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RE: Daily Q'uote - Quan - 08-27-2019

The Daily Q'uote for August 27, 2019

"�We warn each seeker that the path is not a comfortable, joy-filled picnic at all times. There are the oasis times, there are the desert times. In terms of the dynamic of human personality it is necessary that these two basic states of consciousness follow each other seriatim, for there are truths to learn from mountaintop experiences, and there are the same sacred truths to learn when deep in the valley of mundane ordinariness."

Head this sentence before an yet still cannot help but laugh read it again.. "when deep in the valley of mundane ordinariness." BigSmile  It adds a nice flavour to think about when experiencing those times..  Humour is a great medicine!

RE: Daily Q'uote - omcasey - 08-27-2019

Quite synchronous - and a great post number to start the page with, #1,111

RE: Daily Q'uote - Quan - 08-28-2019

(08-27-2019, 12:44 PM)omcasey Wrote: Quite synchronous - and a great post number to start the page with, #1,111

Oh the apple to my eye, im a sucker for synchronicity thank you for pointing that out Tongue

RE: Daily Q'uote - Quan - 08-28-2019

The Daily Q'uote for August 28, 2019

"The primary assumption that we use as the basis for balancing is that there is a center to things, that there is a sense to be made of the universe. This ground of being is difficult to talk about because its mode of being is that which is in process. The living processes of self relating to self and other self cannot be pinned like the butterfly on the collector�s exhibit. It cannot be stopped, for when it is halted it ceases being living. So the basic picture, shall we say, that we have of the illusion is that it does make sense. It does add up to a unified and complete whole, but that sense is not linear and that whole or totality holds each pair of opposites in a dynamic balance."

"It does add up to a unified and complete whole, but that sense is not linear and that whole or totality holds each pair of opposites in a dynamic balance."" a sentence so rich in meaning.. something that could be plumbed endlessly for meaning in those quite times of meditation ..

RE: Daily Q'uote - Quan - 08-29-2019

The Daily Q'uote for August 29, 2019

"In your humanity you have very limited resources when it comes to expressing love. Your supply runs out, and you are not expected, in and of yourself, to have infinite love. This is not within the capacity or the blueprint for human entities. It is necessary for the learning experience for an incarnation that you repeatedly come to the end of your human resources and then are forced to look at choices between despair and hope, between doubt and confidence, between giving up and keeping the faith. Thusly, we would suggest to each of you that when you begin to experience these irritations in a relationship between friends and relatives and loved ones move immediately to a position of forgiveness of self. For your real work in consciousness is not with another entity but with the self."

Ahh the great catalyst of family and close friend relationships..   Unless those living a monk type life, there's always a surprise around the corner!

In those situations where it may seem to get a bit much.. What is the secret ingredient?  "move immediately to a position of forgiveness of self". 

RE: Daily Q'uote - Quan - 08-30-2019

The Daily Q'uote for August 30, 2019

"�There is a function of your spiritual evolution which it is impossible to fulfill unless you are to a significant extent empty instead of full, and doing nothing instead of keeping all the balls in the air. Have you ever wondered why there are so many of your people who have turned to solitude, fasting and silence as means of spiritual growth? They are attempting to empty themselves, that there may be room in their lives for the fulfillment of the spiritual function of polarizing by turning the attention to the search for the perception of the infinite Creator."

RE: Daily Q'uote - Quan - 08-31-2019

The Daily Q'uote for August 31, 2019

"…Each of you is…predominantly a consciousness, an unique entity made wholly of love and light which goes through many physical vehicles in many densities�This consciousness which is you can dip into the…physical world, by virtue of being wedded through the incarnational birthing process to a second-density physical vehicle…This consciousness, being infinite in nature, is completely adapted to doing work in the metaphysical universe. And each of you has, lying in potential within your consciousness, all of the guidance and information that you need. The challenge, of course, is how to gain access to that guidance, for however framed in conceptual structure, that guidance is a denizen of the deep mind, the roots of consciousness. And the door from the deep unconscious self to the conscious self must needs be opened or set ajar in some way in order for guidance to move into the conscious realm and become available in order that you may have access to it."

