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RE: Daily Q'uote - Quan - 02-18-2022

Q'uote of the Day
November 22, 2008

"…To the Creator it is that imperfect and individual perception of subjective beauty which It finds most interesting, for perfection cannot teach, but the perception and unique distortions of imperfect beauty can tell the Creator a good deal about Itself."

Now to unwrap this spiritual paradox further.. the quote proceeds this "Which is the truth, my brother? Is it more true that a seeker sees, feels and experiences with every fiber of his being the beauty of some present moment, some object, some quality, or some essence that escapes definition? Or is it the truth that only the original and unsullied mystery of absolute beauty is that which is the higher truth?“

RE: Daily Q'uote - Quan - 02-19-2022

Q'uote of the Day
February 11, 2007

“ Each entity’s creation is his own. The biases that he encourages in his life become the biases of his world. Entities are people of great power. They are part of the godhead principle. All entities, even the elements, the animals, and all of nature, have this power. But they do not know that they have it. And consequently they use it effortlessly and without any impurity, being incapable of altering their nature and only capable of fulfilling it. You, as self-conscious entities, have far greater ability to create because you are conscious of yourself. Consequently, your particular creation has sometimes a dramatic difference in coloration from the creations of some about you as you walk through your everyday experience. When you have achieved a sense of your own power and are dedicated to using that power rightly, you become a force beyond the normal run of human energy.”

A very powerful quote.. or an empowering quote ..pardon the pun Wink was going to say use the force wisely Luke (movie quote)..

RE: Daily Q'uote - Margan - 02-20-2022

Q'uote of the Day
December 30th, 1990

" …Never…demean, degrade or criticize the self for lacking the conviction, the faith or the strength to meet a situation as one would wish. For the will of the spirit and the faith of the spirit are expressed in the fruits of intention, first of all, and only as the spirit grows stronger from intending, and intending, and intending to show love in difficult circumstances, does the spirit grow strong enough, hardy enough, and full enough of faith to manifest in any nearly accurate way the infinite beauty of spiritual intention."

A timely reminder Wink again to be kind to the self in difficult situations and not think "I failed this". Maybe.. there is even a special kind of beauty in failing?
Yesterday I failed (once again ) in a situation of noise around me and got so annoyed - each time I say to myself "I will use that situation when it comes up in order to focus and meditate and so transcend the noise yada yada" and again I forgot about it and went into "I dont want this now" mode....
my noise karma again. Seems I am intent on taking the "scenic route" on that one and enjoy the non-enjoyment of loudness Tongue
I am thinking of two q'uotes back where it said that perfection cannot teach anything so perhaps those situations of seeming failure and wrongness are wonderful in themselves and in their imperfection and meant to be that way. So let us all fail in our unique ways haha - wasnt there a saying "too perfect -God is not amused" - I cannot find exactly what it said  - oh all ye lovely readers I failed ye on this one Wink
That reminds me of my favorite doll, which was also the "ugliest" one in the conventional sense - she had black spots on her face because I smeared her with nivea creme and she must have been allergic to that RollEyes and her eyes were all glazed over because I took her to the bath tub with me and she got under water.....
So since God are perfect themselves maybe it is refreshing for them to see their children play and fool around in imperfection
which ties in what we said the other day about God getting bored from all the love and unity and perfection and going out for new experiences and thus discovering separation and strife and negativity Tongue
So in that sense - have a wonderfully imperfect 2/20/2022!

and start anew and with a fresh plate this day even if we "failed" by our own standards the day before (and one day I will be able to meditate thru the noise and transcend it I swear.... and if I do you will be first to know Tongue ) :
"Just as you cannot draw beautifully upon a stained and dirty drawing table, for then you shall gain the unwanted and random stains of previous paintings not so well informed, so you do not want to paint the picture to the outside world, or even to yourself, if your easel is awry, your palette filled with muddy colors, and your paper stained through from water colors of the past, or your canvas stained through from paintings from the past. Take you then each day the new canvas, the new drawing paper, and begin each day as the beginner that each of us is."

