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09-23-2017, 05:10 AM,
RE: Daily Q'uote
The Daily Q'uote for September 23, 2017

"Each of you begins with that spark of light that is your essence and your core. It is in no way different from or lesser than the Creator Itself, for it, as all things, is infinite and divine love.

The clay from which you have been formed expresses that love but is not that love. There is no thing about each of you that one can pick up and say, �This is the essence of this person.� No, the essence of you is much closer to you than your body, is much more a part of you than your breathing or your heartbeat or the rush of blood through your veins. You are love�When one can realize, even momentarily, that deep identity within, that congruency with the Logos Itself, the seeker then has his feet on solid ground and may say to the self, and in response to the world however it comes to him, �I am love. I am in a state of utter confusion. But I am love. This is my nature. I take this on faith.�"

That opening 2 sentences, spark of the creator isnt it a classic Q'uo channel.  Tongue

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Yesterday, 07:38 AM,
RE: Daily Q'uote
The Daily Q'uote for September 24, 2017

"�Third density is not the place from which to take off into the ethers. Rather, it is the place to refine your basic choice of paths: service to self, or service to others. This seems a simple and basic choice, one easily taken and out of the way, clearing the way for important work. Yet, this is the chief work of your incarnation, the purification of that choice for the light. Into that light you will take your entire universal� three hundred and sixty degree self. You shall not be judged on the contents of your heart, for all have light and dark within. You shall be judged by the self on your capacity to accept an increase of light. Those who truly think of others first are automatically increasing their ability to withstand the more dense light of the next density."

Contents of ones heart all have dark and light within, easy to judge what is right or wrong but to accept and therefore increase light within is lifes work!

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