"The challenge, of course, is how to gain access to that guidance," not just gaining access but sustaining that access, having faith beyond just mind playing tricks on the surface but what lies below the surface, those deep impressions .. but who cares in the end as long as there is the intention.. the desire, it matters not .. does one learning riding a bike by not falling.. or learning to walk an not stumbling .. ok enough corny metaphors Tongue

RE: Daily Q'uote - Quan - 09-01-2019

The Daily Q'uote for September 1, 2019

"The greatest enemy of service is that detachment that comes from constant discouragement, that weariness of soul and emotions that causes you to think, �What�s the use? What does it all mean?� When you wonder what it means, turn to those things that comfort and heal you. And we would have some suggestions there, for there are some sturdy friends that you have, not just in spirit, but in the world around you. Your greatest companion, the one who loves you without stint, lies directly out your window. Mother Earth, the world of nature, first and second density, loves you without stint and knows no other way to be. For [first and second density] are not behind the veil as are you. They are aware of the Creator and the oneness of all things and they dance with all things including you.

When there is despair and discouragement lurking within you�cast yourself upon the bosom of Mother Earth. She can take all the negativity that you feel and she can heal it by her sanity and her perspective."

RE: Daily Q'uote - Quan - 09-02-2019

The Daily Q'uote for September 2, 2019

"It is our understanding that each spirit, or soul, or entity is created by the action of free will upon an infinite but tiny portion of the vast infinity of intelligence. This intelligence, were it to have a name besides Creator, indicating One Original Thought, would be Love…

The method of this creation was to place finity within the infinite. Thus, a spark of love was given an infinite and equal spark of free will. We realize that these are paradoxes, and have no choice but to say them anyway. Again, your language has its limitations. Just as love is infinitely and ever the same, so is free will infinitely and ever various. Thusly, although each of you is as a snowflake, unique in pattern and color, so are each of you snowfall, and part of the whole cycle of the year that you experience as your island home circles about your sun."

RE: Daily Q'uote - Quan - 09-03-2019

The Daily Q'uote for September 3, 2019

"Seek always this steady state of balanced joy and the mind that is the higher mind will more and more find itself at home and more and more shall the small one that each apparently is become graced with the overshadowing unity of a larger oneness."

This preceded the above sentence, 
" We ask that more and more you learn to rejoice not because of any one thing but because the true nature of creative love is more nearly truly expressed in joy than in most other states of emotional mind."  ahh the intoxicating feeling of that joy ... ananda in sanskrit.. Angel  Just so beautiful an overwhelming...

RE: Daily Q'uote - Quan - 09-04-2019

The Daily Q'uote for September 4, 2019

"For each entity is a mirror unto you that shows you yourself and the face of the Creator at the same time. When you are unable to perceive that this is what is being shown to you, then there arise a myriad of emotions, both those that are what you call positive and those that are what you call negative, that you attribute to this entity. When, through your own personal work and perseverance, you have been able to see that the world about you reflects your attitude back to you, then you are able to open the door to forgiveness, to compassion, to mercy, to understanding, and to those qualities that truly stop the wheel of karma and allow you that progress that you desire: the opening of the heart so that compassion is felt, not just for those about you, but for yourself, for the Creator, and for all of the creation about you."

"When, through your own personal work and perseverance, you have been able to see that the world about you reflects your attitude back to you," part an parcel of being a creator ha? It can be a real eye opener sometimes.. BigSmile 

RE: Daily Q'uote - Quan - 09-05-2019

The Daily Q'uote for September 5, 2019

"You are a creature which is a part of the godhead principle and within every cell of your body lies the truth. The creation within you and without you is full of the truth. You dwell within an environment which is inherently and fundamentally instinct with the truth."

The use of the word god is not used if at all or very rarely,  Law of One there are a few references but not in that manner  the transcripts tho "godhead principle" instead is used.. no matter how many times, still find it humorous for some odd reason BigSmile 

RE: Daily Q'uote - Quan - 09-06-2019

The Daily Q'uote for September 6, 2019

"�The times that now are upon you, where the fourth density is virtually present, interpenetrating third density, has set you awash in energy tide after energy tide, so that you are constantly being washed with rhythmic waves of truth, love and understanding."