RE: Daily Q'uote - Quan - 02-21-2022

Q'uote of the Day
October 30, 1992

" Earlier there was speech concerning the long and difficult path which demands an endurance. Each wonders, perhaps, why endurance would seem to call first for faith and then for understanding and wisdom. The archetypical feature of wisdom is its ability to regulate. This is seen in the body wherein the potentiator of physical energies is that which controls and manages rather than that which is fully open and uncontrolled. However, the need for regulation of energy cannot precede the development of a firm and persistent compassion. Compassion is a corollary of faith. Thusly, the first persistence is to working with your consciousness to exhort and encourage the self to be foolishly faithful, foolish in the eyes of a pusillanimous world."

Okay, lets knock off the elephant in the room first here..the word pusillanimous world. Quite a common word which sure most people have heard of.. And no for those who know it shares no reference to the pugilistic world its more the opposite in one sense? In the context of this quote, its having that endurance to persist in a more say spiritual life when day to day worldly life may suggest the opposite is much more important. Long story short embrace being a fool .. treat life like a joke and take death seriously well maybe not but in one sense yes Smile
To bring the focus back to this moment..
Law of One 67.30 : "Fool is described in such and such a way. One great aspect of this archetype is the aspect of faith, the walking into space without regard for what is to come next. This is, of course, foolish but is part of the characteristic of the spiritual neophyte"

RE: Daily Q'uote - flofrog - 02-21-2022

lol, I feel foolish most of the time. Thanks Quan, to reassure me that I am a spiritual neophyte, somehow it is reassuring to know there's more to come !! lol

Seriously, much love to you and all.

RE: Daily Q'uote - Quan - 02-22-2022

Q'uote of the Day
November 24th, 2007

"It is necessary…for you to fall in love with yourself. Self-judgment cannot be overcome. It must be balanced by compassion. You are bound to make mistakes and come under the possibility of judgment. Yet also do you have within you creatorship, so that you are never in a position of having failed for longer than it takes for you to turn again to the light and start afresh."

" Self-judgment cannot be overcome. It must be balanced by compassion." Highlight, underline, exclamations points ..*sound the trumpets* let off the fireworks.. This obviously applies also to judgement of others too, embrace the 360 degree self for all its points. And "fall in love with yourself" and all others too in a, all is one type of way Wink

RE: Daily Q'uote - Quan - 02-23-2022

Q'uote of the Day
November 2nd, 1986

" The presumption of the seeker is that all parameters are to be understood and searched out and that there is trail of wisdom to the stars, a series of questions that will lead one to infinite wisdom. This is not so. Wisdom is born of suffering, dilemma, contradiction and pain. The so-called happy times that you experience within the illusion are useful as randomly as are the difficult times, and the intrinsic value of happiness is quite low."

A wake up call quote to focus on those values beyond this illusion, not happiness on the surface yet love and that inner joy..
"Would that we could teach those within an illusion to pay sufficient attention while peaceful and happy, for then discomfort and pain would have no spiritual use whatsoever, these being the two-by-fours which are applied to your foreheads by your higher selves in a loving effort to get your attention."

RE: Daily Q'uote - Margan - 02-23-2022

I was reading the first part of that transmission and was like "what the heck are they talking about" .... and then I was glad to see even Carla  did not seem to get it either and asked for clarification lol....
so then they explained a bit further:
"The core of the concepts which we were attempting to share this evening is that concept which we have discovered in our own experience and feel is quite applicable to each entity who [is] within your third-density illusion—the nature of that illusion. For, indeed, all you perceive within your life experience is made of illusion. That which seems good and favorable and that which seems bad or repugnant together form the mountains and valleys of the terrain of your life experience. And it is not from reading of such geographical configuration of land masses that one learns how to navigate such terrain, or is able to deduce any precept or final conclusion from such configuration. One must travel this terrain, moving between the peaks and the valleys, and remaining in various locations for a certain period of your time and experience in order to be able to grasp the effect upon one’s thinking, that residing within a certain location of being and expression will affect the thinking.

