Transexualism, Polarity, and How does this work?
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RE: Transexualism, Polarity, and How does this work?
(01-05-2016, 01:57 PM)The_Tired_Philosopher Wrote:  Speculation.
And...admittance, I would probably identify as a transsexual now, in a...Uh.  Excuse me, I've been working on some feelings of shame, guilt, and embarrassment.  Its left me overall confused on my sexuality, can feel this in my red ray for years and could never scratch it...  It was so prominent during my awakening I once more unbarred myself from things like gay porn or considering being with a guy as more than just friends.  Its all...Because of some childhood events.  That To this day I can't process. Mostly because I lost my virginity to a guy I think before I was even 10 (or 9 or 11), and that entire event is...blurry and I remember things starting and ending sex wise, but everything in just gone.  I have tried to find these buried or suppressed memories and can't.  I wasn't exactly optimistic back then and the entire encounter was.  Regretful, dunno if it was painful, don't remember... But I got used for a few years as a booty call before he just disappeared from my life without a word.

This plus one other thing (my lack of a father figure after age 13) has me essentially set at, I'm a guy, who feels like a girl.
And I don't want to admit it!  I just want to be...Accepted?   I can't explain it, I don't even know if this is a confused surmise or not, I don't know.  I'm fine identifying bi but eventually I'll have to get more honest with myself.  In High School I'd let girls put make up on me (albeit for money to let them practice) and I've always preferred my hair long, I'm not physical, I've never fought 'fisticuffs' or even been in a physical fight, I'm not physical I'm Mental/Emotional.  I'm low on physical power but beaming with mental/emotional energy (too much so omg).  I have always been good with emotions and words, sensations and feelings and how they are experienced.  I hate sports, love Go, Chess, DnD, hate shaving (but love how I look when I do).  And now I want to point out how some of these are dumb too.  Some of this should not point me to I'm transexual yet do, and I don't know why.  I don't know why not being into sports is a girlish thing.   I don't know if being bullied heavily my entire childhood suppressed my masculinity, or why I think my long a feminine preference.

-shrugs- but there's this thing inside of me that is unknown, I am now exploring it as I absolved a good portion of the horrors that plagued me weeks/months now and have..heh...the mental time now to unconsciously process it alongside the other stuff too.  I don't cross dress or wear makeup or anything like that, though Kilts look awesome lol

So, I've admitted I'm a bit confused on my sexual identity as per my social identification.  I'm perfectly fine being a feminine guy or a dude with a dudette mind...Bro Heart
But I think I need to look into this...To see if it is a transsexual thing or a...Confused thing?  Or...a Thing at all D: ?

Now I must ask how this ties into polarity.  How does a transgender polarize with each sexual encounter??
Lets use a male person who's transgender.  How does an entity with both sexes in energy polarize when interacting sexually?  Its my understanding a male principle reaches, a female recieves.  Male is + charge (not sto) and Female is - charge (not sts), is a male transgender energetically a + charge with loss in differential from - charge energies or...

What I'm trying to ask is, Homosexuality according to Ra is an aura confusion issue, from entities being too close too constantly, I personally didn't resonate with this passage ever so I dropped it but pick it up to see how others receive it.  

How's this work in reation to a transgender individual?  It feels like a loaded question because it individuates transgender as being different, when its really not.  I just don't know how to ask this promptly.

How do the energetics of the body work with transgendered individuals? Are they male with a feminine charge, are they female with a male charge?  Would a sexual energy transfer be... -doesn't even know how to ask-

Do Transgendered individuals align with what Ra said of homosexuality?  It seems like there's energetically more happening here than if it were an openly homosexual guy vs an openly transexual guy.

And by transsexual all I mean is a physical gender that does not match your personal opinion of your mental gender.

Opinions and thoughts on both my opinion of myself and this speculation are totes welcome Big Grin
Does anyone know if Quo ever spoke on transgender individuals?
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