RE: Daily Q'uote - Quan - 09-07-2019

The Daily Q'uote for September 7, 2019

"�In human nature there is an unevenness of focus that is almost always present to some extent within the personality, so that on one day you may feel that you are doing very well with�catalyst�and on another day you may feel that you are doing quite poorly at it�BR>

We would encourage you to lift away from self-judgment at times that you feel you have made an error. It is well to observe errors in yourself when they occur. That is how one learns, by making mistakes. As entities become more and more spiritually mature, they find delight in using the fruits of their self-knowledge of the past, and so the heavy burden of self-doubt and a feeling of low self-worth is a little bit easier to dissolve. Yet always there is a disappointment that strikes a seeker when�he has made an error. He cannot go back and fix it. He simply must begin again and hope to remember the graceful way, the loving way, the compassionate way to handle catalyst of this kind when it comes around again, as it most surely will."

Oh Nan... prayers are with you . may love an light shine on you in the transition, an always Heart

RE: Daily Q'uote - Quan - 09-08-2019

The Daily Q'uote for September 8, 2019

"Each of you as a physical entity and part of the physical universe is a human being with goals and interests, habits and preferences. The world seems to do unto you rather than you unto it. In the metaphysical universe this same situation takes on an entirely different cast. Rather than things in the world having weight, it is the thoughts and the intentions, the desires and intensifying effects and the blockages of energy and relaxing or limiting effects of catalyst that bear weight."

RE: Daily Q'uote - Quan - 09-09-2019

The Daily Q'uote for September 9, 2019

"There is a wonderful companion that you have that enables you to find a higher perspective and that is your sense of humor. It is not that we discourage serious thinking. All things are useful in moderation. But the heaviness and the seriousness of spiritual thoughts need to be tempered with the yeast of laughter. There are always humorous aspects to the darkest picture. If you doubt that, set yourself to describing your situation as if it was a cartoon and your job was to find a caption. Make yourself laugh. Enjoy your own company and seek out laughter when you are beyond yourself. Watch a comedy. Share a joke with a friend or tell it to yourself. Then take that step back from utter immersion in what you are thinking. That gives you that lifesaving distance, that penchant for joy."

RE: Daily Q'uote - Quan - 09-10-2019

The Daily Q'uote for September 10, 2019

"Each of you, how blessed we feel by you, and in return offer our love and like blessing. Truly you and we are loved and all that we do in return is only that which has rippled through from you to return. This is your love, our love, your, our, your, our�until there is one. In this oneness greet each other, always."

A very warm, heartfelt message from Q'uo today.

RE: Daily Q'uote - Quan - 09-11-2019

The Daily Q'uote for September 11, 2019

"The illusion�[called] Earth or the Earth plane is designed as a sea of confusion. It is designed in such a way as to greatly discourage entities from being able to cope from the standpoint of the intellect. It is designed to toss people out of their intellects on their ear, to bring them to their knees and place them in the sanctum of the heart, humbled, tired and ready to learn."

RE: Daily Q'uote - Quan - 09-12-2019

The Daily Q'uote for September 12, 2019

"There is an irresistible pull to evolution. There is implicit in the structure of each density every potential outworking of every energy within that density. In a universe of builded light the subtleties are endless and, at the same time, progress through the gradually ascending densities is inevitable and irresistible. The only question that each entity faces is, �How quickly do I wish to progress?� There is no question that you will progress. It is as necessary to our nature to progress as it is for the iron to be drawn to the magnet."

The rest of the paragraph took the words straight out of my mouth, albeit in a more eloquent manner Tongue The masterpiece is the last 7 words..
"It is understandable that you might doubt this, for you see instances of your own lack of perceived progress, and you see apparent lapses in progression on the part of those with whom you come in contact. When these lapses are perceived it is easy to become discouraged, but we would encourage each of you to meet these judgmental feelings about the self and others with the courage of your conviction that all is proceeding according to an unseen plan."