By so experiencing these various geographical configurations, to continue, one may then, through this experience, fashion that which is truly born of wisdom and which may eventually produce a loving acceptance of all that one experiences within the life pattern, when one is able to utilize the experiences to their fullest extent."

so maybe in simple terms:
Do not worry too much about what you are going thru, good times or bad, since they are all illusionary... but try to be in that loving state of being

Then, a bit further down, about progress:

"Indeed, you make progress, my sister, as do all seekers of truth. Yet that progress is registered within your total being in a way which you cannot imagine, for you do not have the tools within your illusion to grasp the breadth, the depth, or the height or the intensity or any true measure of that which [you] have attained."

this may be good to hear for those seekers who worry about not making the 51 % threshhold.... forget about it, you will not be able to measure it yourself anyways Tongue
Just trust all is well. And the Creatrix loves you ! Smile

RE: Daily Q'uote - Quan - 02-24-2022

Q'uote of the Day
March 16th, 1997

"The Creator has enormous infinite love for you. There is a personality, a personhood to that quality of love. It is not impersonal. It is not general or vague. The Creator finds each vibratory complex beautiful and loves each just as she is. "

RE: Daily Q'uote - Quan - 02-25-2022

Q'uote of the Day
January 10th, 2009

"…Let the time flow. It is a river that will bring you storms and easy days. Angry whirlpools and halcyon waves. Trust the boat upon which you sit. It is the boat of your knowledge of yourself. Let that boat take all of the water, all of the moods of the river as they come, and if you do get distracted and find yourself in a whirlpool going around and around, let it exhaust itself in you, and then take out the keel, point it in the direction you choose with all your heart, and begin again. There is never an ending. There is never a true loss. There is only you, your desire, and the road upon which you long ago have set your foot. "

Lovely, poetic quote today.. evokes a pleasant, refreshing feeling reading it..

RE: Daily Q'uote - Quan - 02-26-2022

Q'uote of the Day
December 26, 2009

“…The positive emotions such as joy, admiration and love of a romantic or friendly nature are feel-good emotions that are hardly ever evaluated or judged. Nevertheless, it is very helpful when working with positive emotions to pay attention to them also. For just like the negative emotions, the surface of a positive emotion is only the beginning of its intensity, its clarity and its vitality, and it is to the spiritual seeker who focuses on such surface emotions such as joy and allows them to expand and, as we said before, to tell their story around the campfire of the self as it experiences itself that the gift of positive emotions shall come.Likewise, when experiencing the seemingly negative or shadow emotions it is quite useful to behold and allow the awareness of these surface emotions to remain, not pushing them away because they are uncomfortable to behold, but rather gazing at this dark color of emotion and asking it to clarify, to refine itself, to become more pure.“

Quote is talking about those moments can be easy to skim along the surface not paying attention to emotions one is going through but, be aware or if not look reflect back when time is right..

RE: Daily Q'uote - Margan - 02-27-2022

Q'uote of the Day
April 12th, 2008

"The habit of meditation is, like any other habit, one which is learned through repetition. There is often the concept of meditation as being a complete blanking out of the mind and a resting in heavenly bliss. Yet we would say to you…that you will also have a fruitful and helpful meditation spending your time in silence, watching your thoughts arise and allowing them to fall, watching them arise and allowing them to fall away, watching them arise and allowing them once again, and once again, to fall away… The seeming turbulence of the surface of the mind does not in any way keep your deeper mind from realizing your intention to focus your will upon the seeking of the communication that is in the silence. And bolstered by this awareness of your intention and the setting of your will, your deeper self will use that meditation time just as it would if your outer experience were completely peaceful."

They always compare this turbulent vs still mind to the sea.... on the surface with all the waves and such, it can be quite stormy. But go deeper and deeper there is always this stillness and calm.
And in regards to emotions they wrote similar - if you stay on the surface of the emotions they carry you away. But go to the center, go deeper and deeper and you will be undisturbed and in calm too .... also in regards to yesterdays q'uote Smile
And re the setting and awareness of  intention, remember how I talked about my loudness distortion the other day...
I was able to get a glimpse of that the other morning. I was not yet awake but however not completely in sleep or dream either and my mind was focused with some "remembrance of a dream"... so that it took a while until i realized that there was (again!!) some nasty noise outside coming from the construction site. But that noise must have been there a while before I noticed it - it was there but the mind did not jump on it immediately. So I guess that is what it must be like to be aware on some other layer of mind but undisturbed by something....
allowing it to be there with out being carried away by it Smile
happy sunday everyone ! And thank you for letting me write down my thoughts on the quotes. You have no idea how helpful that is for an unregulated lazy meditator like myself Smile - it is like thru the writing down it helps me focus more. So THANK YOU ALL ye lovely fellow posters and readers

