Hollow Earth
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RE: Hollow Earth
Thank you for your responses and for welcoming me. Brasov is in Romania, Eastern Europe, Transilvania Smile

I've continued reading the books and found the part quoted above. But I've also read other similar materials wich speak about civilizations that live in middle earth (earth crust) in cities like Telos. Also about civilizations that live inside earth (inner earth) in Agartha network with cities like Shabballa or Shangri-la.

I'm quite conviced that according to this "new" laws of gravity that Dewey B. Larson also speaks about, Earth could have a hollow inside that is currently off-limits to us because of the need of those inside civilisations to keep their peace and distance from us.

I'm not sure if RA was using the Law of Cofusion when speaking about Hollow Earth or Don asked the wrong way, but I guess we'll find soon enough. These brothers from inner earth are supposed to be already 4D civilisations working together with the ones helping us from above and we should be able to reunite in spirit and body with them in 2012.

The books speaking about all this are the ones of Suzanne Ward, Dianne Robbins, Aurelia Louise Jones.
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