RE: Daily Q'uote - Quan - 09-13-2019

The Daily Q'uote for September 13, 2019

"The gates to learning the truth open only to those who are able to use the keys. The first key is the silence of meditation. And after the resources of meditation, contemplation and prayer have aided the seeker enough to open the heart, then the choices become those focusing into the universal nature of the self and an archetypical understanding that allows the seeker to have more keys minted and placed in the spiritual grasp.

Each period of learning at this level is called initiation by your people, and it is, indeed, the beginning of a new subtle pattern which you shall choose. Yet, this choice is not simple, for it is a choice of an entire pattern�of thought, of intuition, certainly not a clear-cut process. Rather than working upon opening the heart to all that there is in service, the initiatory lessons have to do with solidifying the nature of the self, of envisioning and seeing the more desirable pattern or way of being the self."

Concerning initiation..This passage comes to mind from Law of One, although about pyramids..may be helpful.

"Before the body can be initiated, the mind must be initiated. This is the point at which most adepts of your present cycle find their mind/body/spirit complexes distorted from. When the character and personality that is the true identity of the mind has been discovered, the body then must be known in each and every way. Thus, the various functions of the body need understanding and control with detachment."

RE: Daily Q'uote - Quan - 09-14-2019

The Daily Q'uote for September 14, 2019

"�The first thing that we would suggest to those who wish to open the heart and to live in the open heart is to refrain from attempting to give the self a spiritual grade. Avoid thoughts of how you are doing. They will come regardless of whether you encourage them or not, but it is your choice if you are wise to allow those thoughts to come and go, for within the illusion that you have worked so hard to enter it is almost impossible to be aware of how one is actually serving. One must simply serve in faith and allow that faith to be sufficient."

RE: Daily Q'uote - Quan - 09-15-2019

The Daily Q'uote for September 15, 2019

"The next time that you experience the catalyst of feeling that you are yet an incomplete spiritual being, remember the truth of subtracting, of dropping away that which is not. And as you experience those realizations that enable you to drop a part of the ego away, rejoice. You cannot make it happen. You cannot rush it. But there come moments and you perceive that you no longer have that pride or that particular fear. And of that you may be proud and happy, and if that is a distortion also, then so be it. For you are not here to go beyond distortion but to live within distortion by faith, to express within this confusion a trust in the plan that placed you here, a trust in the destiny that is absolutely yours�Do not give up upon the self because it continues to have distortions and confusions. That is all right. You are not supposed to be without illusion."

The take home message from Q'uo today, "For you are not here to go beyond distortion but to live within distortion by faith.."


RE: Daily Q'uote - Quan - 09-16-2019

The Daily Q'uote for September 16, 2019

"There is no need to manipulate, teach, control, move or advise other entities. The need is only to do these things within the self, disciplining the self to a more and more balanced and clear acceptance of the universal nature of selfhood, and therefore choosing lucidly and clearly to serve others, to withhold judgment of or control over others, and to practice loving the self, accepting the self and allowing the errors perceived within the self to be self-forgiven."

RE: Daily Q'uote - Quan - 09-17-2019

The Daily Q'uote for September 17, 2019

"�There is a spot within each awakened soul that lies far below the level of sense and rational thought where the spirit knows self, and that basis or fundament is a kind of knowing of self that does not change with time or space or occasion, but rather is the essence of self, the infinitely subtle and unique patterns of vibration which create that complex perfume of light and color that is the spark which each of you is. It is difficult to express this concept in a language which measures by size, for you as a citizen of eternity are both infinitely large and infinitely small. However, in both views of this basis of self, the spark of self is a reality in the midst of confusion, a feeling deep within that endures beyond all experience. When it rises to consciousness for even a moment the conscious life is transformed for that moment."

"is a kind of knowing of self that does not change with time or space or occasion" this is especially obvious when ageing, despite outward appearance changing.. the feeling within does not change, perhaps more pronounced but the same nerveless..  
"It is difficult to express this concept in a language", but so clear without words.

RE: Daily Q'uote - Quan - 09-18-2019

The Daily Q'uote for September 18, 2019

"Beauty is all around you in people, in architecture, music, dance and the world of nature. Let yourself be moved and touched. And when you feel that beauty within you, celebrate it, enjoy it, and let yourself feel the joy of loveliness.