RE: Daily Q'uote - Margan - 02-28-2022

Q'uote of the day
November 30th, 1986

"…We realize the difficulty that any seeker of truth meets when looking upon the illusion which is your world. There is much of sorrow and suffering which seems without just cause and even more seemingly tragic without a possible resolution. We can only suggest to each that one attempt to look beyond the outer appearance of any situation and see the heart of all entities and events as being the one Creator knowing Itself in yet another way that might seem incomprehensible, yet in such mystery lies infinite potential for love to be found, for, indeed, there is no thing or being made of any other substance."

A very fitting quote for the momentary situation, what with pandemic not yet over and war starting... at times the illusion seems very dark and negative. interestingly enough someone just sent me this:

with a quote from Dostojewski :
“Pain and suffering are always inevitable for a large intelligence and a deep heart. The really great men must, I think, have great sadness on earth.”
― Fyodor Dostoevsky, Crime and Punishment
I guess most of you have heard of Scott Mandelker and this video seems to talk about what the q'uote today is also about.... just started listening.
He talks about the Ra Material also and if I m not mistaken he was in touch with the LLresearch crew?
Anyways enjoy the quote and the video, and have a lovely monday!
and tonight is Mahashivaratri - in the northern hemisphere there is a great influx of energy and so sit erect and meditate all thru the night Smile
in honor of Shiva, the greatest of the Indian deities

RE: Daily Q'uote - Margan - 02-28-2022

Quote:July 31, 2007


The governments of your people, however, are not at all focused on peace, contentment or compassion. Those in political power have become able to hold the positions which they hold because they have laid aside what they consider to be naïve and overly innocent hopes. They have accepted that they cannot be men of complete integrity, in the usual sense, if they wish to serve the state. The organization and arrangement of power is specifically and universally service-to-self upon your planet.

There are those entities who, vibrating in green ray and blue ray, attempt most sincerely to change the atmosphere in which business is conducted at the level of nation-states. However, these entities are either weeded out completely by their inability to accept a system which is corrupt and to work within that, or they become useless in terms of making a change from within governmental systems because they have become used to the perquisites of power and have begun to think in a service-to-self way, while rationalizing to themselves that all that they do is for the greater good. They become more and more separated from any stream of pure metaphysical integrity by their own choices until they can no longer remember what it feels like to make a purely positive response to challenging catalyst.

Indeed, my brother, the entities who are in power among your nation-states are focused upon those goals that have been the habitual goals of people in power upon your planet for millennia. Those goals are the goals of your great ape ancestors. They revolve around a love of their family and their tribe. When they have defined their tribe, then they attempt to defend their tribe’s property and acreage and to gather resources so that their tribe may fare well in a world of diminishing resources. They have been in power before, perhaps many times, and have developed the habit of an unceasing thirst for power. And this they shall not yield in order to make room for service-to-others goals such as true liberty, true equality, true justice, and a truly equitable distribution of the resources of your planet.

We ask that you not be overly concerned with the state of the outer workings of your planet. We ask that your concern be to pray that these leaders may be forgiven, for they do not know what they are doing. They will come to dust, as all dragons must. Even now, they are dying. The energy of the old world is weakening and its hold upon the hearts and the minds of ordinary people, such as are gathered in this circle of seeking, is lessening every day.

Nothing is as it seems when looked at from a metaphysical point of view. Therefore, when thinking of the Middle East and its issues, may your concern be to affirm and confirm that there is peace, love and compassion that is stronger than the dragon which is thrashing its tail at this time. For dragons shall die. But those values of love, unity, hope, faith and joy shall live forever. As you affirm and confirm these values in yourself, you are creating the basis for that which is to come. And in so doing, you are also creating for yourself the ability to live through the shift into fourth density that is upon you at this time.

