Strange hypervivid alien abduction dream?
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Strange hypervivid alien abduction dream?
This has never happened to me. I'm going through a catalytically intense situation right now, but this dream seems completely unrelated to it, other than the level of intensity.

Here is a detailed summary of what I wrote down this morning right after waking up. I'm rewording it because I was still groggy when I wrote it down:

I was in a dream of standard intensity, unaware I was dreaming (like 75% of dreams I have), and laying in a small field when three flying saucers in triangle formation flew swiftly to the area of sky right above me. The lead craft quickly dropped down to about twenty feet above me, turning its belly to face me head on. Its belly had a large bulbous sphere of greenish luminous material, which entranced me into a hyperreal state, the area all around the center bulbous sphere began morphing and revolving (much like the DMT blastoff when you sometimes see a revolving geometric mandela/crysanthemum).

At this point the dream became much more real than a regular dream, but not quite as clear as waking life. Hyperreal in its mental aspect, but still dreamy to my conscious mind.  The mandela expanded into my consciousness until I became part of it, and was teleported.

Then I was in the ship. I had my dream-body still. It was literally like the teleportation room of the starship Enterprise from Star Trek, except the color scheme was a pleasant, comforting white, blue, grey. Like a soft grey, and a bright but warming blue. Everything seemed cushioned, like the cushy vinyl booth seating in restaurants.

There were two entities holding me firmly and comfortably by the arms. They, too, were cushioned, and they were in white. I'm pretty sure these were their suits, not their physical/astral bodies. The suits were the same materials as the walls, a cushiony vinyl white material. If you punched them it would feel good on your fist. They were slightly taller and larger than I am (I am 6' 0" but who knows how tall my dream body was).

I could not see their faces, like that part is blotted out of my memory, or I never looked.

They carried me down the hall. I was almost upright, but wasn't walking, either physically unable to or just in such a sleep/dream state that I couldn't. I would have fallen down if they weren't holding me.

At this point the dream plateaued in how real it seemed. It felt like when you've waken up from an intense dream and you open your eyes - that brief moment where the external physical world is a part of your dream, you're more dreaming than awake but your eyes are open. That's how real it felt the whole time from this point on.

A note: I was sort of aware, although I became more aware of this after I got to this part when writing it down, that this memory isn't quite how it happened. Comparable to a metaphorical story. Or an abridged version, like how adult books sometimes get abridged into children's versions.

Then at the end of the hall was a room. The room had the same pleasantly scientific/advanced hospital feel to it, cushioned walls and all. There was a white cushiony table, like a workout bench for lifting weights except raised off the ground. A computer sat on a tall machine next to the table. (A strangely old-looking computer, like a bulky 90's PC desktop, although it had the pleasant white, modern scientific color scheme to it. Weird.)

Upon seeing the table, I realized that no way, I did not want to get on that table. Obviously! I don't know these entities holding my arms and carrying me briskly into the medical room as if this is routine for them! They have communicated nothing, I don't know what they look like, and while the whole place doesn't feel evil or even unpleasant, I don't have any idea what is going on! I have zero experience that I can draw upon to help me deal with this situation.

So I didn't get on that table, I sort of wiggled away from the two entities (I don't know how, they were holding me so firmly before) and fell face first to the side of it, made myself dead weight, similar to how when you know you're in a dream and want to wake up you fall down and close your eyes. I did this, and the dream became confused in terms of visual orientation. Everything was still hyperreal, but my visual field only caught scattered bits and pieces. Visually, it was somewhat like waking up from sedation at the dentist. But I still felt the two entities on either side of me, holding my arms. They seemed completely unaffected by my choice to avoid the table.

Then one of them stooped down and, reaching under me, applied some sort of pressure to my right testicle! Perhaps with his finger? Or some other astrally appendage. But it was uncomfortable! In fact, it was borderline painful. My testicle just became sore, thinking about this. And the entity held the pressure there for 15-20 seconds, way too long.

What the hell is up with that. I genuinely feel violated because of this part. In a kind of comedic way, though, somehow. Like some deeper part of me is kind of laughing affectionately at the part of me that feels violated. Grrr.

Then I sort of opened my eyes and saw the most hyperreal part yet, it was some cloth material half covering my face through which a stunningly beautiful blue light shined, and a beautiful white aura elsewhere. Then I woke up, again, (so I thought) and I was in a hotel room, with my mom, who is currently my best friend in life. And I excitedly began relating the experience to her, complete with comical offense that these alien dudes had squeezed my testicle.

Which, I would never talk to her about aliens or Ra or Law of One in waking life, she doesn't know about my own interest in it, it's not time yet. But in this dream-within-a-dream, apparently I could talk to her about it. And some Pokémon was playing on the tv. But I literally have not once ever watched Pokémon in waking life. Not a single time, so why was it playing here? There were mechanical sounds coming from the show that in retrospect I remember from the white hospital room. (I did not hear sound during my time in the room, but I felt like the mechanical show sounds related to that room for some reason.)

Then I woke up for real, as if out of a verrry deep sleep, it took much longer than usual to become fully aware consciously.

So there's my hyperreal abduction story. So weird. Weird in several ways. First of all, the entire experience up to the hotel room was completely silent. All of my memorable dreams have fantastic, mesmerizing, heart-wrenching music or rhythms. This one had zero sound until the hotel room mechanical sounds. That's a first. Another first is the testicle soreness, directly related to the entity's pressure. In dreams I am always able to say "no" to unwanted pain or physical contact. I must have agreed to this on some level? I don't know.

Another first is that I have literally never studied UFOs, or alien abductions, or anything related to that other than the Law of One!! All of my alien research is purely spiritual, like channeled beings and speculation about the Confederation and Orion and stuff like that. Nothing of the alien doctor examination abductions other than what I've randomly heard through movies and books.

I would LOVE some thoughts on what the hell this is all about, especially if you have similar stories, or if you have personally researched these sorts of experiences. I'm still not interested in researching UFOs! That's not my passion or even passing interest, so why would this occur to me? Maybe something is trying to provoke me into UFO research?
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