Hatonn & Laitos on meditation
06-19-2017, 08:08 AM,
Hatonn & Laitos on meditation
I really enjoyed these passages.  The first has been particularly helpful in balancing my emotional reactions throughout the day.  The second is a good reminder for the fundamental strangeness of life that meditation allows us to appreciate more fully.  Whenever I see meditation as a chore, I find it very useful to reorient my attitude towards the adventure that exploration of self really entails.

Hatonn Wrote:We offer you our love and our serenity and encourage you to seek those qualities in meditation. When you are upset, do not blame it upon little things which have occurred in the outer world: blame it on the lack of meditation. When you see your fellow man in a hostile manner, don’t blame it on his actions but on a lack of meditation. Your environment does not have to have any power over you, for all that there is is within you. The environment is only a shadow compared to the power of love within yourself. Meditation can unlock that power. (March 27, 1978)

Laitos Wrote:My friends, we ask only that you meditate; five minutes, ten minutes, however long you may. Daily meditation, my friends; it is an old story but it does not lose its importance. Life as it is known by your peoples seems very normal. But we say to you, my friends, that the universe is very, very unusual. There are many, many strange things all around you. Many informative, unusual occurrences. To pick up, to understand those things that are missed by so many, it is necessary to tune the mind by meditation. (June 26, 1978)

It is not that love will tell you what to do.
It is that love will tell you how to do it with love.
Q'uo 3/19/06
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