As you look at the Middle East, know that all is well. And if you wish to explore the details of the politics of violence and aggression that make the front pages red with blood, do this studying and this research not to despair but to know ever more clearly the nature of the world that you came to incarnation to love.

And my brother, we ask that you allow no judgment to enter into this love. Praise and bless those who seem to be persecuting and hurting the common man and woman in these difficult and challenging times that you now experience. Let your mind and your heart rest in peace. The outer world shall not hear you, but all of those in the unseen realms who vibrate in unconditional love do hear you and are called to your prayers to amplify them and to strengthen them. You are doing the good work of compassion and love as you offer these simple prayers and visualizations in order to maximize your ability to serve in this way.

We recommend that, as this group does, you set aside time each day, if only just a moment, to visualize peace, harmony and understanding, not only in the Middle East but in all portions of your far-flung globe. We assure you that you are having a wonderful affect on the inner planes. Allow the rest to fall away, for empires rise and fall. The spiritual evolution moves along without regard to the illusion created by power and breath.


(02-28-2022, 01:31 AM)Confused Wrote:
(02-27-2022, 04:57 PM)Margan Wrote:

I just saw this is tomorrow!!!
Maha Shivaratri for the year 2022 is celebrated/ observed on Monday, February 28.

An annual Hindu festival, Maha Shivaratri gives reverence to the Lord Shiva god. The festival is also known as 'Great Night of Shiva' or 'Shivaratri’.

Shivaratri Rituals
Devotees of Lord Shiva observe the Shivaratri Festival by following the prescribed rituals with sincerity and devotion. All through the day, devotees abstain from eating food and break their fast only the next morning, after the nightlong worship. Ritual baths of Shivalinga in the numerous Shiva temples by Shiva worshipper, mainly women, is another significant feature of Shivratri customs and traditions. Devotees strongly believe that ritual worship of Lord Shiva on the auspicious day of Shivaratri absolves them of past sins and they are blessed with Moksha.

Rituals Observed on a Shivaratri Morning
As a tradition devotees wake up early in the morning of the Mahashivratri day and take a ritual sunrise bath, preferably in the holy waters of river Ganga. They also offer prayers to the Sun God, Vishnu and Shiva as a part of a purification rite observed on all-important Hindu festivals. After wearing fresh new clothes devotees visit the nearest Shiva Temple to give the customary bath to the Shivalinga.

Is something happening in your town, Confused?
It's celebrated widely across communities that observe Hindu customs...

some other quote that refers to the dealings of this world and politics, and some info about tonights Mahashivaratri Smile

RE: Daily Q'uote - Quan - 03-01-2022

Q'uote of the Day
May 25th, 1986

" It is often impossible to see the richly textured pattern which links events, situations and emotional states in coherent manner. In fact, it is far more logical to assume a stance of extreme skepticism when faced with the question of the “why” of existence and consciousness, for even the most patient among you must be patient to the point of silence, usually for many of your years, before the inner connections between all things, events, people, emotional states become evident or even partially so. Since much is obscured from your vision, it is logical to assume that there is nothing to be seen. Yet, there is that irrational, shall we say, impulse among all conscious beings to seek beyond that which can be seen, heard, felt and touched in any way, measured by any instrument, evaluated by any means whatsoever. "

"In fact, it is far more logical to assume a stance of extreme skepticism when faced with the question of the “why” of existence and consciousness"
The Way of Confusion\Law of Free Will in full effect, especially evident in TV shows and movies..  An it seems to obvious a truth, well that is until the veil has been lifted, then it is soo obvious why..  an if not read the Law of One for some help Tongue

RE: Daily Q'uote - Margan - 03-01-2022

(03-01-2022, 03:14 AM)Quan Wrote:  Since much is obscured from your vision, it is logical to assume that there is nothing to be seen. 

