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(01-17-2017, 10:04 AM)Infinite Wrote:  Hi. The first time that I readed this dialogue with H_H was some years ago. I asked to a user of a forum here from Brazil (he looks like a iluminated person and remember of all your incarnations) if this planet is a prision. He said no. And show me this dialogue. I read this and years after searching a lot about Lucifer I came to conclusion that H_H saided the truth and wasn't a fake. But, I can see some mistakes in dialogue. I'll not tell about the unfulfilled predictions (cause the future it's very volatile and the planes always change) but some fundamental informations that go against "The Ra Material". For example:

Quote:ATS: Do the Orion/occultist groups specifically target civilizations before they become a social memory complex.

HH: Yes, but that does not make them immune to targeting others too, if they allow any chinks to appear in their armour. In short, the Orion Empire are 4th Density Negative. They are "lost" in the sense that they have drifted so far from their true nature, that despite many attempts, we have been unable to reach them, and help them to develop. They exist within their Group Soul Complex, mostly as a group of discarnate entities, within the Astral Planes of the planets they visit. They have no intention of 'returning Home', and instead seek to feed off of Negative Energy, to keep themselves going, as they are disconnected from their inherent natural Life-Force, by refusing to abide by the Infinite Creator's Incarnational Principles.

The time we spend between lives in time/space, is intended to restore our Soul Energy from within, in order to continue our upward progression. They are essentially 'imprisoned' within the 4th Density Negative cycle, as there is no Negative Harvest beyond the 4th Density. So they spend their time traveling the Galaxy, basically 'using the dark side of the Force' (Negativity) to achieve their means. They will eventually be brought back before the One Infinite Creator, and dissolved back into the Intelligent infinity (Source of All), though they are being given every chance for as long as possible, to learn the error of their ways, and return to seeking the Positive, and to begin their journey back Home. They main trouble is, they do not want to go Home. They see themselves as being 'gods', and do not intend to submit to the authority of The One.

These possible mistakes occurred because H_H is an incarnated Wanderer and the veil has disturbed him or he consciously lied?

What do you think about the Hidden Hand dialogue?

Peace, love and light.

They consciously lied / lie, there isn't anything else they do, that is their hobby.

If there is anything that one learns from modern depiction of the "devil" is that even when they seem kind in the end it will make one suffer, so you might as well just ignore them completely, this relationship is nowhere near mutually useful. They make you think that you can "bargain" with them but in reality you can't, it might be some testing whether one is still naive enough to hope that after thousands of years that they might change for the better ( they won't ). All they do is make you doubt, and the saddest part that you convincing them was never an option even if it looked as if you were having a conversation, the only thing that might happen as you think about this is you are pushed deeper and deeper into doubting your opinion on good / positive things.

If you take a look at history you will find repeating incarnational patterns that prove this, the only things they changed are the official titles (king,governor,emperor etc.) and means they are using to try and enslave people, their character didn't evolve a single bit.
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