Higher-density investment
04-11-2017, 01:42 PM,
Higher-density investment
I recently read a passage that had never really stuck with me before, but sparked my imagination:

Questioner: When our Logos designed this particular evolution of experience It decided to use the system of which we spoke creating, or allowing for, polarization through total free will. How is this different from the Logos that does not do this? I see the Logos creating the possibility of increase in vibration through the densities. Let me ask first: How are the densities provided for and set up by the Logos, if you can answer this?

Ra: I am Ra. This shall be the last full query of this working. The psychic attack upon this instrument has, shall we say, left scars which must be tended, in our own opinion, in order to maintain the instrument.

Let us observe your second density. Many come more rapidly to third density than others not because of an innate efficiency of catalysis but because of unusual opportunities for investment. In just such a way those of fourth density may invest third, those of fifth density may invest fourth. When fifth density has been obtained the process takes upon itself a momentum based upon the characteristics of wisdom when applied to circumstance. The Logos Itself, then, in these instances provides investment opportunities, if you wish to use that term. May we enquire if there are any brief queries at this space/time?

It struck me as a bit odd and funny given that the investment we offer to second-density creatures is through love shared with pets. I doubt there is much real correlation, but I wonder if the discrepancy between our consciousness and the consciousness of our pets is similar in contrast to the consciousness of fourth-density entities and ours. I mean, they don't exactly keep us as pets (do they?), but perhaps their attitude towards us is similar. A pet's innocence and different sense of consciousness makes it easy for us to love them despite any flaws or mistakes they might make. We may seem equally innocent and unaware in the eyes of fourth density.

But what exactly does this passage mean? One thing I find interesting is that Ra seemed to be specific about the investment of one density to another - third to second, fourth to third, fifth to fourth. I would initially imagine the type of interaction Ra describes with us as a form of investment, and I'm sure it is, but for them to list this sequence so specifically seems to imply something more deliberate. Instead of just saying "all higher densities can invest lower densities," there is an implication of unique relationship with the density directly above and below.

I have heard, in other channeling, that it is a very specific and significant portion of fourth-density evolution to interact with and serve third-density individuals and planets. And Ra says in 16.50 that fourth density is "a plane of compassion and understanding of the sorrows of third density," which is an interesting thing to say. Certainly all of the higher densities have this compassion and understanding, but there is something about existence in fourth density that makes it noteworthy.

Another interesting aspect of this Q&A is that Don is asking about this particular Logos. The ability for interaction and investment between densities seems like it was set up by the sub-Logos itself. This is hinted at here as well:

Questioner: Were there any other circumstances, biases, consequences, or plans set up by the Logos other than those we have discussed for the evolution of Its parts through the densities?

Ra: I am Ra. Yes.

Questioner: What were these?
Ra: I am Ra. One more; that is, the permeability of the densities so that there may be communication from density to density and from plane to plane or sub-density to sub-density.

It seems like the ability for higher densities to invest (and interact with) lower densities is a deliberate plan on the part of the sub-Logos. Probably not just ours - I imagine that it is a common trait of other sub-Logoi, but not so common as to not be noteworthy here.


So what do you think Ra means by fourth density investing in third? How would they do this? Why is this sequencing listed so specifically?

Also, while we're firing up the imagination, I wonder what exactly this means: "When fifth density has been obtained the process takes upon itself a momentum based upon the characteristics of wisdom when applied to circumstance. The Logos Itself, then, in these instances provides investment opportunities, if you wish to use that term."

"Investment opportunity" sounds like a friend trying to get money from you for a business venture.
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04-11-2017, 01:47 PM,
RE: Higher-density investment
The only way I can think of is vibrationally. If a 4th density entity was in proximity to your 3D field, it would raise the vibration of it.

I think you have to cross 3.5 density to be harvestable to 4th. That's like the 4th subdensity of 3D. Or be in the heart.
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04-11-2017, 01:54 PM,
RE: Higher-density investment
The dead can generate dreams, the living can generate homes for dreams and dreams can generate the living.

Maketh sense.
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I am Shayne
04-11-2017, 07:01 PM,
RE: Higher-density investment
Ra also describes a similar pattern with regards to our higher self and our mind body spirit totality (concepts that continue to boggle my mind).