Nothing to be seen, please move on Smile Tongue
please help!!! I have to go run some bureaucratic errands today, which I postponed until the latest date possible  RollEyes
I wasnt even able to fill in the forms (I stashed them in a room which I seldom use  Blush ).... 
I think I will just go there with my papers and say "here please help me, I 'm an idiot" 
You know the old saying "if you think you're so enlightened, go spend a weekend with your parents"
SInce my parents are both dead and actually we had a good connection, with me it would be
"if you think you're so enlightened, go fill in some forms and go to the official office of German bureaucracy "  Omg

Edit: I did it! I survived!!!! (but barely lol)

RE: Daily Q'uote - flofrog - 03-01-2022

I am so glad it went well Margan

Thank you for reminding us of the Law of Confusion, Quan,.... so apt right now... Wink

RE: Daily Q'uote - Quan - 03-02-2022

(03-01-2022, 01:55 PM)flofrog Wrote: I am so glad it went well Margan

Thank you for reminding us of the Law of Confusion, Quan,.... so apt right now... Wink

Margan: That is hillarious, in the process did you body offer you some headache catalyst too Wink

Haha yes flofrog we all have a fundemental right to be as confused as we choose, especially dependng on each moment Tongue

RE: Daily Q'uote - Quan - 03-02-2022

Q'uote of the Day
May 23rd, 1999

" As always, [for] one attempting to come to a place of more awareness the tool of choice is silence. In meditation and in prayer much may be accomplished beneath the surface of that beingness that is each of you. Without words to limit, without thorns to inhibit, the silence speaks in the free and open manner of deity. The more of silence that one may eat as food, the more deep shall come that awareness of the Creator speaking within that system of energies that is the being that is each of you."

Silence is like peeling layers of an onion, as you become more silent another layer is found..  exept tears from peeling that onion become more tears of joy on a deeper level.

P.S Of course its not always straightforward.. your own preincarnative planning comes into play too..

RE: Daily Q'uote - BlueLoveLotus - 03-02-2022

Thank you Quan! And hi everyone! Lao Tzu:

A great nation is like a great man:

When he makes a mistake, he realizes it.
Having realized it, he admits it.
Having admitted it, he corrects it.
He considers those who point out his faults
as his most benevolent teachers.
He thinks of his enemy
as the shadow that he himself casts.

PS - or a great woman!!!

RE: Daily Q'uote - Quan - 03-03-2022

Q'uote of the Day
April 22nd, 2007

" …Reflect upon those moments that come to you where you feel that something important or momentous has occurred in a vibrational way rather than in a verbal or conscious way. When you sense these moments, take the time to move into them more deeply, to rejoice in the gift of the present moment, and to use that moment of inspiration further to dedicate yourself to the love and the light of the one Creator and to being agents for that love and that light. "

An those moments may not always be when you expect, sometimes at very strange times too.. "oh really now?" "oh okay" .. feel free to insert your own memory into this, it can be quite comical actually the timing, especially when around others Smile

RE: Daily Q'uote - Margan - 03-03-2022

(03-02-2022, 03:15 PM)BlueLoveLotus Wrote: Thank you Quan! And hi everyone! Lao Tzu:

A great nation is like a great man:

When he makes a mistake, he realizes it.
Having realized it, he admits it.
Having admitted it, he corrects it.
He considers those who point out his faults
as his most benevolent teachers.
He thinks of his enemy
as the shadow that he himself casts.

PS - or a great woman!!!
Thank you for mentioning "great woman" too, BlueLoveLotus, thats lovely .... you know how they say "behind every great man, there  is a great woman"
So let's recapitulate ->
"a great nation is a like a great man", and behind every great man there is a great woman.
Sooooo, concluding -> behind every great nation - there is a great woman ?

