Game Discussion - mixed polarity actions?
12-13-2009, 08:30 AM,
Game Discussion - mixed polarity actions?
Let's say virtual characters do 3 good things, then 1 very bad thing:

3 good things * 1 point = +3
1 bad thing * 3 points = -3
total polarity = neutral

3 good things * 1 point = +3
1 small bad thing * 1 points = -1
total polarity = +2 points

noticed in one virtual day -
virtual character does 5 or 10 good things
then bad day happens, loses all polarity

Big Grin

- would above formula be correct?
- what virtual actions could be defined as STO and STS?
- what virtual actions could help or reduce polarity?

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RE: Game Discussion - mixed polarity actions?
I think you're mixing polarity and karma, two concepts it may be useful to think of separately.

Polarity = % of the time that one's focus of intention is dedicated to choosing who one serves, one's own self at the expense of others, or else to serve other-selves at the expense of one's own immediate comfort or gratification. An action that is carelessly indifferent or mindless, not particularly serving anyone - either self or others - lacks polarity. An action that is full of deeply felt intention to make a choice of service is polarizing. Such an action changes one's own character and increases harvestability. There may or may not be a visible effect resulting in karma. Polarity at the time of harvest determines if the character "wins" and exits the level, or has to start over.

Karma = Extent of positive or negative consequences that result from one's unbalanced actions, the effects one produces reflected back from the universe, perhaps after a time delay. Karma is a pair of accounts, positive and negative, that influence the balance of upcoming events.

In your example, polarity is +2 for both days. Karma is +3 and -3 for first example, character will get back an equal balance of both positive and negative circumstances/opportunities/fate. Karma is +2 and -1 for second example, the character will get back twice as many "good times" as bad.

The total score is randomly spent in a mixture of small and large results. For example a person with +3 may get three different small positive outcomes, one medium and one small, or one large positive event. Same thing in the other direction with -3.
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