Quote:36.8 Questioner: I’m sorry for having so much trouble with these concepts, but they are pretty difficult to translate, I am sure, into our understanding and language. And some of my questions may be rather ridiculous, but does this higher selfhave a physical vehicle or some type of vehicle like our physical vehicle? Does it have a bodily complex?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. The higher self is of a certain advancement within sixth density going into the seventh. After the seventh has been well entered the mind/body/spirit complex becomes so totally a mind/body/spirit complex totality that it begins to gather spiritual mass and approach the octave density. Thus the looking backwards is finished at that point.


Quote:37.6 Questioner: In that case, we’ll go ahead with the questions we have here continuing the last session. You said that each third-density entity has an higher self in the sixth density which is moving to the mind/body/spirit complex of the entity as needed. Does this higher self also evolve in growth through the densities beginning with the first density, and does each higher self have a corresponding higher self advanced in densities beyond it?

Ra: I am Ra. To simplify this concept is our intent. The higher self is a manifestation given to the late sixth-density mind/body/spirit complex as a gift from its future selfness. The mid-seventh density’s last action before turning towards the allness of the Creator and gaining spiritual mass is to give this resource to the sixth-density self, moving as you measure time in the stream of time.

This self, the mind/body/spirit complex of late sixth density, has then the honor/duty of using both the experiences of its total living bank or memory of experienced thoughts and actions, and using the resource of the mind/body/spirit complex totality left behind as a type of infinitely complex thought-form.

What if a mind body spirit totality was actually an amalgamation of SMC's that unite in 7th density? I cant imagine what this "resource" may be, other than a continuous spark of inspiration. The "infinitely complex thought-form" statement reminds me of "A picture is worth a thousand words", but more profound in meaning.

The only explanation I can give as to why there is such a sequence is because soul evolution has a natural hierarchy. In other words it would not surprise me at all if agrarianism was somehow "whispered" into our primitive ears by 4th density entities. Ra explained at some point that the reason they built the pyramids on Earth was because they themselves were helped in such a way on Venus. I think agricultural organisation would be a popular form of teaching, even if it was nothing more than a thought form projected from the minds of nearby 4th density minds. To us it would be experienced as an "eureka!" moment.
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04-12-2017, 02:55 AM,
RE: Higher-density investment
I tend to take a somewhat larger view on "investment" because I tend to think that it's a lot more complicated than just "each density can invest in the density below." At a core level, we're talking about energy transference and a rather literal "investment" in something like the same sense we use the word when talking about money. Not saying there's a literal quid-quo-pro arrangement, just that there is a transition of energy from Entity A to Entity B.

But it is probably easier to invest in an "adjacent" density just because of spiritual proximity. It's easier for adjacent densities to understand each other, whereas once there are two or more levels of removal, their points-of-view and vibrational levels become increasingly divergent.

And there are endless wrinkles to consider. What if a 5D- or 6D-derived Wanderer is being overseen by a 4D entity from their shared S-M-C who's "investing" Love in their 3D form to help in that Wanderer's mission? And what if the Wanderer is similarly sending Love or Wisdom back? Who is actually investing in whom at that point? It starts looking like much more of a circular self-reinforcing/law-of-doubling situation where everyone's gaining.

Likewise, my guides have also indicated to me that the investment can actually go both ways. Treating a higher-density entity as God/Creator helps (in a small way) to push that higher entity towards the shared Creator. This is probably more easily seen if one thinks about Negative entities -since that investment would involve the lower density entity directly giving the higher density entity more power/control over them- but it would hold true for Positive as well. Just in a more passive, non-controlling way.

So bsaically, I just see it as a big circle of entities giving other entities "helping hands" up towards their next level of achievement.

Time will tell.  It always does.
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04-13-2017, 01:26 AM,
RE: Higher-density investment
The same way we invest in plants and livestock, for harvest. It's just the simple law of maintaining a kingdom - you need farms.

None of the beings in the higher densities are truly self-sufficient. They must abide by laws and spiritual economies. They must harvest for the sake of replenishing their kingdoms with new and fresh souls, as the older souls are promoted to higher levels of the kingdom's hierarchy.

Quote:Ra: I am Ra. In time of harvest there are always harvesters.

Quote:Ra: I am Ra. The purpose of polarity is to develop the potential to do work. This is the great characteristic of those, shall we say, experiments which have evolved since the concept of The Choice was appreciated. Work is done far more efficiently and with greater purity, intensity, and variety by the voluntary searching of mind/body/spirit complexes for the lessons of third and fourth densities. The action of fifth density is, viewed in space/time, the same with or without polarity. However, viewed in time/space, the experiences of wisdom are greatly enlarged and deepened due, again, to the voluntary nature of polarized mind/body/spirit action.