RE: Daily Q'uote - Margan - 03-03-2022

(03-03-2022, 04:05 AM)Quan Wrote: Q'uote of the Day
April 22nd, 2007

" …Reflect upon those moments that come to you where you feel that something important or momentous has occurred in a vibrational way rather than in a verbal or conscious way. When you sense these moments, take the time to move into them more deeply, to rejoice in the gift of the present moment, and to use that moment of inspiration further to dedicate yourself to the love and the light of the one Creator and to being agents for that love and that light. "

An those moments may not always be when you expect, sometimes at very strange times too.. "oh really now?" "oh okay"  .. feel free to insert your own memory into this, it can be quite comical actually the timing, especially when around others Smile
I had two of my greatest spiritual insights when on public transportation Tongue
and you know what is funny.... 
tears streaming down my face each time because I was so moved. And guess what,  no one looked at me weirdly or anything... it was like they were all in their own bubbles and I was free to experience, stay in that moment and not be bothered by the outside world BigSmile
It was as if the higher self or maybe some unseen higher-up helpers cloaked me with invisibility as to protect me.

RE: Daily Q'uote - Margan - 03-04-2022

Q'uote of the Day
April 22nd, 2007

"…Reflect upon those moments that come to you where you feel that something important or momentous has occurred in a vibrational way rather than in a verbal or conscious way. When you sense these moments, take the time to move into them more deeply, to rejoice in the gift of the present moment, and to use that moment of inspiration further to dedicate yourself to the love and the light of the one Creator and to being agents for that love and that light."

they ask about processing catalyst and here is what Q'uo said:
"As the group was discussing earlier, the spiritual path is a path of transformation. There is an archetypal energy that surrounds and integrates your everyday experience with the eternal, the infinite, and the mysterious. You are that meeting point of two worlds and you are that translator that gradually learns to become able to switch back and forth between the two, sometimes surprisingly different, points of view of the two different worlds: that world of time/space where metaphysical realities like concepts and thoughts have the kind of mass that you would think of a person or a chair having, so that they are very real entities within that world; and then coming back into the everyday world where such thoughts and concepts are not at all solid and seem so insubstantial as perhaps to be useless. You are that integrative element in the design which gathers information for the Creator and offers that harvest to the Creator."

the meeting point of two worlds, and the translator thereof... I am so familiar with that switching or flip-flopping between those states. Seeking for the final unification! The grand finale

and this:
"And there are two different ways, two different points of view to take, in dealing with the same circumstance. Generally speaking, entities’ surface reactions or instantaneous reactions to catalyst tend towards being fear-based and shortsighted. Naturally, enough entities in third density are not hit over the head, shall we say, by the catalyst. They are able to rationalize their reactions to various types of catalyst in ways that do not involve the necessity to change or transform the self.

It is the spiritual seeker who proactively chooses to enter into that transformative road of seeking that can begin to move to layers deeper than instantaneous and sometimes instinctual reactions; to seek further into where in the energy body that over-activation or blockage is occurring, why it may be occurring, and how he can clear that blockage.

As you become more experienced at reviewing your thoughts, you will become ever better at finding the precise triggers that have caused your catalyst."

RE: Daily Q'uote - Quan - 03-05-2022

Q'uote of the Day
December 29th, 2007

" …This is the place where you hoped to share, in great joy and radiance, the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. For you heard the cry of Earth and you hoped to hold the light at this time in a dark world, so that gradually, as you allowed the light of the Creator to shine through you, you could infect others with this joy and effortless flow of light and love that is coming through each of you at all times. And yet so seldom is it acknowledged, blessed and given a boost as it goes through your energy system and out into the world. You indeed came here to do that. Yet this is where doing meets being, for in allowing the light to shine through you, you are not doing anything except giving your will to the one infinite Creator and asking to be used as an instrument of his love, his light, and his peace."

This is especially important to remember when being around other selves " you could infect others with this joy and effortless flow of light and love that is coming through each of you at all times." So when you start getting caught up in this dreamy illusion stop and remember what your sharing, an if you fall asleep sometimes its okay let it be a drive to remember next time. You will get plenty of practice Wink

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Laughter can be quite infectious indeed Smile
when I was attending language school I sometimes had those attacks of "le fou rire"
Our spanish teacher told us about how indigenous tribes in South America were fabricating those sandals out of car tyres. I was sitting there and imagining them with the tyres on their bare feet and I just lost it....
I had the front row seat right before the teacher. I tried to suppress the laughter but you know how it goes it is impossible... my whole body was shaking and my shoulders too and I was gasping for air
The rest of the class noticed and one by one they started laughing too, until everyone joined. I still remember the perplexed face of the teacher "but what is so funny about all this"
She was the only one who kept a straight face lol