Indeed, to do this it is necessary often to empty oneself of�pride or dignity. It is all right to be undignified. It is wonderful to be spontaneous. It is not always appreciated by others but there is a tremendous balance in being able to laugh, to love, to appreciate"

Love this quote, thank you Q'uo..

RE: Daily Q'uote - Quan - 09-19-2019

The Daily Q'uote for September 19, 2019

"Know this, just as love casts out fear, love casts out guilt. To remove guilt from oneself it is not enough to do all that one can. It helps to do all that one can, for that surely is enough, but, emotionally speaking, enough is never enough. There is always more that one might be able to do: one more cheek that can be turned; one more mile that can be walked in another�s shoes; one more activity that can be helpful, or the refraining from one more activity that might be helpful. There is no logical end to guilt. It is not subject to logic. It is, instead, a tone in the music of the emotional body.

However, this tone can be worked with musically�by prayer, silence, singing and praise. So the seeker can tune the purity of that emotion called guilt, combing from it the less beautiful pithiness of fear and self-condemnation and bringing more and more into focus by an increasing array of verniers that tune ever more finely until that feeling of guilt is as a beautiful tone, a beautiful and true emotion."

This quote hints on the true power of emotions, once its combed and separated each can reveal deeper insights into ones own nature. As often it may appear one is feeling a emotion on its own but often its mixed with others in subtle ways or not so subtle sometimes Tongue
"instead, a tone in the music of the emotional body. " "that tune ever more finely until that feeling of guilt is as a beautiful tone" Definitely will know once this happens a true joy to experience an emotion this way.. an instant gateway to deeper self..  a beautiful gift Angel

RE: Daily Q'uote - Quan - 09-20-2019

The Daily Q'uote for September 20, 2019

"Ah, precious incarnation. If we could but share with you the opportunity that is now yours�you would jump for joy. You would rejoice most fully and heartily, for here is the place where you choose by faith alone, and this choice, this expression of faith, however imperfect, creates within that permanent self which is beyond space and time tremendous changes in consciousness which you cannot achieve outside of this third density of yours. For in other densities the veil of knowing is lifted and what virtue is it then to realize that you are your brother and that all those things your brother has are you�But, ah,�you [will] see the hope and the faith and the caring and the love and the compassion that you truly have had, with no reason for it but just that constant desire for love, to know love, to know the truth, to express that love. Each of you is a gallant, gallant soul and we both envy you and honor you, for you do much that you do not know; even as you suffer, you heal worlds."

"Each of you is a gallant, gallant soul and we both envy you and honor you, for you do much that you do not know; even as you suffer, you heal worlds.""

RE: Daily Q'uote - hounsic - 09-20-2019

How beautiful!

RE: Daily Q'uote - Quan - 09-21-2019

The Daily Q'uote for September 21, 2019

"Although it may seem that the Creator that helped mold the nature of your illusion is either mischievous or mean or possessed of a poor sense of humor, the truth seems to be that the Creator wished that each spirit, each spark of Self, once radiated out from the Creator, would have the experience of falling into the chasm of the unknown with no parachute except faith.

This is the point the spirit of Love wishes each of Its sparks to attain, that point where it is realized that faith is a way that lives upon itself without any scientific support. The Creator hungers for each entity to turn towards It, to be drawn so to the great original Thought of Love that in spite of every limitation and loss and difficulty each heart remain faithful and of each entity�s own free will to cleave unto creative love itself and to stand firm in a serene knowing that despite all appearances, things are as they should be."

"each entity�s own free will to cleave unto creative love itself and to stand firm in a serene knowing that despite all appearances, things are as they should be."

RE: Daily Q'uote - Quan - 09-22-2019

The Daily Q'uote for September 22, 2019

"When one worries and strives and struggles it may seem that the night falls and nothing can be seen, yet always the self lies waiting for you to allow its depths to rise up into conscious awareness. "

An allowing that to happen can be so easy sometimes and so hard other times Blush  Each time tho its recognising ones own free will for it to happen..