So you see from the above quote, as entities begin to get closer and closer to The Creator, they are able to enjoy more and more of the rewards of polarity. For the lower densities (3rd and 4th, 3rd especially), however, existence is hard work and suffering, done for the enjoyment of those higher up in the hierarchy.

This farming dynamic has been going on for a long, long time, even before the introduction of The Choice. Now with the choice, we have the tragic circumstances currently present on our planet, in that the crop has largely failed. For the third density beings now involved in this epic perversion of free-will, the only options are to work very hard in polarity, attain the universal passport through contact with II (highly unlikely) or risk being lost to an eternity of darkness, confusion and suffering.  

As Jesus said, "They will cry and gnash their teeth." This is the unforeseen consequence of polarity, born of the greed and impatience of irresponsible logoi. In order to reap their fat spiritual profits, they'd had to throw the 3rd dimension under the bus, so to speak.

Feel free to correct anything I've gotten wrong here, or just to try and put a more positive spin on all this.

Peace be with you.
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04-13-2017, 11:07 AM, (This post was last modified: 04-13-2017, 11:13 AM by Elros.)
RE: Higher-density investment
(04-13-2017, 01:26 AM)MangusKhan Wrote:  So you see from the above quote, as entities begin to get closer and closer to The Creator, they are able to enjoy more and more of the rewards of polarity. For the lower densities (3rd and 4th, 3rd especially), however, existence is hard work and suffering, done for the enjoyment of those higher up in the hierarchy.

The harsher nature of 3rd derives from the desire of it and any entity involved is there by its own free will as a step to move toward that which it desires to move toward. Also harsh is not so much a quality of 3rd density as it is a possible experience within it. Those who will enjoy most the fruits of a harsh 3rd density ecperience are the beings who grew from it and this will be recognized by them. If it was your desire to be one of those who experienced a purely blissful 3rd density experience then that would have been what you would have gotten.

The intertwined nature of densities could be partially explained by how they are maintained in unity to offer each spark of the Creator its desired experience by offering the harvest of each's experiences as a foundation for newer experiences, which other sparks will resonate with. Infinity seeks not to repeat itself, but expand the mirror upon what it is. Each spark holds a unique fate and will.

You can see it as if you're working hard for the higher densities, but I think that's just taking for granted everything you are provided with. What hard work is your 3D self putting toward the manifestation of this planet? Of our Sun? Of manyness/animals/landscapes/our glorious sky/the countless stars up high? Of your body? Of your mind and all of its archetypes that allows an actual exploration of yourself? The higher densities have provided you with everything that has defined a sense of living something, in turn your growth will allow you to do similar work within the higher realms to invest yourself in shaping what your wisdom and love, born from the experience of yourself, calls you to shape for the Creator you are within others. The flow ever refines what is desired as the Creator learns about Itself through each.

Everything is inter-connected and the whole of the Universe is your true mind and body. Unity binds all things.

In the idea of infinity, acceptance of all the potentials the mind can think of is required for a balanced union with what is seen of infinity
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Infinite Unity
04-14-2017, 03:36 AM,
RE: Higher-density investment
I think the most simple explanation of special investment between entities could be friendship beyond density. In the company of your friend you're becoming more and more alike. Ra explained investment as puting a cloth. For example 4th density beings invest or clothe 3rd density beings with spiritual awareness/love. Maybe the most direct investment is from the next density but there could be more.

There is also another type of investment - between densities themselves. "Investment which is the line of spiraling light calling distortion upward from density to density." The process takes longer without additional investment by beings:

"Let us observe your second density. Many come more rapidly to third density than others not because of an innate efficiency of catalysis but because of unusual opportunities for investment."
Grace to you and peace from God our Father.
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04-21-2017, 12:43 PM, (This post was last modified: 04-21-2017, 12:45 PM by Infinite Unity.)
RE: Higher-density investment
I agree but in my opinion think about the fruit of a plant. This is in a sense the same thing. Ponder on the sacramental nature of all. Its not just from top down but from bottom up on the physical side. On the mental it is the thoughts that order, and the fruits of the physical that expound and continue finity. Everything is reciprocal of one to another. To push is to pull.
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04-25-2017, 10:20 AM,
RE: Higher-density investment
Austin, you and I have discussed this before, and I'm really glad you brought this up again.  Investiture is among the most fascinating aspects of the Ra material.  I nominate this topic for an upcoming Q'uo session.  The below thoughts are purely speculative.