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Q'uote of the Day
November 26th, 1989

" Why…are you in your shell, this thick, impenetrable shell of forgetting? We say to you, you are in this shell of forgetting so that you may make your choice unfettered by the knowledge of the answers to the test. Many are the students who simply write down what the teacher says and parrot it back to the teacher to make a good grade. In spiritual or metaphysical work this line of endeavor is of no virtue, for you are seeking authenticity of self, and only in the authenticity of the self-forgiven self can the Creator move from infinite intelligence through infinite energy into your heart, your spirit, your hands, and your eyes, that you may behold the glory of all that is about you, that you may feel anguish for those many, many things that are awry, and then to affirm that it is possible for this unfortunate condition to cease."

or in other words.... BE YOURSELF

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Heart Q'uote of the Day
September 28th, 1986

" …There is a function of your spiritual evolution which it is impossible to fulfill unless you are to a significant extent empty instead of full, and doing nothing instead of keeping all the balls in the air. Have you ever wondered why there are so many of your people who have turned to solitude, fasting and silence as means of spiritual growth? They are attempting to empty themselves, that there may be room in their lives for the fulfillment of the spiritual function of polarizing by turning the attention to the search for the perception of the infinite Creator."

ohhhh for those of you who are Ancient Egyptologists like me, this is interesting :
"One more question—well, one more statement, I guess, then you can please comment on it as to its correctness. In the session that we had last week, we basically established that the pyramids were for balancing the planet at that particular point in time. And then the question was raised, at this particular point in time, would it be advantageous to again construct pyramids for this balancing technique, and the answer was basically that there are those among us now who have evolved along the spiritual path to such a degree that basically in and of themselves they are portable pyramids. Could it be that these individuals have evolved such that they can use the chakra centers of the body much like the chambers within the great pyramid for this balancing procedure. Is there any validity in that statement at all?
I am Q’uo, and we find that your statement is in general quite correct, for as time and experience has passed since the times of the pyramids, as you call them, entities upon your planet have had more opportunities to process the catalyst of each incarnation, and by such processed catalyst gain the experience of a spiritual nature which allows the movement of consciousness to proceed...

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am again with this instrument. To continue our response. Thus, the accumulated experience that has accrued to the population of your planet has provided each entity now incarnate with the opportunity to utilize the heart chakra in a fashion which is congruent with the King’s chamber position and provides to each entity who seeks consciously the keys to its own evolution the possibility of utilizing the energy of what you would call love in a fashion which may balance and heal not only the self in further processing of catalyst and others about the self, but in visualized meditations may affect the balance of your planetary sphere itself. This potential becomes available to an entity when that entity becomes consciously aware that it is proceeding upon a path of evolution and undertakes to accelerate that journey in a studied and continual fashion, thus becoming what we have called a seeker, a pupil."

So no need to travel to Egypt, the Kings chamber is in your heart BigSmile Heart

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Q'uote of the Day
December 29th, 2007

" The benefits of being in a physical body that works in third density have to do with your not knowing the truth. You have deliberately placed yourself in a situation where the truth is not obvious. It is not obvious that all is one. It is not obvious that this one thing is love. It is not obvious that each of you is a part of the creative principle, an ineffable and inextricably intertwined part of that one thing that is all things, the one great original Thought of unconditional love that is the one infinite Creator. Why would you wish to place yourself in a position of unknowing? My friends, you wished to learn and you wished to serve and above all you wished to choose. And all of these things needed to be done by faith, faith in things unseen and unprovable. "

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Happy Tuesday everyone!!!
Chuang Tzu:

During our dreams we do not know we are dreaming. We may even dream of interpreting a dream. 
Only on waking do we know it was a dream. 
Only after the great awakening will we realize that this is the great dream.


You have only to rest in inaction and things will transform themselves. 
Smash your form and body, spit out hearing and eyesight, forget you are a thing among other things, 
and you may join in great unity with the deep and boundless.