I have a question on meditation.
08-11-2009, 09:39 AM,
I have a question on meditation.
When we are doing meidtation ,how do we ask the help from Q`uo. Another important question is that how do we ask questions? I mean It have to be English ? Only a question a time? Is the questions have to be clear on details?
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08-11-2009, 04:42 PM,
RE: I have a question on meditation.
Welcome to Bring4th, Illusion! You ask what seems like such a simple question, but almost every word makes it more difficult to answer. I will give you my perspective on this topic, and encourage others to share as well.

Let's take your question in pieces:

Illusion Wrote:"When we are doing meidtation ,how do we ask the help from Q`uo"

I think it's important to distinguish between meditation and channeling. Although one may meditate to prepare for channeling, it is far more common, and appropriate to meditate for its own purpose.

To learn about channeling, I would highly recommend Carla's book A Channeling Handbook. One of the first things you will learn is that channeling should really only be attempted within group of like-minded and supportive people. If what you are truly interested in is channeling, then this book should answer most of your questions.

Meditation is typically done, not to ask questions but rather to gain inner peace and become more in tune with your inner voice and intuition. These inner guides may be thought of as your higher self, your spirit guides, your powers of insight, or any of a host of other personal support concepts that abound.

As for asking questions, in a channeling session, the questions are usually asked by the support group and answered by (or more correctly through) the channel. In meditation, questions need not be asked at all. I occasionally have a thought or theme in mind at the start of a meditation session, but as often as not, may simply open my mind to the cosmic consciousness by working processes that settle my clamoring mind.

Illusion Wrote:Another important question is that how do we ask questions? I mean It have to be English?

I'm certain that it is best for you ask questions in the language you are most comfortable with and most conversational in. This is certainly true of channeling, where your ability to express abstract concepts in your own words is vitally important.

Illusion Wrote:Only a question a time?

Yes, in both meditation and channeling, I think it is advisable to consider only one question/topic/theme at a time.

Illusion Wrote:Is the questions have to be clear on details?

Carla addresses this topic with respect to channeling in her book. As for meditation, on rare occasions that I have a question in mind for my session, I usually express it as simply as possible trying to avoid unduly restricting an answer.

I hope this helps you get the conversation started on this thread. Please let me know if I have misunderstood your questions or answered too superficially.

Love and Light,

3D Sunset
Ra Book III Session 65.
Could your planet polarize towards harmony in one fine, strong, moment of inspiration? Yes, my friends. It is not probable; but it is ever possible.
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08-12-2009, 05:42 AM,
RE: I have a question on meditation.
Many thanks to 3D Sunset.
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08-14-2009, 12:59 PM,
RE: I have a question on meditation.
Carla does mention that you can "channel" your higher self, which is best done in a relaxed and meditative state. She even suggests a couple of approaches.

One of them is to sit at your computer keyboard, clear your mind, ask a question addressed to your higher self. Write whatever comes to mind, even if it seems like your thoughts are all jumbled and not making any sense.

The other method is to repeat the same action as mentioned above, but do this with a pencil and paper.

For those who are looking for answers while sitting quietly and meditating, you can simply ask the question, and wait for an answer.

Be sure in every case that you imagine a column of white light coming down and surrounding you, and continuing down into the earth. This is to help you feel that you have a secure "channel" between you and your higher self, and it surrounds you in a higher vibration of white light. Then ask to connect to your higher self, and to be given information that is the best and most pure that you are capable of receiving. Once that is completed, you are in a great position to try to connect to your higher self via one of the methods described above.

This is as about as close as one can get to channeling in a safe fashion. The Confederation explicitly states that they will not consider channeling to us personally, unless we are in a group of at least three like-minded individuals. Even if you have three people, the vibration level of the group has to be such that the Confederation feels is appropriate to interact with.

And once you have all that down, the main channeler needs to know how to process the "thought bubbles" that come into the mind and to be able to speak what is interpreted in the mind without any fear.

So there's a little more to channeling the Confederation than just sitting down and calling, Illusion!

The Confederation does state that they will answer individual calls for "conditioning". So when you are in meditation and you want to go deeper, you can request help from the Confederation to go deeper, and they say that's an acceptable calling on an individual basis.

Just don't try channeling by yourself! (other than your higher self, of course) There are many, many instances where people try it, they become successful at connecting to an entity, and because they do not "tune" themselves to their highest aspect of Love, they end up channeling Service To Self entities without even knowing it. As you'll hear a lot, "It's a crowded universe out there!"

Good luck,
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