As owner of two beagles, I think a lot about how they relate to the world, each other, and especially to us humans.  I can't help but think there's something there that recapitulates the relationship between third and fourth density, however distant the analogy might be -- and like you, Austin, I imagine it is quite distant.  But let us take it as it is.

I sort of notice that pet owners develop a kind of personality for their dog that is just as much a reflection of the owner as of the dog.  If we think about the mentality of the dog, as demonstrated by its behavior, most dogs don't have a recognizable personality per se.  It is through the relationship with the human that they sort of get impressed with this role in the family, this reinforcement of behaviors that over time morph into a coherent pattern.

Since second density is about striving towards the light and growing towards self-awareness, I wonder if what we invest pets with is an ego personality, or the prototype thereof.  A sort of social vehicle that allows for an entity to have a concept of itself, not merely in terms of reacting to stimuli, satisfying appetites and executing on impulses, but a sense of personal identity distinct from the pack.  It seems to me that the pet-human relationship might be the perfect training wheels for self-consciousness since it's sort of a "mini-pack" where survival concerns are mostly off the table and social intercourse can really be appreciated.  In a pack, all are just reacting to all.  In a human family, people are consciously manipulating / influencing / appealing to pets and showing them the basic contours of the third density mentality.

One tentative conclusion I draw from this idle speculation--assuming the analogous relationship holds, of course--is that perhaps investiture is not something that higher density entities purposely do to lower density entities.  Perhaps investiture is this unintentional by-product of higher density entities interacting with lower density entities, where fourth density executing on their interests just happens to impress upon us or reinforce the kinds of competencies necessary for the next density.

So this leads to the million dollar question: with what are we being invested by fourth density?  If we stick to the analogy of conditioning and reinforcement, how are we being "trained", so to speak, purposely or not, by those ahead of us in line?  I wonder if a dog can conceive of how they are being molded by humans, or if humans just look like a feature of their environment, another force in nature they are apprehending, and that whatever investiture occurs is so slow that it is unnoticeable or inconceivable.  In that case, I wonder if investiture works at such a subtle and metaphysical level that we can really even understand it's role in our present existence.

My guess, which is probably wrong, is that we are being groomed for social memory--that fourth density social memory is to third density human experience what third density human experience is to second density animal consciousness.  By showing us so much love, compassion, and respect, fourth density entities are training us for the kind of openness, vulnerability, and fluidity of identity that would be required of us to operate on their level.

OK, that's all the idle speculation I care to indulge in at the moment.

It is not that love will tell you what to do.
It is that love will tell you how to do it with love.
Q'uo 3/19/06
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04-25-2017, 05:00 PM,
RE: Higher-density investment
I have too much to write on this topic, yet much of it isn't well-formed yet. This will start with my notions of 3rd-2nd.

First, dogs have wired-in "need" to relate with humans, so they make excellent and popular pets. I never had a dog but I saw plenty of them bonding with their humans, and that has to make a significant difference in their journey toward 3D.

I had a pet cat for 20 years, and treated him as an adult human in many ways. I stopped treating Klibby as a fragile pet after he stopped being a kitten, and talked frankly to him as if he understood everything I said. I think many/most humans treat their cats as with gentle stroking and baby talk. I had spent a lot of time visiting Carla and seeing how Don treated her male companion cat called Gandalf. Don would spend time doing an assertive kind of patting him at the hindquarters: straight down on the back right in front of his tale and on either side of his hips knocking him sideways. Gandy didn't want that to stop, so Don did it until he himself grew bored with it.

My cat loved that too and I would really knock him around. In between my "knocks," Kibby would rub himself against me, and if I took too long to do more, he would look me in the eyes as if saying, "C'mon, what's the holdup!" By the end of his life, Klibby showed me a lot of understanding like dogs do, and he respected me as much as I did him. I felt that bond and missed him after he made his transition. Still do, though it has been decades.

I'll say most dogs and my cat, at least, obviously got a lot of investment from 3D. Most 2Ders are not pets at all and may never see a human. Perhaps many/most trees are 3D, and animals spend time in and around them. That may provide investment too.

In the LOO, Ra described how they first dealt with humans on the earth and documented their foolish mistakes that perhaps they are still correcting. That made me think that Ra were 4D at that point because they showed plenty of compassion that was not tempered with wisdom. That's just my opinion, though. Maybe they were brand new 5Ders and hadn't developed enough wisdom yet. Wink
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