands. Maia has spent 28 years researching the contents of this book. Through its pages we get to know Elvis in a very expanded way ~ the true Being behind the public persona. We discover that Elvis was very spiritually aware, remembered his Star Home, studied metaphysics with a passion and even taught important metaphysical concepts to any of his fans who were willing to listen. This is an unusual and extrordinary read, full of activations and remembrances. Indeed in the times that are upon us, this book is a comfort to all Star Seeds.

Apart from experiencing Elvis and his life in a new and truly inspiring way, through the pages of this book we also get to experience the extraordinary Being who wrote the book. Maia has been an inspiration in my life for many years. I am always amazed at her capacity to transcend and go to the high records, where she can bring thru detailed and complicated information for us all. Her book holds spirtual teachings and awareness that we all so need during these days on Earth. As we are coming back into the remembrance of our Great Being we have the privilege of knowing certain Star Beings along the way, who can help us to remember why we are here and where we came from.

Please consider buying this book. This is a self published book, written with so much love and dedication. Let us all support Maia’s wonderful efforts here and receive the amazing grace of this book in return. I would encourage us all to buy the actual book if we can, rather than the e-book. Just holding the actual book is an activation. It hums!

– Aine Armour http://www.celticfireandfaerie.com/

from https://www.facebook.com/BlueStarLoveElvisPresley

NOTE: PLEASE don't order the book from amazon.com! They pay mere pennies on book sales. It's not fair to the authors who created their labor of love. Please help support spiritual works like this by buying directly from the publisher. (The same hold true when buying L/L Research's books. Buy them here, at llresearch.org, rather than amazon.com. I give amazon.com plenty of other business, but now that I learned this, I intend to avoid buying new books there.)

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RE: Elvis Presley - Wanderer! Spiritual Book
I'll be sure to buy a copy! Also:

Agent J: "You do know Elvis is dead, right?"

Agent K: "No, Elvis is not dead. He just went home."

Big Grin

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